30 Fresh Colors to Pair With Mint Green

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If you're bored with using the same neutral colors in your home, consider mint green your new go-to. This pastel hue is fresh, whimsical, and just as soothing as its namesake herb. On the blue-green spectrum, it's closer to green than colors like seafoam, aqua, and turquoise. Compared to shades like sage and olive, it's softer and more playful.


While mint green adds levity and personality, it remains subtle enough to feel serene and calming, making it a great choice for any room in the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen. It may also surprise you that the pastel hue is available in many different shades. But the real challenge? Finding accent colors to complement your palette.

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Fortunately, mint green pairs well with a wide range of hues. In fact, we've rounded up 30. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite color ideas that prove light green is far from a one-trick pony.


30 Mint Green Color Combinations

1. Mint Green and White

For a crisp, clean look, pair mint bathroom cabinetry with white walls and countertops. This retro sanctuary by Lindsey Lane Design is a perfect example of keeping things light and airy, while still grounding the entire space with bold bathroom flooring. Glass vases in a similar blue-green shade complete the look.


2. Mint Green and Black

To give mint green walls or cabinets a more contemporary look, use black as the main accent color. Black contrasts with the soft, cool tones of mint and provides a sleek edge to the overall design. Here, Martha O'Hara Interiors incorporates the classic hue with the help of hardware, lighting, and a graphic floor tile that elevates a cheerful and sophisticated laundry room.


3. Mint Green and Beige

If you prefer a neutral shade that's less stark than white and less dramatic than black, opt for a mix of cool mint green with a creamy beige hue. The color combination looks casual yet still works well with traditional style, as seen in this dreamy bedroom by Nina Liddle Design. Dark hardwood flooring and curtain rods anchor the soft palette.



4. Mint Green and Lavender

Like mint, lavender is a soothing color that creates a calm and serene environment. This space from Bella Mancini is a perfect example of the two pastel colors coming together to create a room full of interest without feeling busy or overwhelming. Wanna mix it up? Reverse the approach used in this room and opt for mint green furniture with lavender-painted trim and doors instead.


5. Mint Green and Teal

If you prefer something a little more retro, pair your mint green walls with teal accents. The color combo has a '50s or '60s vibe and works well in a kitchen that features vintage appliances. This charming cook space by 22 Interiors is the perfect roadmap to pulling off the look without it feeling dated or cheesy, thanks to modern floor tiles and a contemporary, geometric backsplash.


6. Mint Green and Tan

Tan is an ideal contrast to mint green, thanks to its warm tone that brings balance and sophistication (even to a kid's room!), as seen in this charming space designed by Mandarina Studio. While the wallpaper selection skews more neutral, the accent trim on the window treatments and textiles brings in a sunnier tone that feels both vibrant and subtle.



7. Mint Green and Mustard Yellow

Take notes from this breakfast nook designed by Marion Alberge and pair mint green cabinets with mustard yellow upholstery. Here, the luxe seating grounds the light and airy space, adding depth and contrast, while a pink pendant light adds a playful note.


8. Mint Green and Forest Green

Tone-on-tone color ideas have been all the rage lately, as proven by this verdant woodland nursery belonging to Camille from Planning Pretty. She paired the mint green crib and ceiling with light grayish-green walls and dark green drapery. The contrast between these three shades of green results in a unique design that feels both stylish and serene.


9. Mint Green and Pink

We'll find any way to incorporate incorporate pink into a bathroom, but the combination of these two pastel hues is truly unparalleled. Lauren Leonard Interiors keeps it simple, opting for mint green cabinets with a rosy-colored bath mat and matching hand towels — proof that the (design) magic lives in the details.


10. Mint Green and Gray

Kristina Crestin utilizes a steel gray countertop and sleek stainless appliances to temper the minty green shade used throughout this compact laundry room, and we're into it. One of our favorite bits? The matching pendant light. It emphasizes the soft pastel shade and makes the whole space feel light and airy.

11. Mint Green and Burnt Orange

Fashion designer Tim Labenda's oh-so-chic bedroom matches mint walls to Gucci's Heron wallpaper, and the result is simply stunning. The burnt orange bedding brings out the rust-hued accents in the print, making the whole room feel balanced and cohesive.

12. Mint Green and Navy Blue

This powder room by Digs Design Company feels both elegant and playful. To recreate the look in your own home, pair a mint green mirror with a navy blue and mint wallpaper pattern, and juxtapose a traditional console sink with modern bathroom lighting.


13. Mint Green and Canary Yellow

Sunny yellow and mint green shades make this laundry room designed by D2 Interieurs feel like a breath of fresh air. In an effort to weave the cabinet color throughout the entire space, the same hue was used for the window trim, ceiling, baseboards, and overhead vintage lighting.

14. Mint Green and Red

Doesn't this bedroom scheme from Jae Joo Designs make you want to curl up with a good book? We love the way the red pillows and lampshade pop against the mint green walls without upsetting the soothing vibe. The chocolate brown wooden headboard provides an idyllic antidote to the youthful palette, resulting in a traditional bedroom that feels very grown-up.

15. Mint Green and Brown

This mint green kitchen designed by Meredith Ellis feels like it's been this way forever thanks to timeless materials and furnishings. The red lighting adds a dash of energy to the space, while the rich brown wooden dining set, countertops, and flooring temper the mint-colored cabinets and ceiling.

