12 Colors That Go With Seafoam Green

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Designing a colorful room that balances the relationship between all the colors can be tricky, especially if you're dealing with a complex shade like seafoam green that can be hard to pin down. Actual seafoam (the kind in the ocean) comes in many different shades. Seafoam the color, though, is a mix of light blue, green, and gray. Bluer than mint green, lighter than turquoise, and slightly muted by gray, it's fresh, earthy, and soothing and can range in saturation from pale pastel to bright neon.


Seafoam green can be used in decor on anything from walls to furniture, textiles, and trim. "I love using this color in accents and secondary pieces in a space vs. primary," says interior designer Ann Ueno. "So, for example, I wouldn't paint a whole wall this color, but I'd source curtains and pillows to give the space the pop of energy I am looking for."

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The color wheel is a useful tool when it comes to finding shades that will complement each other nicely. When you look at it, you'll see that seafoam green sits across from red-orange. This makes light pinks, corals, and oranges great options to pair it with. "I love to use its contrasting hue in the color wheel — like a muted terra cotta or a faint pastel peach color," says Ueno. "Or, depending on the project, I'll bring in a few colors like a charcoal black, a warm white, and some wood tones to create a full color story."


Of course, you don't have to simply use seafoam green's complementary color to find a shade that matches it well. You can also go the analogous route. Since seafoam is made up of green, blue, and gray, you can pair it with a darker version of any of those colors, like navy blue or charcoal, for example.

"My biggest piece of advice is please, please do not pair seafoam with every color of the rainbow when decorating!" says Ueno. "It is a relatively unique color as is, so it should be used somewhat sparingly and with only two, three max other colors." Of course, when it comes to decorating your own space, you should go for whatever style makes you happy, whether it's understated or loud.


For more inspiration, take a look at how others have worked with this one-of-a-kind hue.

12 Seafoam Green Color Combinations

1. Seafoam Green and Peach

Complement seafoam green with hues across the color wheel, like the pale peach used for the ceiling of this spacious walk-in closet designed by Jenny Wolf Interiors. The soft shades of both create a tranquil environment that is still full of personality. The matching taupe rugs provide continuity from the closet into the next room.



2. Seafoam Green and Brown

To bring out the earthy feeling of seafoam green, pair it with brown. A grayer shade of seafoam works especially well in minimal color palettes, like the one in this room by Jenny Wolf Interiors, where it provides the subtlest wash of color. For a more coastal take, pair it with lighter woods reminiscent of driftwood.


3. Seafoam Green and Other Greens

With seafoam green, a monochromatic palette is anything but boring. This bedroom by RailiCA showcases multiple shades of green alongside a seafoam duvet cover — sage, olive, and teal contribute to a layered look, grounded by white, cream, and tan accents. The clean lines and minimal decor make a subdued statement that doesn't look overdone.


4. Seafoam Green and White

Seafoam green finds a natural companion in white. The brightness of the colors can really lighten up a room, so consider using the pairing in areas that need a lift. In this space with highly traditional decor, seafoam walls (painted in the shade Teresa's Green by Farrow & Ball) add personality and a sense of humor.



5. Seafoam Green and Black and White

The combination of black and white can be dramatic, especially when paired with a color like seafoam green. Maybe you're not ready to go this bold in your living room, but consider it for a small space, like this hallway by Lisa Dawson. While the view through the doorway suggests the rest of the house is more subdued, whoever lives here knows how to make an entrance.


6. Seafoam Green and Yellow

As neighbors on the color wheel, yellow and green just make sense together. Both can be loud, though, so if you're looking for a more subdued effect, take inspiration from this nursery by Sabbe Interior Design. Here, the wainscoting and trim are painted a particularly soft shade of seafoam, while the bright yellow in the lemon-patterned wallpaper is broken up with white and forest green.


7. Seafoam Green and Cream

Seafoam green can be a bold color, especially when used on the wall. But this shade, chosen by Jenny Wolf Interiors, is so subtle, it almost looks gray. Paired with cream, it plays a background role, letting the honey-colored wood floors shine.



8. Seafoam Green and Orange

To bring energy to a mild shade of seafoam green, look no further than orange. In this bedroom by Lee Ann Thornton Interiors, pale walls are complemented by a coral armchair and curtains with an analogous red-orange-yellow pattern. These bright colors are like a dose of visual caffeine.

9. Seafoam Green and Maroon

While soft reds and oranges like coral can highlight seafoam green's whimsical side, deeper shades like maroon can make it look more serious. Whichever complementary color you choose is up to the mood you're hoping to strike. Because the floral wallpaper in this vanity area by Jenny Wolf Interiors is already feminine and pretty, maroon provides a counterbalance, making the look sophisticated rather than sweet.

10. Seafoam Green and Gold

Using metals in your decor, especially gold, manages to look both trendy and classic. Gold works best with seafoam greens that have a neutral or warm undertone. In this living room, the brushed fabric on the sofa paired with the gold coffee table makes the decor look super luxe.


11. Seafoam Green and Lilac

Seafoam green and lilac create a soft atmosphere, perfect for a nursery, like this one by Urban Grace Interiors. Different tones of the colors will have different effects; while more muted ones evoke tranquility, brighter ones will create an energetic atmosphere.

12. Seafoam Green and Pink

Together, pink and seafoam green can create a retro, feminine mood, as seen in this bedroom by Cortney Bishop Design. Turn them up to their most vibrant versions and you'll have a Barbie effect. Choose more muted versions for a warm and tranquil space like this one, which is grounded by soft, neutral colors.

Colors That Go With Seafoam Green

Seafoam green can be intimidating to decorate with, but because it's so unique, it also has the power to make a big impact on a space. Ranging from muted near-neutral to playful and bright, this blue-green color can fit into a wide variety of color palettes. Paying attention to its undertones and its place on the color wheel will make decorating with it a breeze. Remember that the color seafoam green gets its name from the ocean, so using it alongside other hues that appear in nature is one easy path to a put-together room.

Here are some of the best colors to pair with seafoam green:

  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Other greens
  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Cream
  • Orange
  • Maroon
  • Gold
  • Lilac
  • Pink



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