15 Colors That Go With Aqua

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If we told you that aqua was a pretty versatile color, would you believe us? It might not be the first shade of paint that you gravitate toward when you embark on a home makeover, but it can actually be a great base for your palette. A mix of blue and green, aqua is a vibrant color that means ​water​ in Latin. Not to be confused with turquoise or teal, which have more green undertones, aqua can be represented in varying degrees of intensity — from a bright cyan to a pale aquamarine.


"Aqua is often associated with everything peaceful and calming — for example, the ocean, clear skies, and relaxation," says designer Miriam Clark. "It makes sense that you'd want to surround yourself with a color that makes you feel at peace and reduces the stress of everyday life." However, keep in mind that depending on the shade that you choose, aqua can also evoke an energetic and lively vibe. The bold color can work with a variety of different decor styles, too. Channel Palm Springs with pastel shades of pink, peach, and yellow. Go beachy or bohemian with pops of white and natural wood. Opt for more of an industrial route with shades of charcoal gray, dark green, and navy blue.


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No matter your preference, we've got you covered. Scroll on for some of our favorite colors to pair with the popular blueish-green hue.

15 Aqua Color Combinations

1. Aqua and Pink

Bored with your all-white dining room? An aqua and hot pink overhaul could be just what the doctor ordered. Kelly from Studio DIY refreshed her space with aqua curtains alongside fuchsia dining chairs and a matching rug. The crisp white walls and shelving unit balance the vibrant color palette, while the colorful pieces of home decor tie the whole look together.


2. Aqua and Light Oak

The team over at Chango & Co. went with a pale shade of aqua as the dominant color in this coastal-inspired kids' bedroom. Thanks to the warmth of the light oak accents used throughout — from the bunk ceilings to the guardrails to the stairs and the hardwood flooring — the cool hue doesn't overwhelm the space. And while the wooden features ground the room beautifully, it's the colorful throw pillows that add just enough flair to keep the setup feeling fun and playful.


3. Aqua and White

Utility spaces give you a chance to go a little bit bolder than you would in the rest of your home, and from the looks of this laundry room it would appear that Johnson Vann certainly got the memo. Light aqua blue shaker cabinets, adorned with brass pulls, pop against the bright white quartz countertops. Plus, they're the ultimate companion to the leopard print wallpaper design from Thibaut.



4. Aqua and Yellow

There's no denying that warm and cool colors make an ideal pair. Take this delightful bathroom design by Will Taylor from Bright Bazaar, for example. The aqua shower tile and the yellow wallpaper result in an energetic and refreshing color scheme that instantly boosts the mood — it's the perfect place to start the day.


5. Aqua and Black

If you're not afraid of color, then this aqua and black kitchen idea by Black Lacquer Design might be perfect for you. It's bold, dramatic, and definitely a conversation starter. Complete the swanky look with brass hardware and a stylish pendant light.


6. Aqua and Light Gray

Pastel aqua and the lightest shade of gray are the tranquil and harmonious backdrop for this coastal-inspired dining room. Follow the lead of Abby from Just A Girl and Her Blog and coat your walls with a pale, bluish-green paint color and complement them with gray furniture and decor. The result? A light and airy atmosphere that would be ideal for brunches, lunches, or dinner soirées. Throw in a couple of aqua-colored vases with fresh flowers to tie the whole look together seamlessly.



7. Aqua and Charcoal Gray

Just as aqua looks beautiful with light gray, for a bolder color scheme, you can't go wrong with charcoal gray. Paint an accent wall in the dark shade or clad your fireplace surround in lead-colored tile as seen in this conversation pit-style living room by Bright Design Lab. The tile has a metallic quality that reflects hints of blue and green, which pairs beautifully with the blue-green upholstery.


8. Aqua and Orange

And speaking of bold color ideas, it just doesn't get any better than aqua and orange. While the two together often evoke a retro vibe, Stephen Gambrel proves that using them sparingly can be very sophisticated. In this New York apartment, an eye-catching painting sets the tone, while an oversize aqua-colored ottoman and several pieces of matching decor add a cool and refreshing note.


9. Aqua and Peach

If you're looking for something a little less dramatic, opt for a softer combo like peach and aqua. The pastel color combination looks oh-so-sweet in this bathroom design by Courtnay Tartt Elias of Creative Tonic. The floral wallpaper pattern showcasing both hues acts as the perfect backdrop for the orange sherbert-colored vanity cabinet. The neutral flooring and countertops allow the vibrant scheme to be the star of the show without any distractions.


10. Aqua and Powder Blue

And speaking of pastels, get a load of this bedroom's tonal color scheme. The beauty of pairing aqua and powder blue together is that the combination will bring instant relaxation and serenity to any space, even a kitchen or bathroom. Try mixing aqua and light blue tile in the shower or for the backsplash. Or create an accent wall using a wallpaper pattern showcasing the two hues.

11. Aqua and Lavender

Another pastel hue worth considering is lavender. Laura Tutun of Laura Tutun Interiors decked out this cozy bedroom with the purple shade and paired it with aqua, resulting in a cool and relaxing scene that's primed for a quick snooze. The white accents keep the space feeling light and airy.

12. Aqua and Lime Green

For those retro Palm Springs vibes, or even a Florida feel, you can't go wrong with lime green and aqua. Morgan Farrow Interiors shows us to rock the jaw-dropping color scheme in this fun kid's bedroom. Thanks to a healthy dose of white, the electrifying wall color doesn't feel as overwhelming as it might otherwise.


13. Aqua and Dark Walnut

We've already established that aqua and lighter wood finishes make a stunning pair, but this bathroom by Jamie Bush proves that it can look ultra-cool with dark wood as well. Here, the color scheme feels contemporary yet nods to midcentury design. We especially love that the floor tile continues halfway up the wall, making the gorgeous vanity stand out even more.

14. Aqua and Red

How picture-perfect is this swanky guestroom at Hôtel Les Deux Gares? London-based designer Luke Edward Hall really outdid himself opting for a bold aqua and red color combo. Try out the look in your own bedroom by simply adding an upholstered headboard and a little wall paint. The trick is to not go overboard with either color — a little goes a long way.

15. Aqua and Teal

The designers behind 2LG Studio are not afraid of a little color, and aqua is no exception as proven by this vibrant bedroom setup. The painted arch behind the bed flaunting a bright shade of aqua really draws the eye and sets the tone of the room. The aqua and teal bedding and teal dresser act as the perfect supporting cast. While teal has more green undertones and is a deeper shade than aqua, the two colors together will bring out the best in each shade.

Colors That Go With Aqua

Aqua is a go-to for coastal design, or even cottagecore, but it can also work brilliantly in modern spaces, too. The soothing color brings life to just about any room, and if there's one way to bring the beach to a bathroom or kitchen, it's with a bit of aqua paint. And when paired with complementary colors, like orange or hot pink, the result is energizing, to say the least. Just keep in mind the size of your space and the amount of natural and artificial light you have to work with as you make your final decision.

Ready to get started? Here's a recap of some of the best colors to pair with aqua:

  • Pink
  • Light oak
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Light gray
  • Charcoal gray
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Powder blue
  • Lavender
  • Lime green
  • Dark walnut
  • Red
  • Teal



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