40 Unique Ways to Display Your Plants, From Centerpieces to Indoor Jungles

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Plants may be the simplest way to make a big impact in your home. Just one bouquet of sunflowers on the dining table or a pot of herbs in the windowsill can go a long way towards improving your mood. Humans are part of nature, after all, and we tend to find reminders of the outside world soothing and inspiring.


Along with their aesthetic and mental health benefits, plants are also natural air-filters — which means that while you work for them, keeping them watered and in the right amount of sunlight, they're also working for you. They can actually remove harmful chemicals from the air in your home, improving your health over the long-term.

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Just as there are nearly unlimited species of plants, there are also endless ways to display them in your home. Hang them from the ceiling using macrame slings, place them on high shelves and let their vines trail down, use simple pots in planter stands ... Let your creativity guide you.

From terrariums to moss balls to herb gardens to DIY shelves, here are some standout ideas for highlighting your beautiful houseplants.

40 Ways to Display Plants

1. Use a small hanging shelf.

A unique plant display doesn't have to be large or complicated. In fact, you can make this stylish minimalist hanging shelf all by yourself, with the help of a tutorial from Alice & Lois. All you need are a piece of poplar wood, macrame supplies, and a few tools, and you'll have the perfect spot for a couple candles and a bud vase.


2. Enhance natural vibes with a basket planter.

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Plants are soothing because they bring a bit of nature indoors. Keep the organic vibe going with planters in natural materials, like terra cotta pots and woven baskets. The striped option here perfectly fits the clean-lined look of the modern decor around it. For a boho version, try adding your own tassels to a basket.



3. Set a dramatic mood with plants, candles, and string lights.

Give your home the feeling of a luxurious spa by combining plants with glowing candles and string lights. In photographer Caroline Reichel's living room, a variety of elegant plants are silhouetted against soft-hued walls and drapes. We feel more relaxed just looking at this space.


4. Create a vertical garden.

If you want to fill your home with plants but don't have the floor space for the vast collection of your dreams, start building up. Jessica Welling created this DIY indoor vertical garden and filled it with assorted greenery, to stunning results. A display like this can be an alternative to artwork, creating a perfect focal point above your sofa or desk.


5. Experiment with kokedama.

Who needs plant pots? Grow small greens in kokedama, Japanese moss balls. Beneath the outer layers of moss or string is a clump of soil, from which your plants grow. This set of herbs shown on Greener-Me is ideal for the kitchen.



6. Show off just a few sprigs of greenery.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

You don't need a lot of greenery to feel its calming, restorative effects. Just a few sprigs of eucalyptus can be enough to dress up an entire dining table. Place it in your favorite vase and add a couple more ceramics beside it for a simple, elegant centerpiece.


7. Mix and match macrame hangers.

Macrame plant hangers are a staple of boho-chic home decor, but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate them into other interior design styles. In this living space by Sayo of @sy_life4, all the other elements — from the gray tufted couch to the geometric rug — are minimalist and modern. Macrame hangers in shades of black, gray, and white fit the color scheme perfectly.


8. Upcycle old wooden furniture.

Leave it to plants to breathe new life into an old object. Before this wooden stand displayed pots of herbs, it was a broken lounge chair. Sindy Johnson sanded it, stained it, and turned it into the focal point of her back patio. You can create a similar stand using IKEA bed slats.



9. Repurpose a rattan cabinet.

A see-through rattan cabinet may not be the best place to store your secret valuables, but @laura_pigeon shows that it has a perfect, unexpected use: displaying plants. In a room that receives enough sun, a cabinet like this can provide partial shade to the species that need it.

10. Use a tree stump stool as a plant stand.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Sometimes simple is best, like in this pared-down, marble bathroom. One broad-leaf houseplant, a patterned rug, and a stump stool are all the accessories the space needs. The polished wood adds welcome warmth to a cool palette.

11. Create a green workspace.

A calm atmosphere provides the best workspace, and this home office by Annie Bosma is an inspiration. Light brown wall paint and natural wood accents provide the perfect backdrop to green plants. Dried florals on the shelf are a lovely addition.


