12 Colors That Go With Mauve

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Move over violet. Today, it's all about mauve, and the best colors to pair it with. If you are unfamiliar with this particular hue, it has a soft pink-purple tint and it's named after a perennial flower in France. The pastel shade tends to evoke feelings of romance, sentimentality, and even nostalgia. Perhaps that is why it continues to be a fan favorite in the world of fashion and interior design.


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One thing you should know about the color mauve is that every shade comes with either pink or blue undertones. This fun fact will definitely have an effect on your overall color palette, but it also makes the hue more versatile in terms of application. Mauve will work in pretty much every room of the house, from the living room to the kitchen. Additional factors to consider when finalizing your scheme are the look and feel of your space. Are you looking to create a moody, rustic escape, a light and airy Scandi sanctuary, or perhaps a playful bohemian refuge? It's also important to evaluate the amount of available lighting and the overall size of your space as well.


Now that we've covered the basics, are you ready for a little colorful inspo? Ahead, you'll find 15 of our favorite color combinations.

15 Mauve Color Combinations

1. Mauve and Cream

Want to add a vibrant splash to your neutral home decor? Mauve color blocking could be the perfect solution. Since the pastel hue is still muted, it goes beautifully with neutrals and will simultaneously add a subtle pop. The paint color above (Pressed Petal by Dulux, FYI) is a soft mauve, that leans pink and it frames this open-plan dining area perfectly.


2. Mauve, Emerald Green, and Charcoal Gray

This moody Victorian living room by Shapeless Studio is dreamy as can be for many reasons, one of which is the inspired use of complementary colors. The dusty mauve paint used on the walls and ceiling acts as a stunning backdrop to the jewel-tone, emerald green, and charcoal gray pieces of furniture. The dark green and pink slate fireplace surround ties the dramatic scheme together beautifully.


3. Mauve and Black

Bring sexy back to your home by combining mauve walls with black and white accents. This quick interior makeover will add an instant sense of sophistication to any room, not to mention, that it will make your home feel especially ​grown-up​. This chic dining room spotted on Historiska Hem shows us how it's done, by pairing dusty rose walls with black accents, such as picture frames, a mirror, light fixtures, and dining furniture.


4. Mauve and Royal Blue

Ever wondered whether you should get rid of the wooden beams in your home or make a feature out of them? This living room by Black Lacquer Design will have you steering towards the latter thanks to its statement-making, mauve-colored beams. The intense color on the ceiling requires some competition on the ground, and the addition of a royal blue velvet sofa certainly rises to the occasion. While you might not think mauve and blue would be a nice pairing, when they are woven together by a neutral, the vibrant colors actually make quite the duo.


5. Mauve, Mustard Yellow, and Taupe

While mauve, mustard yellow, and taupe might not be the first color combination to spring to mind, this living room spotted on Historiska Hem makes a compelling case. Since the rosy hue is limited to the ceiling, the neutral-toned walls act as a visual break before introducing you to the ochre-colored sofa. The warm color scheme results in a warm and inviting perfect for cozying up with a good book or movie marathon.


6. Mauve, Turquoise, Blush Pink, and Gold

The goal of all color palettes is to find a harmonious balance that also communicates the look and feel that you're hoping to achieve. In this swanky seating area, the team over at Jenn Feldman Designs opted for a mix of different shades — including mauve, turquoise, pink, and gold — to create a dynamic focal point. The blush lounge chairs and mauve accents complement the abstract wall pattern, resulting in a cohesive and sophisticated finish.


7. Mauve, Pink, and Burgundy

Have you been dreaming of a tone-on-tone look, but weren't sure how to pull it off? Not to worry, because we've got you covered. This rosy scene features mauve and pink paint colors on the wall, creating a tonal backdrop that still offers just enough contrast. The burgundy accent chairs and matching Marie Burgos wall sconce act as the perfect finishing touches to this glamorous living space.

8. Mauve and Light Teal

Mauve works well to add a warm touch to cool colors such as teal, making these two tones idyllic for practical areas such as a living room or an office. The mauve curtains and matching chair upholstery in this dreamy setup by Anna Haines are the perfect counterpoints to the light blue-green heritage wall paint (which, depending on the light, can read gray or light blue). Just grab your morning brew and voilà, you have all the ingredients for a calming start to the day.

9. Mauve and Green

If there is one thing that the pros at Reath Design know how to do, it's how to rock a bold color scheme. In this kitchen setup, they opted to pack a punch with vibrant shades of mauve and green. The light wood plank ceiling acts as a neutral accent that tempers the bright colors and adds a welcome dose of warmth.

10. Mauve, Gray, and Dark Teal

In this cozy bedroom, Heidi Caillier put a modern spin on classic vertical shiplap wainscoting by painting it mauve. She continued the modern traditional theme by pairing the lilac-tinted wall paneling with gray and dark teal accents. Even though the space is bursting with color and visual interest, it's far from busy or overwhelming. Quite the opposite. Instead, it's the perfect mix of stylish and relaxing — just how your sleeping quarters should be.

11. Mauve and Brown

We love the way Bre from Brepurposed reimagined the retro purple and brown color schemes of the '60s in her daughter's bedroom makeover. By pairing dark wood furniture — such as the vintage Jenny Lind bed and matching nightstand — with mauve-pink walls, it creates the perfect ambiance.. The scalloped detailing acts as a playful and creative way to transition from one wall color to the next. The neutral-colored bedding and area keep the scheme feeling light and airy.

12. Mauve, Charcoal Gray, and Purple

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with purple! The creatives behind 2LG Studio complemented the mauve walls in this decadent living room design with pops of deep purple, in the form of an abstract rug and contemporary artwork. The charcoal gray daybed completes the luxe scene and ties the whole look together effortlessly.

What Colors Go With Mauve?

So, now that you've had more inspiration than you can handle, it's time to finalize your color scheme. Whether you opt for mauve wall paint, textiles, or decor, remember to pay attention to the pink and blue undertones. Also, don't forget to consider the lighting in your space and how that might affect your overall palette. And last but not least, ask yourself if the colors your choosing will convey the look and feel that you want in that particular space. In case you need a recap, here are some of our favorite colors to pair with mauve:

  • Cream
  • Emerald green
  • Charcoal gray
  • Black
  • Royal blue
  • Mustard yellow
  • Taupe
  • Turquoise
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Burgundy
  • Teal
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Purple