11 Stunning Colors That Go With Silver

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From bathroom fixtures to picture frames to stainless steel appliances, silver is easy to incorporate into any room of the house. Depending on its finish, color, or style, it can take on a variety of personalities, from industrial to elegant. Like gold, it's a versatile metallic that can be paired with practically every color.


When deciding between silver and warmer-colored metals like gold and bronze, consider color psychology and the mood you're trying to create. "Silver, and other cool tone metallics like nickel and platinum, help create a soothing environment; cool tones communicate tranquility," says Marissa Geoffroy, creative director of Sherle Wagner International, which specializes in luxury hardware and bath fixtures.


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If you're new to designing with silver, it might seem intimidating at first. "Designing with silver can be tricky — it all depends on the origin of the piece," says Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design. "Antique silver pieces, such as silverware and candlesticks that have patina and are timeworn, will always blend in beautifully — it is the newer, shiny pieces that I would incorporate sparingly." Too much, and you'll run the risk of making your space look like a 1980s vision of the future.


Think of silver as the shinier version of gray — soothing and versatile, perfect for layering with neutrals, pastels, or other cool colors. For a more striking contrast, pair it with a deep color like black or a bright like canary yellow. Jewel tones like royal blue and emerald green are also perfect complementary colors for silver. Read on for even more inspiration.

11 Silver Color Combinations

1. Silver and Cobalt Blue

A bold, highly saturated color like cobalt or royal blue will instantly make your silver accents pop. These cool colors bring out the best in each other. In this design by Studio DB, the celestial color scheme and planetary shapes of the wallpaper and table lamp give the bedroom a futuristic vibe.


2. Silver and Mint Green

Silver comes in many shades. The silver color of these stainless steel washers and dryers in this laundry room by Kristina Crestin Designs is on the darker end of the spectrum. However, pairing them with a pastel, like the mint green in this laundry room, makes the most of their reflectivity, creating a bright and cheerful space. Other soft shades of light green or blue would work just as well.



3. Silver and Black

The high contrast color combo of black and silver makes for a dramatic space. In this kitchen, designed by Lauren Collander Interiors, the geometric patterned backsplash draws the eye immediately, letting the stove and white shelves blend into the background. The red knobs on the oven provide a splash of color.


4. Silver and Brown

While gold and brown might seem like the more natural pairing, because they're both warm colors, this bathroom by Kelsey Leigh Design Co. shows that silver can work just as well. The silver mirror, faucet, knobs, and other accents add a hint of modernness to an otherwise rustic room. Gold wall sconces add an extra dimension, proving how beautiful mixed metals can be.


5. Silver and White

For the ultimate chic room, go for white with a splash of silver. Though a design choice like this could feel cold and sterile, you can easily make it less so. Studio McGee keeps this bathroom feeling pretty and inviting with floral wallpaper, mixed metals, and a soft blue vase of white peonies.



6. Silver and Yellow

The sunny yellow accents in this kitchen are irresistibly cheerful. Though the barstools and oven are quite loud, they're balanced by the white walls and silver-colored appliances. "One of silver's great design advantages is that it works with a range of palettes," creative director Marissa Geoffroy says. "It serves as a welcome contrast to reds and yellows. If a space has a preponderance of bright, warm, highly saturated colors, silver tones can feel a little out of place, but even then I've seen it work."


7. Silver and Navy Blue

Just like cobalt and silver, navy and silver are a perfect match. The darker shade of blue makes for a more elegant palette, as you can see in this stunning room by Widell + Boschetti. The white and silver tones in the wallpaper are echoed in the cabinet and ceramics, while the potted tree carries on the botanical theme, creating a bold and beautiful look.


8. Silver and Pink

The silver in this light pink bathroom is subtle, allowing the pink elements to be the stars. Metallics like silver can be overpowering, but you can tone them down, if you so choose, by limiting them to small accents. "Silver mixes well with all colors, but I tend to combine silver with lighter pastel hues to minimize the contrast," designer Kristina Phillips says.


9. Silver and Green

Green has become a very popular near-neutral in the past few years. Its earthiness makes it comforting and serene, perfect for the bedroom. The silver lamp in this room by LeBlanc Design provides a subtle contrast against the soft green walls.

10. Silver and Light Gray

This room by Chango & Co. is a beautiful example of a tonal approach to decor. The headboard, duvet, and walls are all slightly different shades of gray, while the silver nightstand adds metallic pizzazz. Within a monochrome color palette, a silver piece of furniture can fit cohesively without being too loud.

11. Silver and Peach

Combine silver with a soft color like peach for a relaxing environment. This room is full of neutrals that all work together, from the silver lamp to the gray couch and brown chairs. The decorative coral accent wall provides warmth, whimsy, and beautiful contrast.

Colors That Go With Silver

The versatility of silver means it can easily work as either an accent or a neutral color. Incorporate it through lamps and light fixtures, mirror frames, furniture, appliances, and more. It plays equally well with neutrals, brights, and pastels. Here's a recap of some of our favorite colors that complement silver:

  • Cobalt blue
  • Mint green
  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Navy blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Light gray
  • Peach



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