This Elusive Couch Color Is My New Obsession

Welcome back to the Saga of My Indecision, in which I become obsessed with one decor idea that I mull over for months and months only to never actually change anything in my home. This time I am really serious about getting a new couch and I think I've finally found a concept that strikes that perfect balance: a look that feels long-lasting ... yet isn't totally ubiquitous. I was inspired by the 'gram above that Hawkins posted — the saturated blue of that couch really caught my attention and it made me remember how much I obsessed over the pop of blue in Garance Doré's home, designed by genius-lady Sarah Sherman Samuel (below).

My concept is this: I'm looking for a cobalt blue couch to pair with a light wood coffee table (like this one from Dims). Turns out, finding a couch in this color is no easy feat! There are plenty of navy couches and tons in that kind of blue-green that's everywhere, but hitting that true, bright blue is tough. Here's what I found ...

TRNK Truss Sofa, $4,595
credit: 1stdibs

This is the closest match and it's pretty dang spot-on! It's pricey, but honestly, not as pricey as some of the other sofas I found. Is it too blue?

So this find on Danish Design Store is actually my favorite/frontrunner ... if only I could stretch my budget a bit.

Studio Mut Blue Block Sofa, $6,928
credit: Pamono

Okay, now this blue is absolutely perfect. But like I said ... scoring that spot-on match doesn't come cheap. Not for me, but maybe for you?

West Elm Haven Loft Sofa, $1,399-$1,799
credit: West Elm

This is probably the best basic budget option I could find, even though it's on the darker side. The upholstery I selected is called "Basket Slub, Sapphire" and will take seven weeks to ship.

AllModern Valero Sofa, $839.99
credit: AllModern

Channel tufting gives this a slight glam edge. Not quite what I'm going for but a viable option.

The blue on this isn't quite right, but it's still in that pop/statement zone. It could be a safer option.

Vintage Midcentury Sofa, $1,260
credit: Chairish

Wow! This vintage sofa is really cool! But does it look comfortable? And you'll have to add $400 for shipping.

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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