15 Colors That Go With Sage Green

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Sage green is everywhere right now. From kitchens to living rooms and even bathrooms, this calm color works in every room of the house. It's no surprise that Benjamin Moore chose it as color of the year for 2022.


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Although decorating with the lush shade can feel overwhelming if you're used to neutrals, there's nothing to fear. A quick look at the color wheel will help you find the perfect matches for your new favorite shade of green. One approach is to choose complementary colors, those that sit across the color wheel from each other. Red is complementary to green, so all the shades close to it (including pink, purple, and orange) will pop against sage. On the other hand, you could go tone-on-tone by pairing sage with close shades of green.


Blogger turned designer Erin Gerlach of Hamilton Park Home suggests starting by "finding a textile pattern, such as a rug, comforter, or pillow that incorporates a small amount of sage green," she says. "Then pull some of the other colors out of that pattern to use throughout the room."


Here are 15 winning combinations for the it color of the moment.

15 Sage Green Color Combinations

1. Sage Green, Gold, and White

Accentuate that lovely shade of sage green with a dose of bright white like in this kitchen photographed by Monica Wang. With the white upper cabinets and shiny gold hardware, this combination is fresh and clean. A woven rug covers most of the dark floor, making the space feel light and open. We love this slightly more colorful take on a neutral kitchen.


2. Sage Green and Navy Blue

For a cool, soothing combination, combine sage green with navy blue. Here, pale green bedding and a wooden headboard look extra earthy in front of a deep blue wall color — like an island floating in the ocean. Globe lights and a leafy plant continue the lush effect.


3. Sage Green and Terra Cotta

Cozy up any room by pairing sage green with muted red tones. The terra cotta-colored floors and sage kitchen cabinets make this room by Heidi Caillier Design feel warm and welcoming. A high-pile rug and leafy bouquet add extra coziness.


4. Sage Green and Wood

Another way to warm up sage green is by pairing it with wood. Sage green is an earthy shade, so it's perfectly at home with natural materials and colors, like the wood tones in this dresser and mirror. The combination gives this guest room, designed by Miranda Schroeder, a laid-back, bohemian feel.


5. Sage Green and Light Gray

Warm up your all-white kitchen by layering light, neutral colors — like the sage green cabinets, gray backsplash, and wood and cream accents in this open concept kitchen by AMA Studio Interiors. This subtle color combination makes the room feel anything but sterile. The natural light from the windows combined with the woven wall art, floating shelf, barstools, and greenery really bring the place to life.


6. Sage Green and Brass

The combination of sage green and brass is enough to make anyone stop and stare. The shiny gold shelves and headboard in this green bedroom by Hamilton Park Home make the entire space feel layered and rich. Keep it bright with bedding in neutral tones like white, cream, and taupe.

7. Sage Green and Dusty Pink

Pops of dusty pink make an appearance in this bedroom photographed by Alice Veysey. The pastel shade of pink helps soften up the sage green walls, while other natural elements like the woven headboard and curtains give the room a bohemian feel. This is one color combination we just can't get enough of.

8. Sage Green and Mustard Yellow

Often, the best color combinations are ones that exist in nature. Maybe that's why the sage green and mustard yellow palette in this room by Katie Spiers is hard to resist — it makes us think of a bouquet of fresh-picked wildflowers. Warm mustard yellow perfectly complements the light sage green. Pale wood flooring and a white ceiling keep the bold color palette from overwhelming the space.

9. Sage Green and Cream

Since sage green is an earth tone, it's only natural that it would look incredible when paired with other neutral colors. The soft cream headboard and lush off-white bedding chosen by Canadian blogger Ranch on a Pie make this room feel like something out of a luxe resort. We can imagine spending a weekend morning here, curled up with coffee and our favorite book.

10. Sage Green and Lavender

This bold color combination is not for the faint of heart. To really wow your guests, pair sage green with an unexpected dose of lavender, like the Portugal-based designers behind Ottiu have done here. If purchasing a purple sofa is out of the question, you can still achieve the same chic effect by adding in the lavender shade by way of throw pillows and artwork.

11. Sage Green and Hunter Green

Opt for a variation of a tone-on-tone look by drawing inspiration from this space by deVOL Kitchens. The sage green walls work well with the hunter green lower cabinets thanks in part to the white subway tiles and marble countertops. With the addition of these contrasting elements, the two shades of green can easily coexist without competing with each other.

12. Sage Green, Dark Gray, and White

The classic combination of sage green with gray and white marble countertops is hard to beat. The dark gray veining is an easy easy way to inject more color into a kitchen without adding too many accessories, as demonstrated in this design by Alison Giese Interiors. Keeping the rest of the room light and bright makes this a space you'll look forward to spending time in.

13. Sage Green and Salmon

Unexpected color combinations like bright salmon and sage green go a long way in this fun kitchen by Jaclyn Peters Design. Adding a runner is an easy way to experiment with color combinations without a ton of commitment. The black wall sconces add an unexpected dose of drama.

14. Sage Green and Black

Ground an open floor plan with a bold accent wall like designer Mariana Devigne did here. The sage green adds personality to a black and white color scheme, giving the living and dining room a cool, laid-back vibe. It also contrasts beautifully with a stack of fireplace logs, making a practical feature look like a work of art.

15. Sage Green and Teal

Go for a bold monochromatic look like Jean Stoffer Design did in this kitchen. The rich sage green lower cabinets and teal backsplash tiles work well together, giving the room a moody vibe. The natural light from the window, white countertops, and wooden floating shelves keep the space from feeling too dark.

Colors That Go With Sage Green

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Sage green is a rich, soothing color that can instantly add elegance to any space. When deciding what colors to pair it with, think of how it appears in nature. Look to flowers and desert landscapes for inspiration. Sage green loves pinks, purples, oranges, and yellows just as much as it does warm neutrals. For more dramatic looks, pair it with black or other shades of green.

Here is an overview of some of our favorite colors to pair with sage green:

  • Gold
  • White
  • Navy Blue
  • Terra Cotta
  • Wood
  • Light Gray
  • Brass
  • Dusty Pink
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Cream
  • Lavender
  • Hunter Green
  • Dark Gray
  • Salmon
  • Black
  • Teal