24 Beautiful Outdoor Spaces to Inspire Your Patio Makeover

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Whether you've got a sweeping lawn, a cramped city balcony, or an empty patio, having any outdoor space at all is a truly great opportunity. Too often, patios can go to waste because people just fail to see their potential, or they don't realize how easy it is to create a fully functional outdoor living or dining room on a small patch of concrete. Scroll on to see these inspiring outdoor setups that are all easily attainable.


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1. Add Some Neon

One way to instantly bring some style to a corner of your home? Try neon patio furniture.


2. Color + Rug + Varied Seating = Winning Combo

When you're working with a basic square of concrete, the easiest way to start defining the space is to lay down an outdoor rug.


3. Go Green

A fun idea to add texture and color to a balcony or deck? Lay down some fake grass.


4. Outdoor Bistro

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If you live in a warmer climate without rain or snow, there's no reason you shouldn't be using your outdoor space as a second dining room. We love the addition of bistro chairs here, which actually makes the setup feel restaurant-like.


5. String Light Paradise

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse/Hunker
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If you're working with a patch of gravel — or even just a plain yard — and you don't want to deal with landscaping, opt for string lights tied to poles to create boundaries for an outdoor living room. We even have a DIY to get you started.


6. Black and White

Want a timeless look without having to put too much thought into it? Just go for black and white (or cream) pieces to create a patio that looks designer-approved.


7. Built-In Fun

If you are, in fact, looking to hire professional help to add landscaping or hardscape details to your yard, consider creating a concrete built-in seating area.


8. Secluded Fire Pit

Add hotel-like ambiance to a backyard with a small concrete enclave complete with a geometric fire pit.

9. Just a Touch of Desert Chic

This just goes to show you how far a few potted cacti, wood details, and pillows crafted from vintage rugs can go — all of a sudden, you've got a desert-chic patio ready for guests.

10. Urban Outfit

For city dwellers seeking privacy: try bamboo fencing to create a secluded patio. We also love the combo of classic Acapulco chairs and budget-friendly cinderblocks.

11. Palm Springs Vibes

There's nothing more classic than a Palm Springs patio. If you want to channel those vibes, opt for furniture with midcentury lines and a pop of color and print (like the regency-inspired breeze-block divider in the photo above).

12. Add Some Structure

Image Credit: Paul Anderson/Hunker
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If you know you want something a little more than just a table and chairs, take note of this very L.A. backyard, with structure that offers shade and helps define the area.

13. Fenced In

If you're considering putting a fence up around your home, consider a placement that would allow you to build in decking for a small outdoor seating area.

14. Beautiful Balcony Benches

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Wood-on-wood works well on the balcony of this Pacific Northwest home. If you can't find the right piece to buy, consider hiring a handyman to build something custom.

15. Boho Neutral

While we love the boho look in outdoor spaces, we understand that it can quickly become a bit "much." That's why we love the understated vibes of this patio, which brings in boho textures, but sticks to neutral hues.

16. It's All About Greenery

When creating an outdoor space, think nature-first: Use potted plants as your main decor, and if you want to fancy-up your table, there's nothing cuter than flowers planted in colorful vintage cans.

17. Mixed Materials

Natural materials like bamboo and rattan are go-tos when it comes to patio decor. We especially love when folks bring in non-matching pieces that get mixed in with other materials — like marble, tile, or metal.

18. Pretty Pop of Color

If you're working with a small garden and don't have a lot of space for furniture or decor, think about color — all you need is a set of punchy chairs to pull it together.

19. Beachy Backyard

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
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Once again, an outdoor rug proves that any outdoor zone can instantly become an extension of the home. Add a DIY potted herb garden and some beach throws to give the space some character.

20. Protected Paradise

If you want to add some shade to your backyard, think additions or structures that will cover your patio.

21. Mixed Seating

This contemporary retreat offers a cool, Mexico-inspired feeling with teal metal lounge chairs, terrazzo tables, wood stools, and canvas lounge seating.

22. Go Wild

If you want your balcony to truly feel like a party zone, you can definitely succeed by packing in the character and using every inch for plants, patterns, and seating galore.

23. A Place for Pattern

Beautiful patterned tile can cost a pretty penny, but not so much if you use it in small amounts, as seen on this compact boho-minimalist patio. With such a gorgeous setting, you hardly need anything else to perfect the look.

24. Warm Up

Propane fire tables and built-ins are a fun and safe way to add some drama (and warmth!) to an outdoor space. Try Wayfair for some affordable options.