7 Unique Ways to Display Your Plants

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Plants are among the few pieces of decor that truly complement every aesthetic, adding warmth and vitality to every home they live in. One of the reasons plants are so universal is that they can be displayed in infinite ways.

While pretty vases and shelves are great for displaying botanicals, sometimes you want to add something a little more unique to the mix to really punch up your look. From vintage midcentury plant stands to gorgeous living walls, the following items are sure to give your plant friends the unique presentation they deserve.

This sleek, minimal plant stand is perfect for those who want to display multiple plants without sacrificing their pared-back style. The 4-inch pots can be removed for easy planting and rearranged in any configuration your stylish heart desires.

Air plants really lend themselves to unique displays because they don't need soil (or much of anything else) to thrive. This pretty little air plant vessel is perfect for your desk or any other space that could use some more joy.

If you're a mid-century enthusiast, it really doesn't get much better than this botanical beauty. This authentic vintage 1950s stand is comprised of formica, wood, and metal and will make a stunning retro statement anywhere it's placed.

Lovers of macrame wall hangings, meet your new favorite piece of decor. Handwoven in Croatia, this hanging shelf will look beautiful on any wall while providing a sweet and stylish place for your plant baby to live.

If you really want to take your love of plants to the next level, then invest in this gorgeous living wall, which features a grid-and-tray system that makes it easy for plants of all kinds to thrive. The wall comes in two different sizes, offering the right fit for any home.

What's better than a plant? More plants. This cute little propagation station will help you make plant babies and look great doing it. You can opt for just one or all three, depending on your propagation needs.

Made of pine and cotton rope, this special little shelf is ideal for small spaces as it will make a stylish impact without taking up any precious square footage. It also comes untreated, so you can display it as is or easily add paint for a fresh pop of color.

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