15 Unexpected Ways to Work a Pegboard In Your Home

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Traditionally, pegboards find their place in cluttered kitchens or dark workshops. But these perforated panels have become repurposed and refashioned in ways that can add both style and function to your space. Here, some novel ideas for making a pegboard work for you:

1. Create a customizable wall hanging that speaks to your home's aesthetic and also offers extra storage.

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2. Bring some character to the bedroom by mounting a pegboard above the bed and assembling a dynamic collage of prints and objects.

3. Looking to jazz up a pegboard that's already in use? Consider painting stripes or geometric shapes. (Pro tip: Use painter's tape to create your shapes for a perfect line.)

4. A small, freestanding pegboard is a great option for mobile storage β€” and an especially appealing option for the office.

5. Of course, a pegboard in the kitchen is a classic way to organize pots and utensils. Adding little cups and baskets allows for storage of non-hangable items.

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6. Or you could really go all out and outfit your kitchen with a pegboard backsplash, giving you new shelving options.

7. Small kitchen bonus: Make use of dead space on the side of the fridge.

pegboard in kitchen
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8. Small entryway? Add a setup like this to your hall, and you'll have a storage spot that eliminates the need for furniture.

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9. If you ask us, installing a pegboard in a cabinet is a pretty genius way to store jewelry.

10. A pegboard is exceptionally handy in a kid's room, as you can change up the position of pegs and shelves to accommodate ever-changing needs.

11. How to make a gallery wall without nailing a million tiny holes in your wall? Problem solved.

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12. Truth be told: This is one of the most appealing bike storage situations we've seen.

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13. Make a craft or hobby space ultra-organized with a spot for every specific item.

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14. Make a living room feel like a greenhouse by creating a plant-heavy collection β€” which is particularly useful for new apartment dwellers who are lacking in decor options.

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15. Headboard? Pegboard.

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