20 Wall Colors That Go With Brown Furniture

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Brown furniture comes in many different shades and materials, so it pretty much works with any design style and pairs well with a variety of colors. Decorist designer Rita Schulz agrees, saying: "For interiors, brown is often considered a neutral, making it a very versatile color." Great news, right? Well, yes and no. On the flip side of that coin, it can be hard to narrow down your choices, especially when trying to decide what color to paint the walls.


Whether you have a lot of wood pieces — like a coffee table, dining set, or dresser — or upholstered items flaunting a brown hue, the first thing to consider is: ​What's the overall vibe you're going for?​ Brown is a very grounding color, and depending on the shade, it can lean dark and moody or light and airy. The size of your space and the amount of light that it receives will also affect the look and feel. With all of that in mind, the following list of colors is a great place to start.

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20 Wall Colors That Go Beautifully With Brown Furniture

1. Brown and White

For a high-contrast and timelessly chic look, you can never go wrong pairing brown furniture with bright white walls and ceilings. For example, this modern dining room feels fresh and inviting with a darker wood table and chairs. The color combination is perfect for just about any decor style, plus it will add natural warmth to your light and airy scheme.


2. Brown and Black

A classic pairing of black and brown looks bold and sophisticated. Here, shiplap wall paneling is painted in the darkest shade of ebony, while a traditional dresser and matching throw pillows add warmth. Off-white curtains and bedding provide just the right amount of contrast and keep the bedroom design from feeling too dark and heavy.


3. Brown and Red

Since the color brown has red undertones, the fiery hue works beautifully with brown furniture. In this dining area, an accent wall adds a striking pop of color in an otherwise neutral setup showcasing a wood dining table and hardwood flooring. Look for shades of red that lean more orange than blue on the spectrum to bring out the warmth in your pieces of furniture.



"Since brown is actually a deep shade of orange, earth tones like terra cotta are a good wall color," says Schulz.

4. Brown and Light Blue

Another great match for brown furniture is a cool color like light blue. This color idea works particularly well with light brown, or in this case, light wood, furniture. For example, in this bedroom, the cool and refreshing shade on the wall acts as the perfect backdrop to the caned headboard and petite nightstand. The pastel-colored bedding ties the whole look together.


5. Brown and Brown

Go for a tonal look by matching your walls to your furniture. In this setup, dark brown wood-paneled walls make a seamless transition to the dark wood furniture used throughout. The end result feels rustic and delightfully cozy.


"Brown is perfect for creating monochromatic schemes," says Schultz. "Whether furniture gets its brown color from wood, leather, or fabric upholstery, try using a brown or dark taupe shade for your walls for an understated and sophisticated look."

6. Brown and Hunter Green

Two dark hues like brown and hunter green come together seamlessly in this stylish living room. A turquoise lounge chair adds even more dimension to this rich color palette. The chocolate brown sofa, which can easily go unnoticed in certain settings, holds its own.



7. Brown and Navy Blue

Chocolate and caramel browns look sophisticated surrounded by navy blue walls, as proven by this reading nook from Emily Henderson. Try the same color (Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue) in your own home with a leather couch or lounge chair perched against the wall. Layer in decorative accents like pillows, a throw, and an area rug to complete the scene.


8. Brown and Red Brick

If you're lucky enough to have exposed brick walls, brown furniture will look right at home. This is especially true if your furniture leans a bit more rustic, like this live-edge wood dining table. The raw, unfinished look and coloring of both materials will add loads of texture and visual interest. Try to keep the rest of your home decor minimal.


9. Brown and Yellow

Bring out the golden undertones of your brown furniture by painting your walls a sunny shade of yellow. In this bedroom, the combo adds an energizing pop of color without feeling overbearing. As demonstrated here, limit the vibrant hue to one accent wall behind the bed. The adjacent white walls and light flooring will temper the warm pairing.


