12 Colors That Go With Royal Blue

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Royal blue, as the name implies, is an ultra-regal shade. It's a rich and versatile color that's equally at home in a castle and a casual living room, and its brightness is unrivaled by other shades of blue. A primary color, royal blue pairs well with a number of other shades on the color wheel. It's bold and energetic, but you can tone it down as desired by using it in subtle doses or in subdued color combinations.


"Royal blue is the color of sophistication no matter what room you put it in," says Marco Bizzley, certified interior designer for House Grail. "It's bold enough to make a statement, yet classic enough you won't get sick of it. You can use it on your walls as accents or create a statement with bold, brilliant furniture. Before going all out with royal blue, start small with a few accents to see how it looks. It makes an excellent color for kitchen cupboards, especially with cream flooring. You can't go wrong painting your bedroom royal blue with coral bedding and sheer curtains."


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Keep reading for ideas on how to pair royal blue with other colors and incorporate it into your home.

12 Royal Blue Color Combinations

1. Royal Blue and White

One of the best colors to pair with royal blue is the simplest: white. This studio is the perfect backdrop for royal blue artwork, which pops against the white wall. "Royal blue and white is crisp and fresh and can be used in almost any room for a classic, timeless feel," says Lisa Peck, luxury interior designer and CEO of LiLu Interiors.


2. Royal Blue and Neons

For a bold, bright room, you can pair royal blue furniture with equally loud colors. Royal blue serves as a neutral in a room like this one. The neon colors of the other furniture pop against the chair and white walls for a very fun living space.


3. Royal Blue and Gold

"A good color to pair with something as vibrant and bold as royal blue is something light or contrasting, like white, champagne, or gold," says Dan Wiener, founder and lead interior designer for Homedude. "You can paint the walls a royal blue shade, have white furniture, and accent the space with gold decorations. These colors all put together would complement one another and also give off a luxurious or elegant vibe." You can also do the inverse, as in this living room: Pair a bright blue couch with white walls and gold throw pillows.



4. Royal Blue and Lighter Blues

Royal blue works well with many other shades of blue, including the sky blues in this botanical motif. Since royal blue is such a regal color, incorporating it through classic wallpaper will make any room in your home feel fit for a queen. A stately portrait enhances the sophisticated vibe of this space.


5. Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Terra Cotta, and Aqua

"For a vibrant look, pair royal blue with other bright colors like yellow or orange," says Kate Diaz, interior designer and co-founder of Swanky Den. "This will add energy to the room and make it feel more upbeat." You can introduce these colors through furniture, fixtures, or textiles. In this room, each bright-colored accent chair has its own equally bold throw pillow. A gold side table and colorful but understated rug keep the scene from looking too busy. As a shade of orange, terra cotta is a complementary color to blue, so the two would also look eye-catching on their own.


6. Royal Blue and Honey Brown

Royal blue pairs nicely with any kind of wood, but lighter shades make it appear even more brilliant. In this room, next to the honey-colored console and white walls, the indigo artwork looks especially bright. "Pairing royal blue with natural wood colors and textures can be particularly stunning," says Robin Burrill, CEO and principal designer of Signature Home Services.



7. Royal Blue and Dark Brown

Royal blue changes character depending on the colors you pair it with. If you want an understated look, try using a small amount along with darker shades. Incorporate blue into your bathroom as a curtain or soap dispenser, as in this moody scene. Next to the dark wood of the vanity, royal blue looks less bright but more rich and mature.


8. Royal Blue and Deep Purple

What better shade to pair with royal blue than royal purple? Here, the boldly colored couch and rug add richness to an otherwise light and minimally decorated room. It helps that they both have lush textures as well, which makes them stand out from all the smooth surfaces around them.


9. Royal Blue and Soft Pink

Royal blue contrasts beautifully with light pink. While this headboard is closer to navy, swapping in royal blue will create a more vibrant effect. "You can pair royal blue with clear colors for a modern look or neutral colors for a traditional one," says Chris Alexakis, interior designer and the co-founder of Cabinet Select. "Use it to liven up neutral or traditional spaces. Create an airy, spa-like look by pairing royal blue with pale or pastel shades of white, pink, or green."


10. Royal Blue and Orange

If you're renting, or if you want to try incorporating color in an accessible, non-permanent way, go for small accents. In this bedroom, the wall, bed, and nightstand are all neutral, but bold accessories in royal blue and shades of orange make the space bright and interesting. "Intense colors like royal blue work best in smaller accents such as a textile print or rug pattern or artwork," says Christy Biberich, founder and designer of Christy B Home. "Stick closer to neutrals for your larger furnishings and add accents of royal blue."

11. Royal Blue and Navy Blue

Royal blue and navy blue chair upholstery in this dining room offers a subtle but interesting contrast. Because royal blue is so vibrant, sometimes a small dose as an accent color is all you need. "If you don't want to paint the entire room, add an ottoman or barstool in a bright color for a pop of color without committing to the look on a larger scale," Diaz says.

12. Royal Blue, Cerulean, and Yellow

In this kitchen, royal blue and cerulean paint create a tone-on-tone effect, while yellow and gold accents pop. "There's something really fun and playful about decorating in the primary colors of blue and yellow," says Nicole Alexander, founder and principal designer of Siren Betty Design. "It recalls the excitement and energy of childhood, and couldn't we all use a little more of that?"


Colors That Go With Royal Blue

Royal blue is a rich, vibrant color that will add energy and sophistication to any space. Bring out its boldness by pairing it with a bright shade like hot pink, or tone it down with dark wood or deep purple. It also looks beautiful with other blues. Try navy for a subtle contrast or cerulean for an electric vibe.

Here's a recap of some of the most stunning colors to pair with royal blue:

  • White
  • Neons
  • Gold
  • Lighter Blues
  • Hot Pink
  • Terra Cotta
  • Aqua
  • Honey Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Deep Purple
  • Soft Pink
  • Orange
  • Navy Blue
  • Cerulean
  • Yellow



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