12. Treat plants like artwork.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Plants are nature's artwork, so why not treat them as such? Here, stems with striking round leaves are displayed as if in a gallery. The wall niche acts as a frame, and the matching white vase directs all the attention to the sculptural plant.

13. Drape vines from a high shelf.

Trailing plants are naturally dramatic. Even better, one of the most common vining houseplants, the pothos, is nearly impossible to kill. Show them off to their best advantage by placing them on a high shelf and letting their vines trail down. We love how Romalyn of Bohome Plantry combines multiple trailing plants, turning a set of shelves into a rich ecosystem.

14. Try a simple tin can herb garden.

It doesn't get any simpler than this plant display idea from Teal Arrow Design. Three aluminum cans, stripped of their labels, have been repurposed as herb planters, each with its own cork-and-skewer label. Keep these in the kitchen right by your fridge and fill all your meals with fresh flavor.

15. Use a green wall as your backdrop.

This boho houseplant display feels straight out of a '90s witch movie. Kristina of @palim_tintin created a beautiful setting for a lush collection of plants, with a large circular shelf in front of a deep green accent wall. The tapestry draped from the ceiling echoes the shelf's shape, creating a magical feel.

16. Pair complementary colors.

Image Credit: Sanford Creative

Color theory comes in handy for plant displays, too. Just like a green accent pillow would pop against a caramel couch, so does this fiddle-leaf fig against a gorgeous orange-tiled wall. White and black accents complete the bold palette.

17. Show off your plant babies.

If you have one pothos, you can grow unlimited more through propagation. While you soak your cuttings and wait for roots to emerge, show off your budding plant babies in a handsome wood and glass propagation station. Make this one yourself with a tutorial by Carrie Waller.

18. Fill an apothecary shelf.

Large plants are exciting, but small ones deserve space to shine, too. Take a cue from Happy Houseplants and show yours off with a hanging apothecary shelf. Each cubby functions as a spotlight for a unique plant in a tiny, beautiful vessel.

19. Surround your fireplace.

Create the ultimate cozy setup by decorating your fireplace with potted plants. In Annie Bosma's soothing setup, greenery presents the most saturated color in an otherwise muted palette. Rather than a full-on fire, candles provide the light, imbuing the room with a soft, warm glow.

20. Add a breath of fresh air to the bedroom.

You may not be able to wake up in nature every single day, but you can do the next best thing and surround your bed with leafy houseplants, as Caroline Reichel has done. Not only do green plants look beautiful, but they also filter the air, creating a cleaner environment for a deeper sleep.

21. Use a plant stand to vary heights.

Create visual interest by displaying your plants at varying heights. You can do this with the use of a stand, like the black, column-shaped one shown here. Make this plant stand yourself using a trash can and dowel rods.

22. Turn your living room into a lush indoor jungle.

The indoor jungle look is for seriously committed plant parents, who can manage the maintenance of a whole village of leaves. But this living room by @rei.home2021 looks so lush and beautiful, it makes the rest of us aspire to develop green thumbs, too. These plants that "thrive on neglect" may be the best place to start.

23. Display herbs in glass jars.

Treat herbs like a bouquet of flowers and show them off with pride. Combine a few large mason jar vases in a wooden crate to make an indoor herb garden, no soil needed. If your leaves wilt before you can use them all, don't worry — you can try again with the next batch.

24. Adorn your doorways.

There's no place too small or too high-up for plants. Add a floating shelf above a doorway like this one by @nrrrrrr34. The assortment of pots and accessories, including a pig and a hanging monkey, adds extra cheer. We love that the shelf forms an archway with the plant on the left trailing upward and the one on the right draping down.

25. Show off a sculptural beauty.

When you have a plant as gorgeous as this monstera, give it all the space it needs to shine. Artist Alina Fassakhova placed this stunner in a corner beside one of her own paintings, creating the look of a museum gallery. The leaves make distinct shadows on the wall, adding extra dimension.

