Colors That Go With Seafoam Green

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When it comes to colors, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when you're trying to design a room that you hope many beholders will find beautiful, it can be overwhelming to try to match every element of the decor and find colors that complement each other well. Matching colors to the bright earthiness of seafoam green can be particularly tricky. With a little understanding of the shade, though, you'll start to find all the different harmonizing hues that will help seafoam green shine.

Colors That Go With Seafoam Green
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Seafoam Green Color

Matching seafoam green to other colors must start with an understanding of the shade. Seafoam itself can come in all kinds of different shades of blues and greens, depending on the water where the foam forms. When people refer to the color seafoam green, though, they're referring to a mix of light blue, green and gray.

It's a bright and fresh color that maintains vibrancy without being too bold or loud. The hint of grayness separates it from a more solid green or blue and gives it an earthy feel that many people find soothing.

Seafoam green is a popular color in fashion and home design, largely because it's so commonly found in nature and is quite relaxing. Its freshness makes it great for people who want to add a pop of color to an otherwise drab wardrobe, especially since its subtle blend of three shades looks great on a variety of skin tones.

For decor, it works in rooms in urban environments where you might be longing to bring in some colors from the outside world to contrast with the grays, blacks and browns of urban settings. It's also inviting in homes near the sea so that after a day spent at the beach you can come back home and still feel as relaxed as if you were still there.

Taking a Look at the Color Wheel

A color wheel is a useful tool when it comes to finding colors that will complement each other nicely. Whether you're looking for colors that go with orange or colors that go with aqua, it's always a good idea to take a look at a color wheel. Many home goods, hardware and interior design stores will have one that customers can analyze with the help of a professional, and it's also easy to find a color wheel calculator online.

The most common version of a color wheel is a circle with 12 parts, with each part reserved for one color. Those colors are considered either primary hues like red and green, secondary hues like aqua and magenta and tertiary hues like orange and violet. Simpler and more complex versions of the wheel exist, but no matter how many colors are on the wheel, the concept is the same. Choose the color you're working with and then draw a line to the color directly opposite it on the wheel. These two shades are referred to as complementary colors and will work together nicely.

Color Matching With Sea Green

If you look at a color wheel with seafoam green, you'll see that it sits across from a light reddish orange shade that many people would describe as coral. This makes light pinks and corals great colors to match with seafoam green. You may also notice a lot of redheads wearing seafoam green — a full head of strawberry blonde hair blends perfectly with a seafoam sweater.

Of course, you don't have to simply use seafoam green's complementary color to find a shade that matches it well. Since seafoam green is a bright color that has elements of green, blue and gray, you'll find that dark versions of any of those colors also bring out the vibrancy of seafoam green. Many people pair navy blue and seafoam green or charcoal and seafoam green.

The richness of a deep navy or charcoal offsets the brightness of the seafoam green, giving any room or outfit a feel that's both sophisticated and fun. When in doubt, simply play around with a variety of matches to find the ones that work for you.


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