The Best Coastal Grandmother Decor to Turn Your Home Into a Nancy Meyers Film

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Well, the latest trend spawned by Tik-Tok is upon us. But instead of eye rolls and questions about where humanity is heading, we think this is one trend that most people can [and will] get on board with. Yes, folks, the newest trend in home design is called — wait for it — coastal grandma. And if you're familiar with Nancy Meyers movies like ​Something's Gotta Give​ or ​It's Complicated​, you might be intimately familiar with the trend already. These movies typically featured uber-chic older female leads played by the queens of their craft, Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. (For all you foodies, think Ina Garten.) And while their lives may be a little, shall we say, topsy-turvy, their home decor is anything but.


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We can all probably agree that getting dressed in the morning can be anxiety-inducing, but these characters made it look absolutely effortless. Their wardrobes were an easy mix of crisp button-down shirts and sleek turtlenecks in an assortment of creamy whites and soft beiges and ivory. But the low-effort high style associated with coastal grandmother doesn't end there. Best described as casually wealthy, coastal grandmother (a term first coined by influencer Lex Nicoleta) is the picture of life in the Hamptons. It's breezy and beachy, filled with farmer's markets and fresh flowers.


The coastal grandmother look features living spaces awash in shades of white, crisp slipcovers, and cozy blankets. You'll also find precisely placed throw pillows (that look like they're casually thrown about), pops of rattan, and maybe a dash of chinoiserie. If copying the coastal grandmother style leaves you feeling anything but easy and breezy, here are some thought starters to help you transform your space.


1. Jonathan Y Penelope Chinoiserie Table Lamp, $146.99

No coastal grandmother's living room would be complete without a few chinoiserie pieces, and these lamps by Jonathan Y are an elegant blend of beach vibes and old-world style. Plus, if you're tempted to brighten up the neutral color palette, it should be blue. Think blue skies and blue water.


2. Pottery Barn York Slope Arm Deep Seat Slipcovered Sofa, From $1,899

A slipcovered sofa is a hallmark of the coastal grandmother style, and this dreamy piece from Pottery Barn is chic, beachy, and undeniably coastal grandma worthy.


3. Snugtown Solid Soft Cozy Cable Knitted Blanket Throw, $25.99

Cable knit blankets are a staple in most homes, but they're a must-have for coastal grandmas to fend off the cool ocean air. This blanket nails the look at a pretty affordable price point.


4. Ballard Designs Braided Seagrass Tray, $79

A neutral color palette can fall flat without some exciting pops of texture and color. A few well-placed rattan pieces are a great way to tszuj a coastal grandma living room, and this dotted and this stylish seagrass tray gets it right.


5. Williams Sonoma Striped Flour Sack Towel, $21.95

No coastal grandmother kitchen would be complete without a few flour sack towels. These Turkish cotton towels from Williams Sonoma feature the requisite blue ticking, and their sun-bleached look is almost guaranteed to elevate any kitchen.


6. Ballard Designs Avery French Striped Quilted Bedding, From $59

With a modern take on the ​​classic French stripe, this bedding set from Ballard Designs is a divine addition to a coastal grandmother bedroom. Made from 100% cotton voile and hand-finished with a white piped edge, this quilt gives us plenty of breezy and beachy vibes.


7. Jojuno Store Elegant Ceramic Glazed Flower Pots with Handle, $25.99

This ceramic pitcher screams coastal grandma decor; plus, it's kind of perfect for displaying some fresh flowers from your farmer's market haul.


8. West Elm Natural Canvas Soft Corded Pillow + Throw Set, $99

The coastal grandmother style would be incomplete without layering in tones and textures, and with this corded pillow and throw set, you can do just that.

9. Deco 79 Large Seagrass Woven Wicker Basket, $47

Whether you use them for extra blankets or a potted plant, seagrass baskets are a must-have to complete the coastal grandmother look.

10. Wood & Glass Cake Storage Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, $19.99

With an elegant mixture of wood and glass, this cake plate beautifully warms up a neutral coastal kitchen. Oh, and they're a perfect way to display the freshly baked cookies grandmas are known for.


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