18 Colors That Go Beautifully With Sage Green

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Sage green was the "it" color in 2022 according to brands such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG, so it should come as no surprise that the hue is still going strong in the world of interior design. "Sage green is [2022's] comeback kid," says designer Layton Campbell of J Layton Interiors. "Its popularity has overtaken previous go-to greens, such as emerald and mint."


Although decorating with sage green might feel a bit overwhelming if you're used to neutrals, there's nothing to fear. From kitchens to living rooms and even bathrooms, this calm shade works in pretty much any room of the house. Blogger turned designer Erin Gerlach of Hamilton Park Home suggests starting by "finding a textile pattern, such as a rug, comforter, or pillow, that incorporates a small amount of sage green," she says. "Then, pull some of the other colors out of that pattern to use throughout the room."


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If you're asking yourself "What colors go with sage green?", keep reading. Here are some of the best green color pairings to consider for your next room makeover.

Colors That Go With Sage Green

Sage green is a rich, soothing color that can instantly add elegance to any space. When deciding what colors to pair it with, a quick look at the color wheel will help you select the perfect shades to go along with the verdant hue. One approach is to choose complementary colors, those that sit across the color wheel from each other. Red is green's compliment so all the hues close to it (including orange, pink, and even purple) will pop against sage. On the other hand, you could pair sage with other shades of green for a monochromatic scheme. Another option would be to stick with an analogous palette, which is made up of three shades that sit next to each other on the color wheel.


Neutral Colors

Warm Colors

Cool Colors



Navy blue



Emerald green


Terra cotta

Hunter green






Light gray (gray can also be warm or cool, depending on the undertones)




18 Sage Green Color Combinations

1. Soft Sage Green and White

Accentuate a lovely shade of light sage green with a dose of bright white as demonstrated in this kitchen belonging to Jaclyn Johnson of Create & Cultivate. With the white upper cabinets and shiny brass hardware, this combination is fresh and clean. A woven rug covers most of the dark floor, making the space feel light and open.



  • Best for styles:‌ Coastal, farmhouse, transitional
  • Best ways to use:‌ Cabinets, walls, curtains, furniture

2. Sage Green and Navy Blue

For a cool, soothing combination, combine sage green with navy blue as Black Lacquer Design did in this bedroom. Here, a dark blue accent wall pairs nicely with a sage green bed frame and headboard. And bonus: The wallpaper pattern complements the scheme and adds loads of visual interest.


  • Best for styles:‌ Glam, modern farmhouse, transitional, boho
  • Best ways to use: ‌Accent wall, cabinets, area rug

3. Sage Green and Terra Cotta

Cozy up any room by pairing sage green with muted red tones. The terra cotta-colored floor tile and sage kitchen cabinets make this kitchen design by Heidi Caillier feel warm and welcoming. A high-pile rug and leafy bouquet add extra coziness.


  • Best for styles: ‌Rustic, traditional, transitional, bohemian
  • Best ways to use: ‌Flooring, decorative accents

4. Sage Green and Natural Wood

Another way to warm up sage green is by pairing it with organic elements, such as wood. Sage green is a shade found in nature, so it's perfectly at home with materials and colors found in the great outdoors. For instance, in this serene kitchen by Reserve Home, wood elements — such as floating shelving unit and cutting boards — warm up the sage green green cabinets below.



  • Best for styles: ‌Scandinavian, bohemian, traditional, rustic
  • Best ways to use: ‌Furniture, flooring, cabinets, doors, trim

5. Light Sage Green and Light Gray

Warm up your all-white kitchen by layering subdued neutral colors. In this open concept design by AMA Studio Interiors, pale sage green cabinets, a light gray zellige tile backsplash, and natural wood accents make the perfect combination. The natural light from the windows as well as thoughtful pieces of home decor, such as the wall sconce, floating shelf, barstools, runner, and greenery, really bring the place to life.


  • Best for styles: ‌Scandinavian, bohemian, modern, contemporary
  • Best ways to use: ‌Backsplash tile, floor tile, countertops, textiles

6. Sage Green and Gold

The combination of sage green and gold is enough to make anyone stop and stare. The darker shade of green on the walls provides an ideal backdrop for the lustrous brass shelving and bed frame in this setup by Erin from Hamilton Park Home. Keep the space feeling bright with bedding in neutral tones, such as white, cream, and beige.


  • Best for styles: ‌Glam, modern farmhouse, traditional, transitional
  • Best ways to use: ‌Lighting, hardware, furniture, decorative accents

7. Sage Green and Pink

Pops of dusty pink make an appearance in this serene bedroom design. The pastel shade helps soften the light and dark green elements represented in the wall mural and the area rug, while other natural elements, such as the wood-paneled wall and matching nightstand, anchor the room and impart added warmth and texture. A healthy dose of white accents keeps the setup feeling light and airy.



  • Best for styles: ‌Scandinavian, bohemian, rustic, farmhouse
  • Best ways to use: ‌Bedding, curtains, wallpaper, artwork, decor

8. Sage Green and Ochre

Often, the best color combinations are ones that exist in nature. Maybe that's why the ochre and sage green color palette used in this living room by Kate Spiers is hard to resist, as the combo is reminiscent of a bouquet of wildflowers. The warm mustard yellow sofa perfectly complements the light sage green built-in cabinetry. Pale wood flooring and a white ceiling keep the bold colors from overwhelming the space.