16. Mint Green and Cream

Combine mint green with cream for a truly soothing atmosphere. In this kids' bedroom by Cortney Bishop Design, soft shades of cream, white, and gray play well with each other. Small pops of bright color like sunny yellow and hot pink keep the space feeling playful — as do the cute stuffed animals on each bed.

17. Mint Green and Rose Gold

The rose gold details in this modern mint green kitchen by Rebel Designs inject both warmth and character, creating a cook space with timeless appeal. The rosy-hued copper backsplash is the perfect midpoint between orange and pink — an ideal option for someone who wants to add a unique and lustrous layer to their culinary headquarters.

18. Mint Green and Pear Green

Layering shades of green lends a chic, tone-on-tone style to your home, and Hallie Henley Design nails it in this adorable sitting area. Set against the monochromatic mint green walls, trim, and couch, the pear green ottoman creates an unexpected moment of contrast. To top it off, the black accent chairs offer classic sophistication.

19. Mint Green and Pale Blue

The soft mint green walls surrounding this elegant bathroom by Andrew Howard Interior Design feel even more dreamy and serene thanks to the addition of pale blue accents and a healthy dose of white. Now, who's ready for a long and relaxing soak?

20. Mint Green and Cornflower Blue

If you haven't already incorporated cornflower blue and mint in your home's color palette, this charming eating area from Caitlin Wilson just might convince you. The patterned mint walls are contrasted with a cornflower dining table and lilac textiles, creating a preppy, coastal dining room vibe.

21. Mint Green and Coral

Mint green floral wallpaper takes center stage in this feminine bedroom designed by Zoë Feldman, but coral accents — like the Roman shade and accent chair — tie the whole romantic look together. Brass details add a measured dose of glamour without distracting from the overall design.

22. Mint Green and Natural Wood

This living room setup by Katie Ridder is the epitome of sophisticated traditional design, with monochrome mint walls and trim grounded by a vintage writing desk and chair behind the sofa. The rich wood finish lends an earthy tone that's strong enough to counterbalance the cool pastel hue.

23. Mint Green and Peach

Youthful mint-colored wallpaper envelops this entire space designed by Lauren Haskell, while a peachy sofa adds delightful contrast. In order to tie the whole look together, home decor featuring similar hues is thoughtfully displayed throughout.

24. Mint Green and Gold

While the cabinetry and countertops may be neutral in this white cook space from Sugar & Cloth, the design is far from boring. Thanks to a mint green accent wall and gold-hued brass elements throughout — including the kitchen cabinet hardware and faucet — Ashley Rose still managed to make quite the statement in her galley kitchen.

25. Mint Green and Kelly Green

A mint wall color works beautifully in a boho-styled bedroom. Just look at this space by Terracotta Design Build for inspiration. A hanging rattan chair and decorative Kelly green accents infuse depth and visual interest, while still keeping the overall vibe simple and serene.

26. Mint Green and Bright Orange

Like peach and rust, bright orange also beautifully complements mint green. This color is so strong, you don't need much to make an impact, as you can see from this home office designed by Creative Tonic. Small splashes of orange in the wall art, window valence, couch, chair upholstery, and pendant light create an energetic and joyful atmosphere.

27. Mint Green and Lilac

In this living room designed by The Collective Dallas, mint green finds its match with an equally soft and sweet shade: lilac. The color-blocked armchair and pillow combo creates a retro vibe, while shades of cream, beige, and white keep the room light and airy.

28. Mint Green and Aqua

Sometimes you don't have to go far to find the perfect color match. Mint green and aqua sit right beside each other on the color wheel, and look how lovely they are together. This space designed by Marea Clark is a study in analogous colors: the blue wallpaper, blue-green shade, and green window trim blend together beautifully while still creating contrast.

29. Mint Green and Terra Cotta

Mint green walls and pattern mixing might sound like a busy combination on paper. But this living space by Cortney Bishop Design proves that it can look subtle, sophisticated, and fresh. The ceramic floor lamp is a work of art in itself. Its terra cotta base is complemented by a swipe of mint green paint, which perfectly matches the pillow and walls.

30. Mint Green and Plum

For bold contrast, consider bringing together mint green and plum. The daybed in this kids' room designed by Angie Hranowsky is a deep shade of purple just this side of brown. Along with the mint green walls and sofa, it creates a surprisingly sophisticated combo that's still whimsical and friendly enough for a child.

Colors That Go With Mint Green

When you're looking for an unexpected addition to a color scheme, you can't go wrong with mint green. This shade is both playful and soothing, subtle and full of personality, as you can see from the space above by Lindsey Brooke Design. Let it be the main accent color in a neutral room full of white, cream, and beige, turn it up with bright orange, or let it work its magic with an unusual color like rose gold or pear green.

Here are some of the best colors to pair with mint green:

  • White
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Lavender
  • Teal
  • Tan
  • Mustard yellow
  • Forest green
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Burnt orange
  • Navy blue
  • Canary yellow
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Rose gold
  • Pear green
  • Pale blue
  • Cornflower blue
  • Coral
  • Natural wood
  • Peach
  • Gold
  • Kelly green
  • Bright orange
  • Lilac
  • Aqua
  • Terra cotta
  • Plum