What Colors Go With an Olive Green Sofa & Chair?

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Olive green furniture can bring in the warmth of Tuscany or the depths of the forest depending on the colors you combine with it. Determine the theme and effects you want to see in your room. As you accumulate the items, look to the tones and shades of the green as you want them to be similar for a cohesive design.

Warm Colors

A warm color can affect an olive green piece of furniture differently depending on the undertone base. (Warm colors are red or yellow or their derivatives.) A bright olive green color can pair with an orange or yellow color as the yellow tones in the colors harmonize well while a dark red, such as burgundy or maroon, will serve to accent the bright olive furniture as it pops against the darker red. A deep olive green with its brown overtones warms up when you place it next to orange or yellow; however, if you place it next to a red, such as cranberry, the colors play off each other, creating a dramatic design scheme.

Cool Colors

Olive green gives different effects against cool colors. (Cool colors are blue and its derivatives.) A bright olive green soda can lighten up a sage green or moss green wall, blend nicely with grass green walls or give a muted appearance against an avocado green wall. A dark olive green stands out and becomes the focal point if you place it against an emerald green, parrot green or mint green as the dark color. A tropical design might mix a bright olive green and turquoise or teal color.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors work well with olive green and can create interesting effects. Pair a soft cream with either a dark or light olive green for a clean, crisp palate as the yellow in the cream blends with the yellow of the green. If you use black, you will receive a dramatic effect as the light olive green pops against the black. Chocolate brown highlights the bright olive green while it blends against the darker olive green, giving it a muted effect.


Combine several colors together for your room design. A rug in sage green with a grapevine pattern border and burgundy grapes and leaves brings out the olive in the sofa and chair. Or a piece of fabric of yellow and orange stripes can provide colorful pillows for the sofa and windows while warming up a dark olive green sofa. An accent wall mural or a forest that contains a myriad of greens blends the olive furniture into a soft design.


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