  • Best for styles: ‌Modern, contemporary, midcentury, bohemian
  • Best ways to use: ‌Furniture, curtains, area rugs, pillows, throws

9. Sage Green and Cream

Since sage green derives from nature, pairing it with other hues found outside is a pretty safe bet. In this setup by @ranchonapie, a cream-colored upholstered headboard, accent pillows, and a throw are paired with crisp white bedding. The sage green accent wall really pops in the midst of warm neutrals and gives the space subtle depth. We can imagine spending a Saturday morning here, curled up with coffee and a favorite book.

  • Best for styles: ‌Farmhouse, rustic, traditional, transitional, bohemian
  • Best ways to use: ‌Wall color, curtains, area rugs, pillows, bedding, carpet

10. Sage Green and Hunter Green

Opt for a tone-on-tone look à la this bedroom by Lizzie Green. The sage green walls work beautifully with the dark green blanket on the bed. A pair of brass sconces and dark wood nightstands keep the space feeling warm and inviting while white pieces of decor, like the bedding, artwork, door and trim paint, lighten things up a bit.


"When designing with sage green, layering varying tones of the color itself along with a natural color palette and designing to the climate/region will help create a sense of place," says Sherry Hope-Kennedy of Studio SHK.

  • Best for styles: ‌Traditional, modern, contemporary
  • Best ways to use: ‌Wall paint, wall covering, trim

11. Sage Green and Yellow

In this cozy entryway by Emma Ainscough, sage green wainscoting anchors the space and tempers the vibrant cheetah-patterned wallpaper. Soft white accents — such as the ceiling, trim, and stair railing — define the space and offer the eyes a break from the more vibrant hues.

  • Best for styles: ‌Glam, maximalist, bohemiam
  • Best ways to use: ‌Curtains, throws, accent pillows, furniture

12. Sage Green and Black

If you're looking for a no-fail pairing for sage green, you can't go wrong with classic black. The inky hue is always timeless not to mention it instantly adds contrast and a modern edge to any space. For instance, in this living room, ebony-colored items, such as pillows, an area rug, a console table, and decor, punctuate the space without weighing it down. The subtle use of the inky hue allows the real star of the show, the sage green sofa, to shine.

  • Best for styles: ‌Scandinavian, modern, contemporary, bohemian
  • Best ways to use: ‌Decor, lighting, furniture, rugs, pillows, artwork

13. Sage Green and Emerald Green

Consider color blocking your space like the team over at Colombo and Serboli Architecture did in this bedroom. Here, a combination of hues — such as the sage on the lower walls and the emerald shade on the ceiling — give the green room a wonderfully tonal look. The color idea is reminiscent of the way verdant shades work together in nature.

14. Sage Green and Tan

Sage green and tan go together effortlessly in this tropical-inspired bedroom. The accent wall flaunting tan-colored palm leaf wallpaper provides loads of visual interest without overwhelming the design. Light sage green upholstered headboards balance the color scheme and imbue the space with cool coastal flair.

  • Best for styles: ‌Coastal, bohemian, farmhouse, traditional
  • Best ways to use: ‌Walls, furniture, bedding, rugs, curtains

15. Sage Green and Beige

Neutral color palettes and bedrooms go hand in hand because they both induce relaxation. For instance, this serene design complete with a sage green headboard and duvet is surrounded by warm beige walls that infuse the space with coziness.

"We like pairing sage green furniture with an earthy color palette of woodsy browns, off-blacks, other shades of sage, and warm whites," explains Hope-Kennedy. "These pairings create a calming, classic look that is both sophisticated and relaxed."

  • Best for styles: ‌Coastal, farmhouse, traditional, transitional
  • Best ways to use: ‌Walls, bedding, rugs, curtains

16. Sage Green and Brown

If you're wondering whether or not sage green will go with brown, look no further than your backyard. However, if you're still not convinced, check out this handsome office-meets-library by Kate Marker Interiors. Here, sage green walls and built-ins surround a pair of dark brown leather club chairs perched at a rustic wood table. Lighter elements, such as the curtains and the ceiling, keep the setup from feeling too dark.

  • Best for styles: ‌Farmhouse, rustic, industrial, modern, bohemian
  • Best ways to use: ‌Furniture, decor, rugs, pillows, throws

17. Sage Green and Coral

Sage green loves pinks, purples, oranges, and yellows just as much as it does warm neutral shades. For a more dramatic look, follow the lead of Black Lacquer Design and pair the verdant hue with coral. We love the bold combo showcased in this open kitchen.

  • Best for styles: ‌Modern, contemporary, bohemian, maximalist
  • Best ways to use: ‌Artwork, decor, rugs, pillows, throws, furniture

18. Sage Green and Lilac

This bold color combination is not for the faint of heart. To really wow your guests, pair sage green with an unexpected pastel, like lilac. The team over at 2LG Studio shows us how it's done in this picture-perfect bedroom. Follow the designers' lead and use a soft sage paint color on the ceiling to balance the pastel purple walls and built-ins. Add a little depth and drama with a darker accent color, like the olive green curtains and matching lounge chair. Brass accents complete the whimsical scene.

  • Best for styles: ‌Modern, contemporary, bohemian, maximalist
  • Best ways to use: ‌Artwork, decor, rugs, pillows, throws, walls, furniture


What color family is sage green?

Sage green is a greenish-gray color. It's unique in the fact that it can be a warm or cool color depending on the amount of blue or yellow undertones it contains.

What are the benefits of the color sage green?

There are many benefits of using a color like sage green in your home. For starters, it is a calming hue that instantly puts your mind at ease. It also happens to be a subtle neutral that can blend in with a variety of different decorating styles and colors.

Is sage green a trendy color?

The color green is not a new hue. In fact, the verdant hue has a long history, dating back to ancient Egypt. So, it goes without saying that sage green is far from a passing trend and is rather a timeless hue that will continue to be a fan favorite.



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