20 Dazzling Colors That Pair Well With Green

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If you've noticed more green interiors on your Instagram feed, or while perusing the pages of your favorite glossy home magazine, there's good reason for it. After more than two years of living in a pandemic, people are looking for ways to make their homes feel as soothing and comfortable as possible. The color green, in all of its many shades, is a timeless hue that's seen a resurgence of late thanks to its proven calming and restorative effects. And since green is a dominant shade in nature, incorporating it into your color scheme is an easy way to bring the wellness-boosting effects of the outdoors in.


Green can be showcased in your home in a myriad of ways including paint, wallpaper, and tile. Or if you simply want to dip your toe into the verdant color trend, there are plenty of easy-to-swap-out ideas like rugs, pillows, and countertop appliances. "Green is a classic color that works well in any room [of] the home," explains interior designer Daleet Spector. "I love using a bright and bold shade to cheer up a kitchen or bathroom and choosing a more serene or moody green for the bedroom. Pairing green with gray is one of my go-to combinations because it's timeless and always works whether your green is light, dark, soft, or strong."

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Although not technically classified as a neutral, green is compatible with a multitude of palettes — blues, yellows, reds (yes, even red) — and interior design styles. Not all shades are created equal — the color can impart a range of emotions depending on the shade and intensity used. Hint: Bright green will make you feel positive and energetic, while a hue with blue undertones evokes calm and harmony.


But what really goes with green? Here are 20 color ideas that are sure to inspire.

20 Green Color Combinations

1. Green and Fuchsia

While there is nothing new about pairing green with pink, we love the idea of giving the combo a modern twist. Interior designer Raili Clasen shows us how it's done in this cozy bathroom showcasing muted green shower tile with a neon pink niche for shampoo and the like. A poster flaunting the same electrifying hue and a verdant sink tie the whole look together.


2. Green and Burgundy

Sitting on opposite sides of the color wheel, it'll be no surprise that burgundy pairs beautifully with green. Don't be afraid to add a graphic punch as we did in the Hunker House library with this art deco-inspired wallpaper. Lustrous brass accents up the glam factor.



3. Spruce Green and Royal Blue

Saturated jewel tones from vibrant blue to yellow are colors that you might not realize go effortlessly with green, however, don't be afraid to mix and match them for a look that feels very of the moment. In this boho-chic living room spotted on The Modern House, green walls are a dramatic backdrop for the cobalt blue velvet sofa and glam light fixtures. And don't forget to throw in a few eye-catching patterns and lush greenery to truly complete the look.


4. Sage Green and Ochre

For an under-the-radar color idea that looks undeniably chic, consider ochre and green. Sarah Sherman Samuel used the two analogous hues in her son's room for a look that manages to be age-appropriate yet sophisticated at the same time. A mod light fixture adds a focal point to the concentric squares painted on the ceiling.


5. Forest Green and Terra Cotta

As a naturally occurring color found in nature, it's no wonder that earth tones such as terra cotta, sienna, rust, and navy work with green to impart a rustic, approachable note to any design. The moss green walls of this bedroom are the perfect shade for creating a soothing refuge, while an organic terra cotta-flecked wallhanging and throw add dimension. Keep accessories and clutter minimal for prime sleeping conditions.



6. Green and White

Temper green's inherent vibrancy with white for a no-fail color idea. The ladies at Studio Life.Style cocooned this pint-sized bath/shower area in playful graphic tile showcasing the winning color combo, and then peppered in matte black fixtures to ground the dynamic look.


7. Green and Brown

Balance the coolness of sage green by introducing warmth and texture with shades of brown, as seen in this cozy bedroom. Green and brown floral-inspired wallpaper and rich wood finishes are the stars of the show in this vintage-meets-country bedchamber.


8. Green and Black

When looking for colors that go with green, black should be on your shortlist: It brings a bit of edge to green's inherently cheery vibe, as seen in this modern living room. The uneven nature of the accent wall's plaster-like finish creates dimension and visual interest that softens the onyx accents throughout.


