The Best Places to Buy Dried Florals Online

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A fresh floral arrangement can bring brightness to a space, but the lifespan — and therefore payoff — is fleeting. Real flowers require periodic stem snippings, changing of water, and, even then, still end up dead and dusty within a week or two.


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If you're not into spending a chunk of each paycheck on a bouquet that brings temporary beauty, which can range from mildly expensive to incredibly expensive, cut out the middleman and opt for something even better: dried florals. These home decor favorites provide earth-toned beauty and compliment boho-desert aesthetics, and their lifespan ensures that you're getting your money's worth.


In terms of longevity, a bouquet of dried florals can last anywhere from one to three years, depending on care. To get the most use out of an arrangement, it is recommended to keep the dried florals out of the sun and in dry rooms — the more humid the environment, the shorter the lifespan. And, investing in flowers that can decorate a home for more than a calendar year isn't just financially responsible, it's environmentally sound. Where before you might have been tossing out handfuls of flowers weekly, dried arrangements can be displayed for extended periods and then safely stored away when you're ready for a new seasonal bouquet.


When it comes to the best-looking dried florals, it's always safe to pick a staple. Pampas grass can be found at most dried floral sellers and adds texture and volume to a bouquet. Unlike many dried flowers, pampas have a soft appearance and feel, serving as a contrast to other popular dried flowers like Craspedia and protea repens. Other always-beautiful dried florals include dried lavender flowers, thistle, and baby's breath. And for tips on creating an eye-catching flower arrangement, get inspired by these nine hacks we learned from social media.


So, if you're ready to transition from fresh flowers to dried and aren't sure where to look, we're rounding up the best spots on the internet to start your dried flower collection.

Choose between bouquets, bunches, and single stems with Afloral, a female-founded team specializing in dried and artificial flowers. The team handpicks pieces and tests them in homes before bringing them to the site for purchase. Looking for a place to start? Try the Preserved Evergreen Plumosus Fern Foliage for a pop of color, Natural Dried Bunny Tail for something classic, or the Dried Phalaris Grass in Berry for a pop of color.


Our pick​: Dried Phalaris Grass in Berry, $24

Bloomist's slogan "Make Nature Home" will become evident when your shipment of dried botanicals arrives. The brand believes that a home should be a place you want to be, a retreat where calm and tranquility are brought by outside elements (i.e. their floral arrangements). If your home is tropical-inspired, go for a dried Sun Palm, and if you lean more woodsy, you can't go wrong with the Meadow Bouquet.


Our pick​: Sun Palm, $35

An Etsy shop with over 10,000 sales, Greenery Backdrop sells a wide variety of dried flowers — colorful pampas, eucalyptus bundles for the shower (if you've yet to try this, take this as a sign!), and golden balls. While the pampas tend to be its selling point, we also recommend one, or a few, of the large lavender bundles.


Our pick:Eucalyptus Bundle, $12.51+

While traditionalist weddings still tend to opt for fresh, often expensive, floral arrangements, many modern soon-to-be brides veer towards their dried counterparts — and Idlewild is where they turn. The brand's wedding staples range from floral crowns to boutonnieres to, of course, bouquets. But this dried flower company isn't just for wedding planners and those getting ready to say "I do." The company also sells more simplified (and cheaper) options by the bunch. Create your own, unique-to-your-space bouquet with everything from Peach Hanging Amaranthus to Dried Oregano Blooms.


Our pick:Dried Oregano Blooms, $18

Maybe you don't love trying new places or perhaps you just need to hit a free shipping minimum — no matter your reason, you can stick with the always-reliable Anthropologie for your dried floral bouquets. While the store doesn't have quite the selection as the shops that specialize in dried flowers and arrangements, the options they do have are perfectly Anthropologie: quality, earth-toned, with a pop of fun. For a pre-made arrangement, go for the Protea & Stoebe Mixed Floral Bouquet.


Our pick​: Protea & Stoebe Mixed Floral Bouquet, $29.95

West Elm is a great option if you prefer to stick with a brand you know you can trust. It has options for every home: the forest inspired with the Sunlit Bouquet, the neutral-hued modernist with the Dried Flax Bunch, and the romantic goth with Dried Bright Autumn Bouquet.


Our pick​: Dried Bright Autumn Bouquet, $40

For over two decades, Roxanne's has been providing customers in, around, and outside Pittsburgh with high-quality dried flowers. Though the shop once started small, it quickly grew and now ships flowers sourced from around the globe throughout the U.S. The Sola Water Lily is stunning if you crave color and low maintenance, and the violet Queen Flower is a gothic dream. And if you're not wanting to create your own arrangement, choose from the brand's selection.

Our pick​: Water Lily, $26

Jasmine of Miss You Garden took her talents to Etsy, where she creates Instagram-worthy dried arrangements. While the shop offers wedding bouquets, you don't need a reason or special occasion to bring a touch of natural beauty into your home. Our favorites include the Pampas Grass Bouquet, Eucalyptus Bouquet, and this adorably red one.

Our pick​: Pampas Grass Bouquet, $23.92+

While The Sill might be most popularly known for their live plants and monthly succulent subscriptions, they also have a wonderful (and overlooked) dried flower section. The brand sells popular stems, bunches, and bouquets.

Our pick​: Mauve Bunny Bouquet, $115


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