13 Colors That Go With Turquoise

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Turquoise is one of the most fun colors to decorate with in your home. Whether you want to do a bright front door, an accent wall, or all-over turquoise paint, it's a color that makes a big statement. But it's nothing to be afraid of. Though bright hues can sometimes be intimidating, turquoise is easy enough to use. It pairs just as well with other vibrant colors as it does with neutral shades. Similar to — and often confused for — teal, turquoise is lighter and bluer, whereas teal is darker and closer to green. You can even use these shades together for a fresh tone-on-tone effect.


"Turquoise is a very vibrant color that actually can pair well with other vibrant colors such as bright green, oranges, or yellows," says Priscilla Moiseoff, lead stylist and interior designer at Walker Edison Furniture. "I would just advise moderation with this so as to not be overwhelmed by so many bright colors. Make sure to balance things out with a neutral."

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However you choose to use turquoise, this bold, fun color is sure to bring personality and energy into your space. Here are several ways you can incorporate it into your home decor.


13 Turquoise Color Combinations

1. Turquoise and Chartreuse

There's no denying that this living room is bold, bold, bold. "Turquoise and chartreuse is a sophisticated take on the primary color combination of blue and yellow," says Nicole Alexander, founder and principal designer of Siren Betty Design. "I find that the color turquoise can have a very soothing, calming effect, so adding chartreuse accents here and there gives your room a boost of visual caffeine." The two colors together provide a strong foundation for the variety of prints in this room.


2. Turquoise and Gray

"When designing with a bold color such as turquoise, our recommendation is usually to keep the rest of the room more neutral," says Carlos Coronado, lead designer for Muretti. This room is a case study in adding a small pop of color to an otherwise gray room. The turquoise throw blanket, multicolored pillows, and teal lampshade look soothing against the muted walls and couch.



3. Turquoise, Pink, and Gold

In this living room, turquoise, pink, and gold combine to create an atmosphere of romantic, whimsical luxury. "Turquoise can be combined with a pink for a happy and carefree feeling," says Lisa Peck, luxury interior designer and CEO of LiLu Interiors. "This is a wonderful scheme for a kid's room, breakfast room, or any spot [where] you want a a bit of joy." Consider incorporating turquoise with a bright pink like coral, peach, fuchsia, or magenta.


4. Turquoise and Green

Neighbors on the color wheel, turquoise and green can create a subtle, soothing contrast. To keep the combination from looking too muddy, pick a bright shade of one color and a more muted shade of the other. On this exterior, the dark turquoise door is vivid enough to stand out against the hunter green walls, while the wooden steps beautifully complement both colors.


5. Turquoise and White

You can never go wrong with pairing a bright color with white. Even if the rest of the room is white and minimal, this DIY bench makes it feel like a playful, inviting space. With no other bright colors in sight, this turquoise accent gets to be the center of attention.



6. Turquoise, Black, and White

This cool monochromatic room is instantly brightened with just two throw pillows. Using throw pillows to add an accent color to your bedroom is an easy way to quickly give the whole space a different feel. "Mix pillows with turquoise hues and accent rugs into your bedroom," says Richard Petrie of Thomas Sanderson. "You can easily remove the turquoise pieces come the colder months or when you are ready for a new color scheme."


7. Turquoise, Cream, and Coral

All-over turquoise walls can be overwhelming, but an accent wall lets you incorporate a bold paint color on a more approachable scale. "Turquoise is lively and refreshing, and since it's a natural color, it's easy to work with," says Marco Bizzley, certified interior designer with House Grail. "An accent wall in the living room is a great way to add some character to a space." Plus, coral is the perfect complementary color to add depth to turquoise.


8. Turquoise, Sage, and Tan

If a throw pillow is just not enough, celebrate your love of turquoise with an entire couch, like this one from IKEA. Although the couch is balanced by neutral colors, there's little white or black here. Using soft shades of tan and sage instead gives this living room a soothing coastal feel.



9. Turquoise and Metallics

For the same reason a turquoise gemstone necklace or ring works so well, turquoise and metal are a natural combination in home decor, too. In this kitchen, the turquoise cabinets pair just as easily with gold knobs as they do with the stainless steel sink. "Turquoise is a bright and lively color that can add some fun to any room," says Chris Alexakis, interior designer and the co-founder of Cabinet Select. "It's also one of the few colors that goes well with both gold and silver, so if you want to go for a metallic look, it's the perfect color choice."

10. Turquoise and Bright Red

If you're ready for a bold room, don't be afraid to pair turquoise with other loud colors. In this dining area, a greige cinderblock wall acts as a balance for the blue floor, turquoise chairs, and bright red, patterned bench. Follow its lead by bringing color into your space one section at a time.

11. Turquoise and Black

Although the color palette in this kitchen is bold, it's also simple, mostly limited to turquoise, black, and white, with stainless steel appliances. "Turquoise can have a tendency to be niched into coastal or beachy decor, but you don't need to adhere to any one aesthetic to pull off this beautiful and bold color," says Kara O'Connor, owner of Chicago-based design firm Kara O'Connor Interiors. "It's all about how you pair the color in your space, and with what objects. For example, a black and white palette can lend itself nicely to introducing a few pops of turquoise for a modern and bold look."


12. Turquoise, Blue, and Brown

Because turquoise is a color found in nature, it pairs nicely with other natural textures and colors. In this space, the turquoise table looks right at home with the wood floor and bench. "Pairing turquoise with natural wood colors and textures can be particularly stunning," says Robin Burrill, CEO and principal designer of Signature Home Services. "Consider a living room combo with this combination, like a wood coffee table and turquoise throw pillows or sofa."

13. Turquoise and Orange

This living and dining room shows how beautiful turquoise can look when paired with warm colors like orange and brown. "There are a few ways you can approach using turquoise in your interior design," says Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer for Trendey. "One is to embrace the natural aspect of turquoise. Since it is a stone found in nature, you can pair it with other colors found in nature, such as a rusty red or terra cotta orange. This would create an American Southwest feel to your interior design."

Colors That Go With Turquoise

Turquoise is bold and bright, but it's nothing to fear. For a small dose, incorporate it into a room with an otherwise neutral color palette through a throw pillow or blanket. If you're ready to go a step further, paint an accent wall or bright front door. And if you really love turquoise, go all out by painting an entire room or buying a turquoise sofa. Tone this color down with soft gray or sage, or turn it up with bright red or chartreuse.

Here's a recap of colors that pair beautifully with turquoise:

  • Chartreuse
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Green
  • White
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Coral
  • Sage
  • Tan
  • Metallics
  • Bright Red
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Orange



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