26. Play with contrasting shapes.

When displaying plants, have fun with the wonder and absurdity of nature. This broad-leafed plant and spiny succulent look like an unlikely pair of friends in a children's book. If they were in our house, we'd smile each time we saw them.

27. Beautify a Kallax bookcase.

IKEA's cube-shaped bookcases are good for everything, including displaying plants. This elevated Kallax has greenery on top, inside, and next to it. The mix of books, art, and plants looks homey and comforting.

28. Create the simplest centerpiece.

One potted plant is all you need for a dining table centerpiece, especially if it's as distinctive as the pilea. These round leaves are naturally decorative, rivaling an elaborate bouquet. This humble dining area looks like the perfect spot to relax with a cup of coffee.

29. Don't let the ceiling be your limit.

Plants will do what they like, especially in pursuit of the sun. This ambitious fiddle leaf fig has continued to grow past the top of the wall, but thanks to a slanted ceiling it appears to have room left to go. As long as it still looks healthy and isn't damaging anything, why not let it continue?

30. Hang plants in front of sheer curtains.

Take inspiration from Amanda Rae Wright and hang plants from a rod in front of a set of sheer curtains. During the day, they'll soak up the sun, and at sunset, you'll have a brilliant display of silhouettes. The long S-hooks make it easy to take down plants when they need to be watered.

31. Turn a tiered shelving unit into a plant stand.

Yes, you can buy a dedicated plant stand, but a tiered shelving unit will also do the job. Linh of Cosy Greenery used a simple wooden option to show off a collection of multicolored houseplants. Place those that need the most sun on top, and everyone will be happy.

32. Adorn your fridge with a succulent or two.

The top of the refrigerator can be an annoying dead space — or it can be just another plant stand. Use this area for a large succulent, or choose a trailing plant and let the vines hang down the side of the fridge.

33. Echo the lines of your furniture.

Consider the rest of your decor as you choose your houseplants. How will they blend or contrast with your existing style? We love the way this plant's straight leaves echo the sharp lines of the midcentury console.

34. Frame a window.

Add a touch of magic to your kitchen by following the lead of Malin Brostad's aesthetic display. A vase of sunflowers catches the filtered light, and vines frame the window. It may be best to try this look with faux greenery to avoid damaging your walls.

35. Place an air-cleaning plant where you need it most.

Snake plants are known to be excellent air filters. Take advantage of their natural abilities by placing them strategically — in the bathroom, for example, or near your cat's litterbox. However, these plants cause digestive issues for pets, so be sure to position them safely out of reach.

36. Deck out a room divider.

Turn a room divider into an indoor garden, like this showstopper seen on Plantenasiel Voorburg. A warm palette of terra cotta, cream, and mustard creates the perfect backdrop for green leaves. Place it against a wall or use it as an actual divider so your plants can be enjoyed from either side.

37. Make a windowsill garden with unique planters.

A windowsill garden may be the most accessible form of indoor plant display. These areas usually have the best light conditions for hardy, sun-loving plants like cacti and succulents. Have fun building a collection of assorted ceramic pots, one at a time.

38. Try a terrarium.

There's something magical about terrariums, the way each one contains its own miniature world. This tiny arrangement by Jardim no Pote is a desert landscape, complete with cacti, red soil, and a rocky mountain. Look closely and you'll see a person on a motorcycle, enjoying the view.

39. Decorate your vanity with the tiniest plant.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

How small can you go? We challenge you to choose the tiniest plant you can find and make your own version of this very subtle vanity decor. The combination of spiny leaves and footed planter gives it drama and a sense of humor, all in one unassuming package.

40. Create a bathtub fit for a green witch.

Romalyn of Bohome Plantry calls this her jungle bathtub, and we're completely sold on the idea. The combination of hanging pots, macrame, and straw planters, all at varying heights, creates a leafy curtain effect. Bathing in a tub like this, you might actually forget the outside world exists. Follow this guide to turn your bathroom into a lush, plant-filled retreat of your own.



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