13 Jewel-Toned Pieces That You'll Want to Pick Up Immediately

Emerald green, deep purple, lush cobalt, saturated magenta — they're tones that immediately make you feel just a tad royal. Working in jewel colors, however, can be pretty intimidating. (Like, committing to a jade green sofa is almost as nerve-wracking as going public with a relationship on social media.) Our advice? Start out small with jewel-toned accent pieces that will add that pop of color you're looking for.

blue bowls
credit: General Store

These bowls are hand-thrown in Brooklyn and inspired by an Yves Klein blue. ::Chorus of oohs and aahs::

Good thing about these lovelies? You get three in the set, and the combo of jewel tones and natural materials won't overwhelm your space.

world market wall hanging
credit: World Market

For when you are feeling just a little bit blue.

This luxe gold pillow is definitely diva-worthy.

diana vreeland candle
credit: Neiman Marcus

Did you know there's a fragrance company inspired by the legendary fashion columnist Diana Vreeland? So, surely this ruby candle must smell like success and expensive shoes.

Jewel-Toned Pieces That You'll Want to Pick Up Immediately
credit: Anthropologie

Change it up: A new rug is the quickest way to change the overall look of a room, especially if you choose one that already vibes with the rest of your decor.

Jewel-Toned Pieces That You'll Want to Pick Up Immediately
credit: West Elm

West Elm partnered with creative firm Roar + Rabbit to create this velvet swivel chair that is decidedly Mad Men-esque.

purple lamp
credit: Target

This lamp is all about context: Put it next to a Titanic poster and it's your '90s bedroom all over again. Pair it with some bohemian furnishings and succulents, and it's jewel-tone-chic.

velvet pillow
credit: Jungalow

This pillow is named for a fine wine...so drink it up.

agate coasters
credit: Etsy

These are almost too pretty to rest your cocktails on. (Key word being "almost.")

purple bench
credit: Kohls

Add a bit of purple whimsy to a hallway with this bold bench.

tray set
credit: All Modern

Why, yes I would like to take my breakfast in bed while imagining I'm on a yacht in the south of France.

credit: Zara Home

We can't say an hourglass serves much purpose (well, we don't know your situation: maybe you're often in high-stakes, high-drama situations). But having one — especially in a jewel tone — would make us think you're very, very refined. (And possibly a wizard.)