12 Unforgettable Colors That Go With Green and Brown

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The colors green and brown are synonymous with the earth. They evoke the feeling of being outdoors in nature, soaking up the fresh air and sunlight. Brown has a powerful grounding quality, while green adds freshness and life. The two colors in their many different shades are also go-to choices for many designers because they work so well in a variety of color schemes.


"We are looking to nature for color inspiration in our home," says color expert Ashley Banbury, who is the color marketing manager at Dutch Boy Paints. "Natural colors bring a sense of calm as we look to achieve a home filled with comfort. Shades of green and brown are the foundation to a natural landscape symbolizing growth, freshness, and all things natural. The combination is approachable and inviting, and [they] have become popular shades in the home."


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When choosing your specific shades of green and brown as well as your accent color, Banbury recommends comparing undertones. She suggests pairing cool with cool and warm with warm so that the hues blend together nicely rather than competing for attention.

Green and brown is an especially approachable color combination because so much furniture, whether wooden or leather, is already brown. Add green through wall paint, a rug, or even plants. Your third color may be either an accent or a dominant shade depending on the look you're going for. Keep it simple with white walls or a cream rug or go a little bolder with fuchsia throw pillows or turquoise lamps. Read on for more inspiration.


12 Color Combinations for Green and Brown

1. Green, Brown, and White

White is the predominant color in this room, so the olive green headboard and furniture in shades of brown have room to stand out. Pairing green and brown with white is always a safe bet, but different shades will create different effects. The whites in this room have a slightly warm undertone, underscored by a cream rug, which fits well with earthy olive and wood.


2. Green, Brown, Yellow, and Terra Cotta

The various brown tones in this beautiful bedroom create a warm, earthy feel, from the tile floors to the wooden nightstands, terra cotta plant pots, and tan pampas grass art piece. Green wall trim, a yellow duvet, and blue pillows complete the soothing, neutral color palette. White and cream walls and textiles keep the space feeling airy and spacious.



3. Green, Brown, and Gray

The green elements in your home decor don't have to take the form of a piece of furniture or a paint color. Take a cue from this space, which highlights an abundance of plant life for an urban jungle effect. Brown shades from the furniture, rug, and accent pieces add to the natural effect. The gray stone wall adds dimension and makes the perfect backdrop.


4. Green, Brown, and Orange

Bring out the glow of warm brown wood by pairing it with green and orange. In this entryway, dark green plants and decorative bottles complement a beautiful credenza, while orange shades in the wall art and ceramics accentuate its vibrant color. White and cream complete a simple but striking color scheme.


5. Green, Brown, and Cream

In this room, light neutral shades of cream and white lay the foundation for a whimsical dining room. Light green trailing plants pop against a standout forest green accent wall, while wooden furniture and trim glow in the sunlight. The cream rug picks up the brightness and contrasts just so with the white walls and sheer curtain.



6. Green, Brown, and Black

If you really want to make a statement with your interior design, consider painting your walls black. This dining room demonstrates one way to pull it off. First of all, choose a space with plentiful natural light. Then, add light-colored elements like this light brown wood and cane table and chairs. Finally, a tiled floor in two shades of green adds color and a playful energy.


7. Green, Brown, and Mustard Yellow

This bedroom is a beautiful example of an analogous palette. Three colors that sit side by side on the color wheel — green, yellow-green, and yellow — come together for a surprising yet soothing combination. Brown wood in the form of nightstands, a headboard frame, and flooring grounds the vibrant look.


8. Green, Brown, and Gold

Don't forget that you can use metallics as accent colors. This room uses a dark olive green on just the bottom of one wall for an understated effect. The wooden trunk features brass accents and a gold lamp on top for a metallic pop that feels masculine and not at all flashy.


9. Lime Green, Brown, and Turquoise

This room also uses green paint on only half the walls, but this time, it's a vibrant lime green shade. The rest of the room is muted with only a few pops of color in the form of turquoise lamps and orange throw pillows. The dark brown side tables add enough contrast to make the bright shades pop, bringing the whole color scheme together.

10. Sage Green, Brown, and Light Blue

The pastel shades in this room make for a cozy, inviting environment. The sage green bedspread blends beautifully with the light blue walls. Meanwhile, the chocolate brown headboard adds visual weight and keeps the room from feeling too muted.

11. Mint Green, Brown, and Royal Blue

While there is a lot going on in this room designed by Christopher Maya, the colors blend together seamlessly. The bright green walls are tempered by the neutral furniture and decor, including the chocolate brown velvet couch. Royal blue patterned pillows and a leopard rug add playful texture.


12. Mint Green, Brown, and Fuchsia

Mint green walls look surprisingly mellow in this living room by Belmont Design Group. Camel-colored chairs, a mustard rug, and gold accents create an analogous effect between the mint walls and dark brown furniture. Pops of bold fuchsia are the cherry on top of this preppy, feminine space.

Colors That Go With Green and Brown

The key to putting together a color palette is understanding undertones. Cool colors work well together just as warm ones do. However, when you're working on a home renovation and redecoration project, choose the colors and decor pieces that make you the most happy. To get you started, here are some of the best colors to pair with green and brown:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Terra cotta
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Mustard yellow
  • Gold
  • Turquoise
  • Light blue
  • Royal blue
  • Fuchsia



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