What Colors Match With Teal

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A modern living room with a teal, gray and white color scheme.
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The cool, greenish blue tones of teal can range from light to dark and vary in the amount of green incorporated. The color adds sophistication and drama to a home. Versatile teal works with both warm and cool color palettes, but it's best to keep the color scheme simple to avoid lessening the impact of this powerful hue. Tertiary colors or colors that are grayed or muted work better than clear primaries and secondaries.


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Teal on Teal

Teal includes bright hues that come close to turquoise, and deep, dark, hues that soak up light. In the bedroom, color the walls with a medium, green-toned teal and accessorize with bedding, pillows and afghans in a variety of tones. Play with the amount of green in the teal throughout to incorporate a palette that covers warm greens and cool blues. Add spots of color with pictures in a botanical theme; place airy green ferns, living or faux, at the windows. Add a wooden bed frame and dresser in warm medium-brown stain, and finish the room with billowing, translucent white drapes.


Light Neutrals

Teal works well as the focal point in a light-filled, high-key room. In the living room, paint one wall a medium teal, with adjoining walls in a pale beige tinged with a hint of pink or coral. Add a warm brown sofa and pillows in bright and dark teal, along with varying shades of light and dark brown. Or make the sofa a medium teal and use all light neutrals on the walls. Place a light brown coffee table in front of the sofa and an area rug that picks up beige, brown and teal to tie the room together.

Gray with Teal Accents

In a room dominated by gray, teal provides a punch of color. In the family room, use light gray on the walls and upholstered sofa, and chairs in gray just one tone darker than the walls. Paint the woodwork white, and accessorize with teal pillows and ceramic tchotchkes. Keep the teal accessories in the same tonal range to help tie the room together. Add a light gray or white area rug and a clear glass coffee table to brighten the room.


Warm Oranges to Cool Reds

Teal blue is opposite orange on the color wheel, and the right warm oranges combined with teal add vibrancy to the room. In the kitchen, paint the walls a burnt orange, and accessorize with almost-turquoise to deep teal towels and storage containers; keep cabinets, countertops and table and chairs a light, warm tan or brown. Add artwork with a Southwestern theme to the walls. In the bathroom, paint the walls a somber, grayed teal and place a black-framed poster on the wall that includes shades of deep red, black and white. This color scheme works best with the commode, sink and tub in pure white.


White and Black

A professional designing trick is to pick one color -- any color -- and combine it with clear white and black. This simple, powerful palette works especially well with teal. In the dining room, cover all the walls with a rich, saturated teal and paint the woodwork a brilliant white; add a white wooden table and chairs. On the walls, frame artwork with minimalist black frames combined with large expanses of white matting.


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