Here's Where You Can Buy the Couch Nancy Meyers Is Obsessed With

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Celebs are always giving us interior design inspo and it turns out even they bookmark things to put on their wish list. Case in point: Nancy Meyers recently shared a photo of a couch that looks like it's the perfect napping spot.


"I'm not sure what this piece of furniture is called but I LOVE IT," she wrote in an Instagram post. In the photo, you can see a person who is very clearly relaxed to the fullest. They're practically sinking into the plush couch. And we're not sure how they would ever manage to leave it, TBH.

Turns out the cozy-looking furniture piece is made by Maker&Son, a family business that reaches customers in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The furniture's frames are "handmade using entirely natural materials," according to the company website. And it actually has mobile showrooms so you can try a piece before you commit.


The photo features two items: the brand's armchair and footstool. The armchair — which starts at $3,495 — comes in linen, corduroy, linen/cotton, long pile velvet, short pile velvet, and cotton options. The footstool starts at $1,695 and comes in the same variations.

Turns out Troye Sivan has the three-seater couch version in his Melbourne home — which he describes as "literally the most comfortable couch in the world."

Taking the price into consideration, we'll just keep this particular item on our dream furniture list. This calls for a cozy nap soon.