15 Colors That Really Go With Teal

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Teal is a rich color that evokes feelings of sophistication and drama. But is it difficult to decorate with? Simply put: No. While it is a dark color that can add a note of moodiness, this jewel tone can also add depth and sophistication. Ultimately, the finished look of your space will depend on the shade of teal you use, the amount of available light, and the colors you pair it with. The good news is that teal can range from light to dark, and the green undertones can vary as well. Not to be confused with the color aqua, teal leans more green.


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The bold blue-green hue is actually quite versatile and works well with both warm and cool color palettes. Say you have a room that already has yellow decor — a complementary color such as teal would work wonders alongside the sunny shade. Or, if you want to liven up an all-white space, add a welcome dose of teal in the form of an accent wall or a few well-placed accessories.


From paint colors to wallpaper to tile, furniture, light fixtures, and home decor, there are a seemingly endless number of ways to weave teal into your home. Emma Deterding from Kelling Designs says that decorating with teal is easier than most people think: "Whether you go for a bright teal or opt for a moodier, deeper shade, it's versatile enough to add life and energy, whilst creating drama and atmosphere in any living space."


If you're ready to take the leap and commit to a teal palette, the nagging question remains: ​What color will look good alongside such a vibrant shade?​ Allow us to help you narrow down your selection.

15 Teal Color Combinations

1. Teal and White

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate
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Selecting a color for your kitchen cabinets comes down to the look and feel you want your space to have. While many opt for "safer" hues such as white or light gray, we're fans of pushing the envelope. Instead, try a bolder option such as teal — it's not as scary as you might think, especially when paired with a neutral color like white. Here, the white walls, ceiling, and marble countertops work together to temper the intensity of the cabinets, proving that dark shades don't have to be overbearing.


2. Teal and Terra Cotta

Pairing a more muted shade of teal with an exposed brick wall as seen in this kitchen by Intervention Architecture demonstrates just how well the rich jewel tone works with an earthier shade. Even if you don't have a brick wall, you can still follow the lead of this setup. Think terra cotta tile backsplash or floor tile. White countertops and walls will lighten the scheme and add a bit of contrast.


3. Teal and Yellow

If you've been dreaming of an ultra-moody living room, take note of this drama-filled design belonging to Amelia from Audenza and paint your walls, trim, and ceiling a rich shade of teal. Then, to amp up the wow factor even more, throw in a vibrant yellow couch. Hot pink accents fit right in and complete the maximalist scene.


4. Teal and Pink

If hot pink feels a little too extreme, try a softer shade like blush pink. That's exactly what Dabito of Old Brand New chose to do in this bedroom with the help of a dark teal wall color and rosy bedding. The dreamy color combination, while bold, is far from distracting. And an assortment of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces of decor add warmth and loads of character.


5. Teal and Black

Classic colors such as black are pretty much always a good idea, even when you're working with teal. But don't just take our word for it — this striking dining room by Nicole Watts Studio is a prime example of how beautifully the two shades work together. Here, a floor-to-ceiling wallpapered accent wall is the star of the show, while black dining chairs and a matching sideboard add a sophisticated edge. The rich wood furniture finish softens the look and acts as a visual buffer between the bold colors.


6. Teal and Charcoal Gray

If black feels too extreme for your color scheme, opt for charcoal gray instead. In this living room by Chango & Co., a lead-colored sectional sofa and area rug ground the space and balance the teal striped wallpaper. Neutral accents such as the leather side chairs and light wood cabinets add a subtle layer of texture and warmth without making the overall design feel too busy.

7. Teal and Red

When it comes to pairing complementary colors, well, it doesn't get any better than teal and red. We know what you're thinking — combining these two vibrant shades would be way too much. However, as witnessed in this modern living room by Elizabeth Roberts, the duo doesn't have to be overwhelming. The teal lounge chair, matching ottoman, and red area rug all flaunt muted tones that keep the look somewhat subdued while still packing a punch. Black accents add a modern edge and punctuate the space beautifully.

8. Teal and Mint Green

From color blocking to a tone-on-tone palette, this kid's bedroom spotted on Clare is pulling out all the trendy stops to create a playful yet stylish sanctuary. The mint green and teal color combo feels fresh and invigorating, yet still peaceful enough to get a good night's sleep. The white accents and natural light pouring in from the window brighten up the room, while small pops of yellow, orange, and red add a welcome dose of warmth.

9. Teal and Mauve

This moody bedroom color idea spotted on Dulux is all about decadence and luxury. The slightly muted shades of mauve and teal paint on the walls and trim are impactful yet subdued, while the creative color blocking adds an artistic element. The dark teal velvet curtains, navy duvet cover, and dark purple lounge chair flaunt more saturated tones that amp up the drama and add a regal note.

10. Teal and Light Gray

A pair of teal velvet sofas is the center of attention in this charming living room design by Jean Stoffer. The light gray walls act as the perfect neutral backdrop, adding a hint of color without taking anything away from the star of the show. The fireplace tile surround, area rug, and brass accents complete the welcoming scene and add just enough warmth to keep the cool palette feeling cozy.

11. Teal and Navy Blue

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Just as teal and green are perfectly paired, so too are teal and pretty much any shade of blue — in this case, navy is the color du jour. The dark blue bedding makes quite the impression alongside a teal accent wall. The adjacent white walls and flood of natural light keep the tonal scheme from feeling too dark and moody.

"Teal can be used to create a range of different blue room ideas, each with different moods, that are suitable for any style," says Andy Greenall from Paint & Paper.

12. Teal and Tan

Perhaps you're looking for a color scheme with a bit more warmth? In that case, pair teal with a neutral hue such as tan. Kate Marker Interiors shows us how to pull off the look in this dining room complete with dark teal wallpaper above white wainscoting and light brown pieces of furniture and decor. The three-tier chandelier is the icing on the cake.

13. Teal and Orange

As witnessed in this boho living room setup by Justina Blakeney of Jungalow, wallpaper is an ideal way to weave a bold hue like teal into your space. But don't stop there. Take a page out of Blakeney's design playbook and kick things up a notch with a vibrant orange sectional sofa, throw pillows, and curtains. Toss in a couple of yellow or gold accents and some lush foliage for good measure.

14. Teal and Cream

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Oftentimes bright white can feel a bit stark or clinical. Luckily, you can still get the look you love with a warmer neutral such as cream. In this quaint kitchen, teal cabinets are tempered by an off-white tile backsplash. Natural wood and copper accents add even more warmth and texture to the minimal scene.

15. Teal and Burgundy

Want a light and airy cook space that still has a bit of drama? Follow the lead of this stunning kitchen design by Emma Hos and pair dark teal cabinets with burgundy dining chairs, keeping the rest of the space bright white. Herringbone wood floors and blush pink curtains add a bit of warmth and a luxurious note.

What Colors Go With Teal?

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate
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To help you hone in on the ideal palette, let's recap what colors look good with teal. First, consider the feeling you want to evoke in your space. Have you been dreaming of a dark and moody bedroom? Or a light and vibrant living room? Are you drawn to warm or cool schemes? By answering these questions, you can narrow down your choices considerably. Additional factors to consider are the size of your space and the amount of available light. If you have a small, low-light room, you might want to opt for a less dramatic combination such as teal and white.

Now that you're ready to make your final decision, here are the best colors to pair with teal:

  • White
  • Terra cotta
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Charcoal gray
  • Red
  • Mint green
  • Mauve
  • Light gray
  • Navy blue
  • Tan
  • Orange
  • Cream
  • Burgundy


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