This Anthropologie Couch Is My Dream Couch

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Out of all furniture, sofas scare me the most — they're long-term commitments, major investments, and, if you pick the wrong one, the unavoidable eyesore in your living room.

I've been thinking about a new couch for ages, but for each one I like, I find myself in an anxiety spiral about whether it's "too edgy," "too modern," "too midcentury," "too too tooooooo." Last night, I came across Anthropologie's Denver L-shaped sectional, a bold and substantial couch covered in luxe velvet. Whoa. Here's what I like about it:

  • If you pick the right color, it feels like it won't date. It's neither midcentury, nor boho, nor art deco. It's just a hefty couch with some really nice finishings that make it feel elevated.
  • It reminds me of the couch my parents had when I was young! It was this burgundy velvet behemoth that they came to loathe and call "the crippler," but I have fond memories of it.
  • Velvet is one of the more cat-friendly fabrics thanks to its very tight weave. So many of the couches I love just scream "oversize cat scratcher."

The color choices are gorg. I'm into the color above (Jade) but Navy and Cinnamon are also rather fetching. Only thing is the price: $3,298-$3,698, depending on which color you choose. I'm equally into the similar Katrina sectional (below), which has one less component but is still about $3,600.

If you live in tight quarters, there is a much smaller two-seater version of the Denver, starting at $1,258.60 — but with only a few color choices.

Sooooo. Verdict? I think I'll have to sleep on it for a while. And pinch my pennies for the foreseeable future.


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