6 Retro Stoves That Give the Term "Old-School" New Meaning

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It seems like these days, stainless steel appliances have something of a monopoly in our kitchens. We think it's high time we flipped the script with an old-school accent piece that can double as a focal point. And no, we're not talking about the backsplash or cabinets. Think retro stoves and refrigerators.


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When it comes to the former, whether you're going for something truly vintage or just vintage-inspired, there are a wide variety of options to choose from that'll help you strike a perfect balance between form and function. Read: You don't have to settle for a utilitarian cooktop. To see just how versatile retro stoves can be, scroll down for six ways to integrate them with effortless cool.

1. Pair with dark cabinets.

Smeg more or less epitomizes old-school flair and in Jeska and Dean's East Sussex kitchen, the Victoria traditional range cooker is the undeniable star of the show. Centered among black cabinets and dark wood accents, the white retro stove adds beautiful contrast. Butcher block countertops and bucolic chalk-painted walls complete the vintage farmhouse look.

2. Add statement-worthy luster.

Big Chill is yet another staple purveyor of retro stoves and this stunning kitchen reveal by House of Jade Interiors proves how versatile the piece can feel. Featuring brushed brass knobs and a charcoal gray exterior, the appliance offers a refreshing twist on the ordinary with a French look that's equal parts cool and contemporary. Follow the lead of this design duo, and go subtle with the cabinets and remaining fixtures.

3. Turn it into a design moment.

Here's proof that your kitchen's greatest asset can, in fact, be the stove — and a retro one at that. Take a cue from designer Amber Lewis and fully lean into the classics with a La Cornue range, offsetting the linear elements of a modern kitchen with gusto. The French brand marries retro style with country flair and still manages to extend a powerful presence thanks to its depth-defining color and lustrous metallic detailing.


4. Embrace it to the nines.

Liz Solms's retro kitchen is fully equipped with all the hallmarks of the golden era: checkered tiled floors, mint green walls, and, of course, a retro stove. The Big Chill cooktop is aptly decked with polished chrome and rounded vintage details, earmarking it as a perfect addition and complement to the space.

5. Combine different styles and colors.

This vibrant retro stove, flaunting a bright shade of orange, is a prime example of seamlessly integrating a vintage-inspired piece with another style and making it work. Designer Ben Pentreath outfitted this arts and crafts kitchen with a statement-worthy dual-oven range, flanked by vivid green cabinets for good measure.

6. Make it uniform.

Leave it to the creative brainiacs over at deVOL to bring a retro stove into a contemporary kitchen and make it look this good. Modeled after a 1940s classic, the appliance features a series of chambers, which incorporates three ovens and a stovetop. Its inconspicuous build and coloring makes it a foolproof complement to the neutral scheme of the room.


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