These 12 Stove Backsplash Ideas Are SO Tasty

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Stovetop with teapots in a kitchen with white countertops and granite backsplash

From marble to tile to brass, the area behind the stove has become, for many, the focal point of the kitchen. So, if you're currently searching for the best choice for your cooking space, one of these backsplash ideas is sure to please. (Chef's kiss)


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1. Think outside of the culinary box and install a sheet of brass as a backdrop. It'll patina over time, giving off a gorgeous vintage vibe. Trust us when we say that brass is an accent that's here to stay.

2. A marble backsplash is for those who want to go bold and beautiful. And, of course, those who have it in their budget. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous choice.


Kitchen stove with white granite countertops and wood shelves

3. If you're a little bit artistic and a little bit boho, then colorful tiles are the perfect pick. Surround them with shelves of spices, and don't forget a wall-mounted knife rack so that you have everything you need at the ready when cooking.


4. This sweet home chose white Fireclay tile for their kitchen backsplash. The neutral background allows for the addition of colorful kitchen decor, such as a blue bowl, a blue utensil holder, and how about that Le Creuset kettle?!


5. In this kitchen, a marble backsplash with dramatic veins marks the spot behind a Pinterest-worthy La Cornue stove.


A kitchen with white cabinets, marble backsplash and wood floors

6. Subway tiles are a classic choice next to pale blue cabinets in this lovely London home.


7. Sometimes just a small square of patterned tiles is all you need to add character to your cook space.


Image Credit: Hunker in partnership with Acme Real Estate

8. A gray-green quartz backsplash, with a small ledge for holding decorative items, looks seamless with a matching countertop. Balanced with the light oak kitchen cabinets, it's stunning.


9. A minimal marble backsplash makes sure that all eyes are kept on the prize, which in this case, is another swoon-worthy La Cornue stove.

10. If your taste trends toward traditional, white tile that mimics the look of brick is a spot-on pick. It fits right into this family-friendly home.

11. This blue tile backsplas, found in the kitchen of the founders of home goods brand Norden, is like a breath of fresh air.

12. Blue and white tiles from Clé Tile create a very colorful background in this cozy family home. The owner's trick was to put plenty of sealant on the tiles for easy cleanup of oil splatters.

13. The veins behind this stove reads like a map. And next to all that dark wood? We're here for this journey.

14. This white tile paired with darker grout seamlessly matches the feel of this midcentury-style kitchen.