10. Brown and Olive Green

A tranquil home office featuring wood furniture and wall paneling feels extra calm thanks to olive green walls. Brown and green are colors represented in nature, which makes them a match made in design heaven. Punctuate the serene setup with black accents and lush foliage.

11. Brown and Pink

Another soothing color to surround your brown furniture with is blush pink, as witnessed in this space. The light wood furniture complements the warm undertones in the rosy wall color and lustrous brass accents lend a bit of sparkle. Add some contrast with a potted plant or two.

"An unexpected pairing, pink and brown can actually work beautifully together, especially muted, blushy shades of pink," adds Schulz.

12. Brown and Charcoal Gray

This chic dining room by Amber Interiors demonstrates just how well a dark charcoal gray shade with cool undertones can work with brown furniture. In this case, a midcentury modern table and chairs look positively radiant against the lead-colored backdrop. Brass light fixtures add a lustrous sparkle.


13. Brown and Light Gray

If charcoal feels a little too dark, opt for a lighter shade of gray. In this industrial setup by Leanne Ford, cool plaster walls and ceiling complement the cognac leather accent chairs. The weathered hardwood floors add character and a harmonious sense of balance.

14. Brown and Dark Teal

A jewel tone like this rich teal wall color makes an ideal backdrop to show off darker wood furniture, as seen in this charming dining nook by Emily Henderson. The reddish undertone often found in brown wood furniture complements the green tint in teal, resulting in a striking and handsome effect.

15. Brown and Greige

There's no denying the soothing power of neutral color palettes, and it doesn't get any better than brown and greige. This boho living room design showcases the combo beautifully. The grayish-beige walls add a dash of color but still allow the midcentury furniture pieces to take center stage.

16. Brown and Light Teal

We've already covered the beauty of dark teal and brown, but if that combo feels a bit too moody, go with a lighter shade of teal instead. For example, this setup by Reath Design still enjoys the benefits of a complementary pairing without losing that light and airy look and feel. Try using it with white trim for extra contrast.

17. Brown and Beige

Pair your dark or light brown furniture with a beige paint color, as shown in this living room. The neutral walls complement the earthy nature of brown and result in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Take the scheme a step further with a brown and beige area rug and wood picture frames.

18. Brown and Mint Green

The team over at Ciara Tapia Design framed the brown leather couch in this Scandi-chic living room with a mint green accent wall. The white ceiling, curtains, and trim further the light and airy scheme. Pastel blues would provide a similar effect.

19. Brown and Eggplant

Dark purple, plum, or the rich eggplant shade in this dreamy dining room by Giancarlo Valle look gorgeous with brown furniture. Go for high drama by coating board and batten walls in a moody shade and paint the ceiling, too. Medium and dark shades of brown pair nicely with rich tones like this, while lighter browns blend well with lighter shades.

20. Brown and Cream

If white feels too stark for the walls in your space, consider an off-white or cream color instead. The soft shade coats both the walls and ceiling in this charming dining room featuring a dark brown dining set and teak buffet. You can also bring in earthy tones with an area rug and artwork.

Wall Colors That Go With Brown Furniture

Whether you have a large brown leather sectional or brown wood furniture in your home, selecting a wall color that works best with your pieces comes down to the feeling you want to evoke in your space. Brown is a very grounding and warm color. With earthy shades like yellows, reds, and greens, you can create a harmonious feeling. Cooler shades like grays, blues, and purples can add more drama and moodiness to your design. The amount of light and the size of your space are also very important factors to keep in mind when finalizing the colors of the walls.

Here's a quick recap of some colors that always go well with brown furniture:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Light blue
  • Brown
  • Hunter green
  • Navy blue
  • Red brick
  • Yellow
  • Olive green
  • Pink
  • Light gray
  • Charcoal gray
  • Dark teal
  • Light teal
  • Greige
  • Beige
  • Mint green
  • Eggplant
  • Cream



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