10 Colors That Go With an Olive Green Couch

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Whether you already own an olive green couch, or have one sitting in your online cart, trust that it's a solid purchase. This calming color is perfect for relaxing and recharging, and it can fit in with almost any decor style. As you consider the rest of your room's design, though, you might be wondering: What colors go with an olive green couch?


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A lot of colors, as it turns out. Think of olive green as an almost-neutral. "Olive green is a sophisticated color that isn't so dark that it feels moody, but has enough earthy undertones so it doesn't feel too bright," says interior designer Kim Armstrong. "However, it still brings some life into a room, and it can be a great 'color-neutral.'"


The versatility of this shade makes it a no-brainer to include in your home, and the same goes for an olive green couch. It's also excellent for durability purposes. "Unlike a lighter color scheme, olive green won't look dirty in a short time," says Armstrong.

Inspired? If you are in the market for a green sofa, find a few of our favorites here. In the meantime, read on for 10 colors that go beautifully with an olive green couch.


10 Colors to Pair With an Olive Green Couch

1. Teal

There's nothing timid about pairing rich teal walls and accessories with an olive green couch. The bold color palette, used in this living room by Perlmutter & Freiwald, evokes energizing tropical vibes. A natural fiber rug, like jute or seagrass, brings the room back down to earth, while accessories that feature both colors (like the window treatments and artwork) ensures the design looks intentional and cohesive.


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2. Beige

Beige has gotten a bad rap for being boring, but we firmly disagree — especially when it's paired with an olive green couch. As Julian Design demonstrates with this sectional, beige provides a soft backdrop for olive green to stand out, whether you incorporate it through a paint color, throw pillows, coffee table, or lamp shade. When in doubt, beige is always a safe and foolproof color choice.


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3. White

Whereas beige creates a soft and subtle color contrast, white gives an olive green couch (or, in this case, chaise lounge) a bright, energized background. Interior Impressions opted for mostly white in this bedroom, from the wall color to the headboard to the bedding. This creates a calming and refreshing look — especially important for a bedroom — and allows the lush green chaise to stand out.


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4. Forest Green

Olive green paired with forest green? Hear us out. Or rather, simply take a look at this living space designed by Marie Flanigan Interiors to see just how well it works. The combination is dark and moody, and the hints of black and white (in both the couch and surrounding accessories) tie the two shades of green together. It's unexpected, it's brave, and it's brilliant. A taupe rug layered over dark hardwood floors keeps the space light.


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5. Red

Yes, red and green can be paired together without giving serious Christmas decor vibes — they are complementary colors, after all. Just be mindful of the shades you're using, as Kim Armstrong Interiors clearly was when designing this traditional living room. Opt for an earthy olive green and terra cotta or a rich, warm red — nothing too primary. Add in other accessories, like throw pillows or an area rug, that include both colors for a cohesive space.


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6. Navy

A deep navy blue paired with a rich olive green makes for an elegant color scheme. In this living room, Meg White Interiors amped up the design with a leopard print rug and lively magenta armchairs. The result is a mature space that doesn't take itself too seriously.

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7. Brown

If you're working with wood built-ins that haven't been painted, lean into their studious elegance. Pairing brown shelves with an olive green sofa enhances both colors' natural beauty, as you can see in this Anne Hepfer-designed space. Then add spirited accessories, like geometric pillows or a zebra print rug.

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8. Gold

While any metallic would pair beautifully with olive green, gold is a particularly good match. Stock up on brass accessories, like side tables (as The Residency Bureau used in this living room) or frames, to bring an aged elegance to your space. A little bit of gold goes a long way.

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9. Natural Wood

There's an inherent earthiness to olive green that's equally humble and elegant. To make an olive green couch feel even more down-to-earth, pair it with natural wood elements as Crystal Blackshaw Interiors did here. Think wicker, jute, bamboo, or seagrass, whether through a pendant, window treatments, or a rug.

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10. Seafoam

Seafoam is a soft, light green that's both timeless and unexpected, and a great choice for any space you want to feel relaxed in. Pair this gentle hue (perhaps in a wall color, throw pillows, or both) with an olive green velvet couch for a subtly colorful space, as in this design by Liz Williams Interiors. Add a hint of gold, and voila! You have a top-notch color scheme.

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Colors That Go With an Olive Green Couch

When deciding what to pair with an olive green couch — a good design conundrum! — rest easy knowing that you can make almost any shade work. Treat olive green like a neutral color. Just be mindful of the overall vibe you're going for. Since olive green is so versatile, it can take on myriad design styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Here's a recap of colors that will perfectly complement your olive green couch:

  • Teal
  • Beige
  • White
  • Forest Green
  • Red
  • Navy
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Natural Wood Tan
  • Seafoam