11 Stunning Colors That Go With Purple and Green

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Love purple and green together but don't want your living room to remind people of Batman's The Joker? We're here to show you all the possibilities of this bold color combo. While you may think of purple and green as a loud, striking pairing, it doesn't have to be. This secondary color combination can be positively subdued, depending on the shades you choose and the way you use them.


If regal or traditional is the look you're after, amethyst and emerald tones could be a great choice when paired with darker neutrals like black or navy. If you want more of a cottage vibe or are decorating a children's room, lavender and lime can work beautifully, paired with white and other soft pastels.

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Think, too, about the scale in which you use each color. If you're using green and purple in more saturated shades, it may be best to let one color dominate and use the other as more of an accent. For example, if you have bright purple walls, maybe save the green for smaller pieces like throw pillows and other decorative items.

Interior designer Jordan Cluroe of 2LG Studio agrees that "it's all about balance." He adds, "We tend to favor one shade in one space, or use lilac and green together against a deeper tone like brown. There are so many shades spanning purple and green. From the softest lilac and sage to the deepest purple and malachite, [they're] all equally beautiful and [there's] something for everyone."


Here are 11 great color pairings to consider with purple and green.

11 Color Combinations for Purple and Green

1. Lavender, Pale Green, and White

A little bit country and little bit traditional, this sweet light purple and green space by Erin Sander Design is subtle and subdued. For one thing, the pastel tones are muted and soothing. But also, the color is kept to the accent chairs and decor, while the larger furniture pieces and walls remain neutral in soft white and wood tones.


2. Purple, Sage Green, and Brown

A dark brown coat of paint provides a sophisticated, neutral backdrop for accents of dark purple and sage green in this space by 2LG Studio. It's an unexpected color choice that creates a moody and modern effect in this more formal, traditional space.



3. Plum, Teal, and Red-Orange

Remember what we said about scale? This room by Dulux is great example. The biggest pieces get neutral, or at least more subdued, color treatments. The bed is solid navy blue. The walls are mostly a muted deep purple. And the fireplace is painted white. The boldest colors are reserved for the wall art, accent chair, wall trim, and curtains, which pop in teal and red-orange.


4. Lilac, Mint Green, and Tan

Maitri Modi, aka @honeyidressedthepug on Instagram, uses her account to post cute pictures of her and her pug in matching outfits, as well as her constantly evolving colorful NYC apartment. She mixes color and pattern quite expertly in the small space, and one key is her consistent use of light, muted tones. In this area, she pairs a fun lilac accent wall and mint green storage locker with substantial doses of white and tan-colored wood for a pleasantly airy feel.


5. Purple, Seafoam Green, and Dark Wood

Designer Angie Hranowski knows her way around vibrant color and pattern. Here, she pairs a jewel-toned purple couch with blue-green walls. The accent chairs in different shades of green feature the busiest pattern in the room, while the area rug offers a quieter, larger-scale print in white and gray. Dark wood accents add just the right amount of neutral warmth.



6. Purple, Green, and Beige

Since purple and green both live on the cooler end of the color wheel, it helps to bring in a warm color like beige to add some depth and balance. The technique works especially well in this room by Alison Kandler because the purple she's chosen for the chaise is a cooler hue with gray undertones. Her use of neutral colors like beige and white helps balance the bold patterns of the curtains, rug, and throw pillows.


7. Plum, Lime Green, and Leopard Print

There's a lot to learn from in this maximalist space by Meg White Interiors, which somehow manages to feel both daring and composed. While the colors and patterns are bold, the lines of the furniture and architecture are symmetrical and traditional. Leopard print acts as a neutral, balancing out the rich plum, lime green, and other saturated colors quite effectively.


8. Burgundy, Mauve, Green, and Mustard

Jewel tones win the day again in this charming vintage-inspired bedroom by Angela Wator. In this case, the purples she has chosen are warm shades of burgundy and mauve, and the green, too, has warm undertones. That sets the stage nicely to incorporate mustard yellow, which shares the warm, rich, and muted qualities of the rest of the palette. Note, too, the yellow undertones in the wood flooring and side table, which keep the room in perfect harmony.


9. Lavender, Olive Green, and Black

How can you build a color scheme with lavender that feels mature and elevated? Choose a muted, grayish shade, like the one seen on the door and upholstered bench here. Pair it with rich olive and cool black and add in refined details like wall moldings and a chandelier. This home decor approach pays off big time in this room by 2LG Studio, creating the perfect tension between hard and soft, masculine and feminine, traditional and modern.

10. Orchid, Teal, and Petal Pink

With its orchid purple walls, magenta side table, and petal pink chair and floral rug, this space by Angela Wator fully embraces the feminine. But it does so while looking grown-up rather than girly. One trick is in Wator's choice of more streamlined silhouettes and an eschewing of anything too frilly or embellished. The green accents, including the glass coffee table, vibrant teal tufted sofa, and leafy plant, also help balance out all the pink.

11. Eggplant, Jade Green, and Coral

Coral is one of those colors that's always going to stand out, so it's a bold choice to pair with two other big colors like green and purple. In this bedroom of the hotel des Grands Boulevards in Paris, designer Dorothee Meilichzon makes it work by going with a very dark and muted shade of purple. The pops of coral and jade green are just enough to create drama without causing visual chaos.


Colors That Go With Purple and Green

How do you build a color palette with green and purple? Very carefully. Or perhaps the better word is deliberately. These colors have the capacity to really overwhelm a space. But at the same time, used in the right tones and proportions, they can create striking beauty. In pairing green and purple with a third hue, think about whether the shades you've chosen could use a third statement color or perhaps a neutral to tone your space down. As always, incorporating colors with similar undertones will help everything feel cohesive. But sometimes, you'll want to throw caution to the wind and choose a fun accent.

These are some of the best colors that complement purple and green:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Red-orange
  • Tan
  • Dark wood
  • Beige
  • Leopard print
  • Mustard yellow
  • Black
  • Petal pink
  • Coral



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