What Goes With Mint Green Walls?

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For a fresh, classic look, pair mint green walls with white molding and trim.

If you're bored with using the same neutral colors on the walls in your home, mint green is an attractive alternative. It adds brightness to a room but is still soft enough to provide a calm, subtle look. The challenge in painting a room mint green is finding other shades that complement it and can be used as accent colors throughout the space. Fortunately, there are shades that pair well with mint green, so you can choose the color palette that best fits your home's style and your preferences.


For a crisp, clean look, pair mint green walls with white accent pieces. Use bright white molding and trim to break up the green in the room and highlight architectural details. White curtains, carpeting and furniture also pop against mint green walls. This combination is ideal for cottage-style decor and provides a soothing look for a bedroom or bathroom.


To give mint green walls a more contemporary look, use black as an accent color. Black contrasts with the soft, cool tones of the mint and provides a sleek edge to the room's decor. In a bedroom or living room, black furniture can set off mint walls, while black tile adds drama to the soft green walls in a bathroom. You can hang black frames on pictures, mirrors and clocks on the walls as well.


If you prefer a neutral shade that is less stark than white and less dramatic than black, opt for tan accents with your mint green walls. The combination of tan and mint green provides a casual look for a room and works well with cottage-style decor. Because tan is a light, warm color, you can use it in a variety of ways in a room with mint walls. Curtains, carpeting and upholstered furniture fabric all work well in shades of tan. If you prefer a bolder look, you can mix in deeper shades of brown with the tan and mint green.


Other pastel shades also work well with mint green walls, and lavender is an ideal option. Like mint, it is a soft color and creates a calm, soothing feel for a room. It is a particularly attractive combination for a bedroom, although it works well in a bathroom as well. For a whimsical look, you can paint the trim and molding lavender so the room has a more colorful feel. If you prefer a subtle look, find patterns that incorporate mint and lavender for the curtains and linens. You can add solid blocks of lavender with throw pillows and rugs as well. You can even paint old wooden furniture a pale lavender shade to give it new life and complement your mint walls.


If you prefer a retro style for your home, pair your mint green walls with aqua accents. The combination has a 1950s or 1960s vibe, and it works well in a kitchen that features retro appliances. You can paint your cabinets and wooden dining set aqua and add pops of red and black to bring the retro look together.


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