15 Memorable Colors That Go With Maroon

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Maroon is a color you're about to see everywhere. The trending hue is naturally bold and dramatic, but when paired with the right colors and accessories, it can also feel light and airy. Though maroon is often confused with burgundy, you can tell these dark shades of red apart by their undertones: Burgundy leans toward purple, whereas maroon contains more brown.


A simple way to incorporate maroon into your design is to use elements like multicolored artwork, throw pillows, and rugs that include both maroon and colors that are already present in your room. Patterned accent rugs are hugely popular right now and often include many different colors that can easily work in any room of the house.

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We talked with Dabito, owner of the creative design studio Old Brand New, about incorporating the bold color into your plans. "When I see maroon, I like to pair it with another warm color, like yellow," he said. "It could be a mustard shade or even a brighter canary yellow."


Read on for colors that pair perfectly with maroon.

15 Maroon Color Combinations

1. Maroon and Black

This moody space by Studio Lawahl combines dramatic black and white tile and stone with maroon walls to create a look that is eye-catching and intriguing. When you're dealing with such a strong color palette, it's best to keep shapes clean and minimal. This will ensure the room doesn't feel too busy.


2. Maroon and Gray

You can use maroon in your design and still keep things airy and bright. Take this space by the kitchen design team Neptune, for example. The maroon cabinets pop against the bright white farmhouse sink and subway tile backsplash, while the gray walls and wood floors add warmth.



3. Maroon and Dark Wood

This eye-catching living room by Nong Studio pairs a deep shade of maroon with dark wood tones to create a rich and interesting look. The bright white on the ceiling and in the area rug keeps the eye moving around the space. Greenery and natural light lift the mood.


4. Maroon and Seafoam Green

A statement headboard is a great way to bring maroon into your design. To tie it into your existing color scheme, add a few busy, multicolored pillows that incorporate maroon, along with other colors in your palette — like the ones in this bedroom by designer Garry Meakins. The pillows perfectly complement both the headboard and the seafoam green blanket, making them look as if they were meant to be together.


5. Maroon and Orange

Designer Dabito of Old Brand New combined maroon wallpaper and muted orange bedding to create a color block effect that turns a traditional space edgy and cool. The emerald green headboard adds richness to the palette, while the bright white sheets and lampshades help balance the bold colors.



6. Maroon and Yellow

The maroon and mustard yellow combo in this pantry designed by Sarah Brown Interiors is one worth copying. Painting the doors maroon and the inside a warm golden shade of yellow transforms the pantry from a simple storage closet into a work of art. The simple objects displayed on the shelves let the killer color combination shine.


7. Maroon and Tan

Create the bohemian kitchen of your dreams by combining maroon backsplash tiles with natural elements like a rattan light fixture and wood floating shelves, like designer Natasha Howard did here. Because it's so close to brown, maroon makes the perfect accent color for a neutral space. The stone countertops and green plants add to the worldly, laid-back look.


8. Maroon and Emerald Green

This maroon and green combination from Dabito of Old Brand New is a chic, unexpected pairing. The maroon patterned rug and emerald green chair complement each other perfectly without looking like Christmas. The green, leafy plants add a breath of fresh air.



9. Maroon and Teal

A simple rug has the ability to tie an entire room together. The deep teal walls in this mudroom, photographed by Stacy Goldberg, are perfectly complemented by the long maroon runner, which also includes blue tones. The natural light from the windows, combined with the white shiplap along the top of the walls, keeps the dark room open and bright.

10. Maroon, Brown, and White

You can create a big statement in your living room while still keeping the minimalist white walls you love. Take note from this space by the team behind SJ Studio and choose eye-catching furniture like this curved maroon sofa and pair of brown cane chairs. The abstract art on the wall incorporates all the colors of the room, tying everything together.

11. Maroon and Taupe

The dark-veined stone backsplash in this kitchen by Studio Hus commands attention. Maroon cabinets, black chairs, and a taupe-gray island are both bold enough to stand up to the dramatic look and neutral enough to let the backsplash take center stage. Gold accents add richness, while the multicolored light fixture brings the whole palette together.


12. Maroon and Pink

Leave it to interior designer Mindy Shroor to come up with such a swoon-worthy color combination. The dusty rose sofa combined with the layered accent wall makes this living room look like it jumped off the pages of a high-end magazine.The patterned wall art, warm wood cabinet, and light floors help balance out the bold color combo.

13. Maroon and Blue

While red and blue are a classic combination, it can be tricky to get the pairing of these primary colors just right. But the designers from Flack Studio know how to make it work. In this living space, rich cobalt blue, olive green, and maroon are balanced by light blue walls, simple white curtains, and ample natural light.

14. Maroon and White

For an unexpected way to add color to a neutral room, consider maroon floors. Here, exposed wooden beams draw the eye upward, so the room looks taller and brighter, even with such dark flooring. Various shades of wood make the maroon and white color scheme look less stark, creating an open and inviting space.

15. Maroon,Yellow, and Orange

With its sunset-inspired palette, this living room by Sabine of Styled by Sabine is an eclectic dream. The maroon walls, yellow couch, and orange accessories make this space a treat for the eyes, since there are so many things to look at. Patterned rugs and throw pillows nicely tie it all together.

Colors That Go With Maroon

Bring moody sophistication to any space with a splash of maroon. This shade is unique in that it's both bold and, because of its brown undertone, nearly a neutral color. Play it up with rich oranges and yellows, or let it be the focus of a minimal palette.

Here's a recap of some of our favorite colors to pair with maroon:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Dark Wood
  • Seafoam Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Tan
  • Emerald Green
  • Teal
  • Brown
  • White
  • Taupe
  • Pink
  • Blue



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