Best Plant to Choose If You're a Taurus

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If your Zodiac sign is Taurus (born between April 20 and May 20), we've found the perfect plant for you. Taurus people are the big personalities in the room. They are smart, resilient, stubborn, and incredibly sensual, adoring all pleasures. For these wildly attractive creatives, a made-in-the-stars houseplant is the monstera plant (​Monstera deliciosa​​), a beautiful evergreen climber with huge, heart-shaped leaves that develop deep, natural cuts right down to the central vein. The sliced leaves make monsteras among the most recognizable and popular of houseplants, as easy-care as they are Instagramable, just like the typical Taurus.


About Monstera Deliciosa

With its deeply sensual look and larger-than-life charm, the monstera is a great match for earthy Taurus. Artistic Taurus adores beauty in all forms, and the exceptional foliage of the monstera — with naturally sliced leaf blades — is right up their alley. It also is relevant that this monstera is called "deliciosa" because in the wild it produces an exotic, juicy fruit called breadfruit. Taurus would adore the rich, sweet taste of this fruit, with hints of pineapple and banana.

Monstera deliciosa is a vine. In its native realm, it starts out small on the forest floor, but quickly climbs with aerial roots to the tops of the trees, achieving heights of 60 feet and more. Taurus too has a touch of arrogance that comes from knowing that they will climb high and achieve their dreams. They work harder than any other horiscope sign and are renowned for their amazing perseverance.

Listen Taurus, we understand your desire to accumulate and we don't judge your for it. The monstera fits perfectly into your "if-one-is-good-more-is-better" world view. Once this emerald-green beauty charms you, you can create more monsteras easily by rooting cuttings or air-layering.

How to Care for Monstera Deliciousa

Taurus are usually serene and drama-free, as long as they get the basic necessities of a happy life which includes all the essential creature comforts. But if you make them mad, look out! This is also oh-so-true about monsteras as well. Their demands are few: a site with medium or bright, indirect light, well draining, peat-based potting soil, and a sturdy stake to support them — but they will react badly if any of these are lacking. Too little sun and they'll be leggy; poor drainage and their roots will rot.


Monsteras won't deal with cold weather either, but prefer the same, warm, indoor temperatures that humans like, between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. And they like a long, cool drink whenever the soil dries out a bit during the growing season. As rainforest plants, monsteras are also partial to humidity, so keep them happy with a small humidifier. Alternatively sit the plant on a large saucer with water and rocks in it. The rocks hold the plant above the water line and prevent root rot, while the water evaporates over time, creating humidity.

Shopping for Monstera Deliciosa

When you are shopping for this plant, keep in mind that there are 48 species of monstera, so be sure you get what you want. Monstera deliciosa is among the most popular so you are likely to find it at the local garden store. But if you want to expand your monstera collection, there are variegated varieties (​Monstera variegata​), varieties where the holes in the leaves do not develop into slices (​Monstera adansonii​), and types of monstera that don't have any holes in their leaves at all (​Monstera dubia​).

This social-media darling is all over the internet, so it's a cinch to find monstera for sale online. Note that some places call it the "Swiss cheese plant" since it develops holes in its leaves before those holes turn into slices. It's also known as split-leaf philodendron.

Etsy's selection is vast, ranging from seeds to mature plants in 10-inch pots. We particularly like the monstera offered by The Sill. It comes with a ceramic planted in your choice of color. If you want to go Amazon, check out the 24-inch tall monstera from Tropical Plants of Florida. It comes with a heat pack option to protect the plant from colder weather.



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