11 Whimsigothic Decor Ideas for Your Inner '90s Witch

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If you're looking to make your space a little bit more magical, whimsigothic — an aesthetic that's taken social media by storm — might just be the interior design inspiration you're looking for. With a hashtag that's been viewed by over 6 million people on TikTok, whimsigothic can be best described as witchy vibes meet romantic fairytale, with decor elements that include lush velvet textures, dramatic wallpapers, a jewel tone palette, and trinkets like tarot cards and crystal balls.


Inspiration for the whimsigothic aesthetic (also called "whimsigoth" or "whimsy goth") includes '90s TV shows and films like ​Charmed​, ​Buffy the Vampire Slayer​, ​Sabrina the Teenage Witch​, and ​Practical Magic​, as well as cultural icons such as Stevie Nicks, Lisa Bonet, and the works of Tim Burton. Fueled by nostalgia, millennials and Gen Z are embracing the alternative look from decades past, and spiritual practices like tarot and astrology are more popular than ever.

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With roots in '80s goth style and '90s pop culture witchery, whimsigoth combines dramatic gothic decor with laidback boho chic. Take the bathroom above, designed by Eilidh of Couthy Home, for example: the lavishness of the wallpaper and chandelier is reined in by the wooden ladder shelf and rattan hanging chair. Other hallmarks of the aesthetic include apothecary-style kitchens lined with glass containers, taper candles, dark wood floors, wrought iron details, trailing plants, and dried flowers.


With nature motifs and plenty of greenery, this design trend shares commonalities with cottagecore, but with a darker, more opulent edge. The metal accents and vintage books are evocative of dark academia, another aesthetic made popular by TikTok, but whimsigoth is more dramatic and less bookish. Glamorous yet welcoming, this aesthetic might be just what you need to make your space feel irresistible.


Here are 11 tips to make this viral trend your own.

11 Whimsigoth Decor Ideas

1. Lean into jewel tones.

Focusing on eye-catching jewel tones is a great way to cultivate the whimsigothic look. Consider choosing extra-saturated shades like emerald green, royal blue, plum, and gold, as these colors help to create the regal yet cozy vibe integral to the aesthetic. After all, what's more bewitching than precious jewels?


2. Display plants with trailing vines.

The whimsigothic look is both homey and luxurious, and the bathroom pictured above achieves this by surrounding a cozy tub with trailing plants. The greenery enlivens the room, and the vines provide plenty of visual interest while adding just the right amount of drama. The mortar and pestle by the tub bring home the witchy aesthetic. Crush flower petals and soothing herbs for the perfect bath.



3. Embrace curtains.

Window treatments that feel extra luxe can be key to a whimsigothic home. In this office designed by Megan of Vaughn House, red velvet curtains are pulled together by rope tiebacks, creating a retro look that is complemented by the floral blanket draped over the chair and the leaf-patterned rug on the floor. Curtains also allow for easy light control, which keeps indoor plants healthy and thriving.


4. Add celestial motifs.

If you're into planetary decor, whimsigothic is the aesthetic for you. In this space designed by Jen of Parrish Relics, hanging stars made from stained glass provide movement and warmth. Anchored by the nature-themed tapestry, the dark blue wall is a showcase for accents including gleaming stars and mirrors shaped like the sun.


5. Layer soft textures.

After a tarot reading or concocting potions in your apothecary kitchen, what better way to unwind than curling up with a book in your attic? Mixing a knit blanket with shag carpet and furry pillows, this book nook is extra warm and comfortable. The twinkle lights add a sense of playfulness, and the velvet throw pillows in mauve and jade green make this the epitome of whimsigothic.



6. Add a splash of green.

Green can be a great visual anchor in a whimsigothic home, as shown in this living room designed by Glen of Inside Number Twelve. Amid the maximalist decor such as the accent table with gold leaves, black velvet throw, and colorful wallpaper, the green couch holds the room together and evokes the vines that climb the walls of a gothic-style castle.


7. Go for fringe.

Whether on pillows, blankets, or lampshades, a fringe can add whimsy and glamor to any object, making it perfect for the whimsigothic vibe. This dining room designed by Verity of The Truth Behind the Decor shows just how effective the ornamental feature can be. The fringed velvet adds moody, vintage charm to the room, and it contrasts nicely against the dark wallpaper.

8. Focus on nature accents.

Small touches inspired by nature can go a long way in making your home feel like a whimsigothic haven. Take inspiration from the decorations above: pinecones and faux antlers paired with an accent basket bring the outdoors in, creating the illusion that the forest is just outside your doors.


9. Display items in glass jars.

Designed by Megan of Vaughn House, this apothecary-style pantry is straight out of a whimsigoth's dream. The glass jars are ideal for keeping culinary essentials cool and dry, and the wallpaper — featuring nature motifs — provides plenty of visual interest. A rustic wood shelf in the middle celebrates the beauty of nature.

10. Use candles.

Candles are the lighting of choice for creating a romantic, witchy vibe. Take it from this greenhouse designed by Megan of Vaughan House: Even when unlit, candles of all shapes and sizes make for great tabletop decor and add dimension to the space. For a truly whisigothic look, go for monochromatic candles in shades like black, cream, or burgundy.

11. Play with dried plants.

The whimsigothic look is all about balance: between light and dark, playful and lavish. Contrasting houseplants with bouquets of pampas grass or dried lavender is a great way to incorporate movement into a space, like this home bar designed by Jennie Macleay — the ornamental grass and reed stems bring just the right amount of softness and variety.



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