8 Things I Didn't Buy in 2019 That Are Still Haunting My Dreams

rove concepts sofa
credit: Rove Concepts

I feel like there must be some German word that embodies the regret of not buying something — shoppenfreude? Either way, I got a lot of that going on and it's almost a weird type of self-competition. I'm obsessed with the idea that if I'm going to buy furniture or decor for my home, that I need to truly love it. And so my test of that is actually not buying things, letting months pass, and seeing if I still feel interested in the item. So, here are the things I've had my eye on for most of 2019 that I still love as much as the day I saw them:

Blu Dot Lid queen Bed
credit: Blu Dot

Both my bedroom and my living room are in need of a major upgrade, which means committing to a new bed and couch — arguably the two most important pieces in your home. Over the past year, I've had about 10 potential beds on a list and this Blu Dot one has occupied a top spot. The shape seems modern but adaptable. The only thing holding me back is wondering if my cat is going to go to town on it.

Industry West Queen Cane Bed, $3,200
credit: Industry West

On the other hand, this cane bed from Industry West also hasn't budged on my list. It's gorgeous. It's also not quite in my budget ... but you can't put a price on perfection, right? (They also have matching nightstands to complete my cane fantasy.)

Opalhouse Rattan Floor Lamp
credit: Target

I don't know why I haven't bought this lamp from Target. It's not that expensive. (Although the price has apparently gone UP? It used to be $63.) This feels like it could move around from room to room.

Hem Palo Modular Corner Sofa, $3,599
credit: Hem

The sofa situation: Another case where I've fallen in and out of love with dozens of sofas. But Hem's sectional has stuck with me. Of course, they literally just introduced new colors, which means I'll need to think about it even longer.

Rove Concepts Olsen Sofa, $1,230
credit: Rove Concepts

And yet, there's a runner up. I'm always afraid to make a bold move with my decor, but for some reason, lush, green velvet is sitting well with me. The problem with switching up the look of your living room, however, is that now I'll need a new rug and coffee table. Oy!

Aelfie Shimmer Hand Knotted Rug, $1,080
credit: Aelfie

I wrote about this Aelfie rug in September and I still daydream about it. I'm just not sure it would go with one of those two couches? (You see where I start running in circles?)

TRNK Angle II Armchair, $1,995
credit: TRNK

This accent chair. It's contemporary. It's sophisticated. It's perfect.

Pottery Barn Archdale Dresser, $1,599
credit: Pottery Barn

I gotta be honest with you: I dislike probably about 94% of dressers in the world. I feel like there's a handful of "looks" for dressers and then they all start to look the same. I'd love something from the high-end vintage world, but I'm not really that kind of shopper. This Pottery Barn dresser strikes me as something that doesn't feel trendy, but isn't too statement-making.

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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