Earthy Luxury Is the 'It' Decor Trend of the Moment

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Decor doesn't change as fast as fashion, so it can take a few months before you really start to feel like a thing is, in fact, a "thing." 2019 saw a rise in '80s/Memphis-inspired shapes and bright colors, but it looks like 2020 is going to be a fierce opposition to that, with an increase in a style that's most easily described as "earthy luxury," but it's a little bit more nuanced than that — it has hints of minimalism, rustic, and wabi-sabi (which Kim and Kanye are all about, so you know that's going to be a thing).


Let's take a look at how this trend is currently playing out ...

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The new name the design world is obsessed with is Jake Arnold, the young interiors master who is probably most directly responsible for this trend. The idea really exploded recently with the reveal of one of his most ambitious projects, Aaron Paul's Idaho home. While the space has all the rustic bones of a classic cabin, Arnold brought in simple yet tactile trimmings to make the place feel like a luxury hotel.

You can also see how this vibe works in a kitchen designed by Arnold (below), which marries marble countertops with wood cabinetry in a medium tone. There's a dash of traditionalism in there that makes the look just a bit unexpected, and seriously classy.

One of our favorite New Orleans-based outfits to spy on is Logan Killen Interiors, which further cemented the idea of the neutral yet stone-heavy space with this kitchen-in-progress posted today:


Australian product designer and interior stylist Sarah Ellison has also been contributing to this movement. You can see shades of it in the collection she recently launched with Hawkins, which feels very vintage-boho-Cali-bungalow-with-a-high-price-tag. But you can see the idea clearly in her SOL collection as well (pictured below), which is minimalist, yet employs sculptural shapes and nature-driven materials (wood, faux shearling).


Major retailers are also showing us that earthy/luxury/minimalism is in, most notably with Crate and Barrel's just-launched collection with Leanne Ford, which features relaxed silhouettes, a muted palette, and, again, natural materials.


H&M is definitely channelling this idea — their inspiration feels a bit more desert-driven.

Other places to look for budget buys? Urban Outfitters and Zara Home are also championing sandy palettes and pared-back pieces.



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