9. Brownish-Green and Cream

Green with brown undertones — like the hue gracing the cabinets in this handsome cook space by deVOL Kitchens — is an enduring choice, but going dark can be intimidating for some. Brighten the overall feel by selecting a warm shade of white for the surrounding walls and range hood. Pro tip: Plaster paint adds texture and a welcome patina.

10. Electric Green and Spruce Green

This living room perfectly illustrates how different shades of green elicit different emotions. For instance, the green walls of this narrow space are calming and draw you in, while the electric green drapes flanking a central window create a focal point. Colorful artwork and accessories keep the eye moving, giving the illusion of more space.

11. Green, Black, and Warm Metallics

Add elegance and sparkle to green's inherently sophisticated vibe with the addition of warm metallic finishes. Copper pots, along with brass oven knobs and hardware, pop against the backdrop of black-green cabinetry in this cottage kitchen by Leanne Ford. The lustrous accents add a warm and inviting sheen and subtly reflect the light.


12. Pine Green, Yellow, and Red

Introduce youthfulness to a kid's bedroom, without it reading overly juvenile, by pairing green with bold primary colors in elevated patterns. Raili Classen added contrast and interest to wood wall paneling with a partial coat of pine green paint, while a pair of minimal headboards and striped bedding are modern counterparts to the summer camp-like aesthetic.

13. Emerald Green and Pink

The folks over at deVOL Kitchens gave this classic culinary space an unexpected makeover with the help of an emerald green and bubble-gum pink color scheme. The lower cabinets rendered in a dark teal hue add visual weight and help ground the maximalist scene.

14. Yellow-Green and Light Blue

Trade in predictable white marble in favor of something a bit more unexpected, like the black stone that Cortney Bishop chose for the countertops and backsplash in this kitchen. White walls allow a muted color palette of robin's egg blue and yellow-green to pop, while the natural wood used throughout adds plenty of warmth. An oversize pendant anchors the lofty ceiling.

15. Emerald Green and Navy Blue

The trick to successfully layering patterns of varying shapes and sizes without overwhelming your space is to stick with a consistent color story. In this Hollywood Regency-inspired bedroom by McCann Design Group, emerald green and navy blue take center stage in various forms including the zigzag wallpaper, Roman shades, campaign nightstand, and bedding. It all works together to form a lively setup that won't soon be forgotten.

16. Green and Red

Not sure about a red and green color scheme? Eschew thoughts of Christmases past and future by opting for a muted shade like the sage accent wall spotted in this tranquil bedroom. A red and white Southwestern blanket adds the perfect pop of color without feeling the slightest bit festive.

17. Mint Green and Lilac

If you're looking for a color scheme that's a bit more neutral, but want to steer clear of humdrum shades of white, look to subtle shades of green. Angie Hranwosky went with a seafoam hue in this elegant dining room and balanced the pastel walls with lilac-colored drapes. The end result is bold yet surprisingly soothing.

18. Kelly Green and Gray

Minimize the visual impact of vivid green by pairing it with various shades of gray. The gray cloud-patterned wallpaper in this bedroom by Daleet Spector adds movement and interest and yet allows the green pieces of decor to stand out.

19. Pine Green and Orange

Orange might be a dark horse when it comes to colors that go with green, but hear us out. It is actually possible to successfully combine the two without calling to mind fall festivals. The key is to make sure both are in the same tone. Case in point: This charming bedroom by Griffin Houghton features pine wood walls, white accents, and a set of orange-colored quilts and pine green mirrors.

20. Sage Green and Spruce Green

Employ varying shades of green to achieve a tone-on-tone look that is currently all the rage. In this mudroom by Leanne Ford, dark green wall tile adds dreamy contrast and depth to the lighter green walls. Painted bentwood chairs blend seamlessly into the background, while a checkerboard floor pattern adds loads of charm.

Colors That Go With Green

Green is a timeless hue that plays well with a range of colors from neutrals such as brown, white, gray, and black, to combinations that push color boundaries like pink, purple and yellow. The intensity and tone of the shade you choose can either enliven or soothe a space and will affect the color pairing's success.

  • Fuchsia
  • Burgundy
  • Royal Blue
  • Ochre
  • Terra Cotta
  • White
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Lilac
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Shades of Green



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