10 Ways to Show Off Your Copper Cookware Collection in the Kitchen

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Dust off your collection of copper pots and pans and put them to work in your kitchen. And not just for sauteeing and searing, but for decorative purposes as well. That's right! The warm lustrous cookware finish actually makes for eye-catching home decor. Add a stack of pots above your kitchen cabinets or showcase a few on open shelves.


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The great thing about copper is that it works with just about any aesthetic. And while the dazzling orange-brown hue pops against bright white walls, it also works beautifully with dark paint colors, too. Not to mention the fact that your pots and pans will look even better as they age and patina. But how do homeowners and renters thoughtfully incorporate these culinary wares into their kitchen designs? So glad you asked. Here are 10 cool and creative ways to show off your copper cookware collection.


1. Display them on a shelf.

Put your growing collection of copper cookware on display while adding dimension and color to an otherwise neutral kitchen. Work them into your open shelving alongside cups and bowls like Amanda from Heartbeet Kitchen did in her light-filled space. Keep all of the other elements on your shelves simple, allowing your copper pans to be the star of the show.


2. Hang them from a utensil rail above the stove.

Keep your copper pots and pans within arm's reach and hang them on hooks from a utensil rail right above the stove. Choose a low-profile option, like the black number used in this kitchen by interior designer Leanne Ford, to avoid adding unnecessary bulk in a small space. The natural patina of the copper cookware only adds to the old-world vibe.


3. Take advantage of unused space above the cabinets.

Use the empty space above your kitchen cabinets to store stacks of copper pots and pans. This bright, eclectic setup by Marjorie and Kendall from The Cooks Atelier is filled with vintage cookware that adds undeniable charm and character. Pro tip: If you only have a few copper pieces, group them together (instead of spreading them out), to make your collection look more substantial.


4. Employ a pegboard.

Follow in the footsteps of interior designer Amy Sklar and use a large pegboard to showcase your cookware collection. For example, in this kitchen pantry, pots and pans of all different shapes, sizes, and finishes — from stainless steel to vintage copper to cast iron — are proudly put on display resulting in a dynamic feature wall that adds loads of character and visual interest.


5. Create a focal point over the kitchen island

Add drama to your kitchen remodel by installing a hanging pot rack right over the island. Fill it with copper pots and pans as displayed in this farmhouse-style design by Miss Mustard Seed Interiors. The warm finish draws the eye and is a welcome break from the sea of white cabinets. Plus, it just looks really cool.


6. Use antique copper as wall art.

Dreaming of a cook space with a one-of-a-kind gallery wall? Consider this clever idea, captured by photographer Greg Funnell. Thanks to the haphazard arrangement of pots and pans hanging on the wall, the charm of this French country kitchen appears seemingly effortless. The pale yellow paint color pairs splendidly with the warm copper finish, retro red and white checkerboard flooring, and vintage wood cabinet.


7. Hang them from a mug rack.

Follow the lead of Michelle from Thistle Key Lane and display your beautiful copper saucepans on the unused mug rack that's been collecting dust in the garage. Incorporate additional pieces of decor, such as a wood cutting board, dried herbs, and a dish towel or two to complete the look.

8. Use them to fill in a small, empty wall.

Not sure what to do with that narrow blank wall? Hang your collection of copper frying pans and stock pots, of course. Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home did just that in her kitchen, and the result is an artful display that also happens to be functional, too. When it comes to selecting hooks, opt for a slim design that won't distract from the aged copper finish. This wall decor idea is also a great way to add personality to your kitchen.

9. Hang them from a wooden peg rail.

There is something so perfect about the combination of wood and copper. But don't just take our word for it. This Scandinavian-meets-farmhouse setup from deVOL Kitchens proves that you can enjoy the best of both worlds by displaying copper cookware on a wooden peg rail. Throw in some ceramic mugs and a few bundles of dried herbs to keep the display interesting.

10. Mix with brass.

Just because you are showcasing copper cookware, that doesn't mean you can't introduce another metal finish. Take a page out of Jersey Ice Cream Co.'s design handbook and hang your lustrous pots and pans from a brass utensil rod. The simple choice will keep your culinary space from feeling too matchy-matchy and predictable.