9 Clever Ways to Decorate With Fairy Lights

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When it comes to inexpensive yet gorgeous decor, you can't go wrong with fairy lights. Also known as string lights, fairy lights add a cozy, magical feel to any space. They're also extremely versatile, thanks to their flexible wiring system. You can bend, wrap, or drape them on just about anything.


The simplest, most straightforward way to use fairy lights is to hang them up like a garland. But if you're looking for more unique ideas, we've got your back. Ahead, discover nine clever ways to use fairy lights at home.

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1. Illuminate your mirrors.

Take a tip from TikTok user @_adrinicole and run fairy lights around the edge of your mirrors. The mirrors will reflect the lights, creating an ethereal vibe.

2. Make DIY light bottles.

For an instant piece of home decor, place battery-operated fairy lights in an empty (and dry) bottle. You can also use this method with a jar or lantern.


3. Add fairy lights under your bed.

Give your bed the ultimate glow-up by weaving fairy lights along the bottom of your bed frame. Or, if your frame's underside has a solid surface, tape down the wire.


4. Drape fairy lights along a wall.

Stuck with an empty wall? Light it up by running fairy lights from top to bottom. This is an excellent way to give your space a sparkly and magical touch.



5. Fake a fire.

If you have a non-working fireplace, or if you don't want to start a fire, add a pile of fairy lights instead. You can even place the lights on top of real (or fake) logs for an extra homey touch.


6. Wrap a chair.

Wrap your favorite chair with fairy lights. This technique is especially ideal for large chairs with weaved material, like this cozy egg chair.


7. Decorate your bookshelf.

If your bookcase is in need of a makeover, add fairy lights along the edge of each shelf. The lights will illuminate your books and existing decor, creating a wonderful inviting vibe.


8. Light up the stairs.

The look of twinkling lights on a staircase is the epitome of enchanting. However, for safety, make sure the fairy lights stay on the sides and away from the center. If you're worried about someone tripping over the lights, you can wrap the lights around the railing instead.


9. Clip photos to fairy lights.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with simply hanging up fairy lights like you ordinarily would. But if you're craving more personalization, try clipping photos along on the cord. You can even add dried flowers, mementos, or a combo of all three.



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