It’s Here (Finally!): Our Guide to Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

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Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
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Think about this: Your kids could look around their bedroom and only see white walls, basic linens, and a couple pieces of standard furniture. Or, your children could gaze in wonder at a fun and fanciful space that transports them and their imaginations to a magical world. We personally opt for the latter type of kids' bedroom ideas.

Although a child's sleeping quarters might appear to be more straightforward than a grown-up space, there are still several things to consider before you start designing the room. For instance, what do you envision for the color palette? Is there a style that both you and your kiddos will enjoy? Have you planned for storage? And what about all of those other small details that come into play?


We'll break everything down and even share a few of our favorite places to shop for kids' bedroom ideas. Let's get started.

Playful Colors

You should definitely ask your children to weigh in when it comes to the color palette for their bedroom (remember, even surprising, left-field shades have the ability to look stylish in a variety of spaces) — and you can toss out those old-school gender-specific rules about pink and blue. If your little girl wants a navy room, go for it. If your little boy is wishing for a blush bedchamber, start painting.

There are tons of kids' bedroom ideas showcasing fresh hues, from airy all-white spaces with colorful accents to rooms that are drenched in color. The furniture doesn't have to be mainstay white, especially in a kids' room. Go for gold (or dark blue or salmon) with a punchy nightstand or other eye-popping furnishings. Or, stick to a neutral palette and incorporate color through wall art and throw pillows. Think about the shades represented throughout your home and do your best to display them in your kids' room too, something that will create a cohesive look throughout your home.

Emily Henderson chose light woods, rustic elements, and bursts of greenery in this camp-inspired kids' bedroom that mirrors the rest of the home.

Kid-Approved Styles

There are so many design styles to choose from nowadays — bohemian, modern, rustic, and vintage just to name a few — and you can communicate those same styles into your little ones' space, too. Kids' bedroom ideas are no longer limited to decor made strictly for children. In fact, we fully support incorporating grown-up accents from destinations like CB2, West Elm, and Anthropologie. This instantly elevates kids' bedroom ideas and lends bonus style points, as you can see in this kids' bedroom belonging to Amber Thrane.

You can always go with something current and modern (think fresh color combinations, whimsical textures, and quirky wall art) or you can stick with a tried-and-true theme that's surprisingly chic, like midcentury, farmhouse, or Scandinavian. The choice is yours, as long as it strikes a balance between your aesthetic preferences and your kids' personalities.


Storage Solutions

Kids' bedrooms tend to be on the diminutive side (it's a room meant for littles, after all), which means you may have to get extra-creative with storage. Kids' bedroom ideas are different from playrooms in that you have to think about items that go beyond toys, like clothes, books, and school essentials. Luckily, there are lots of inventive solutions out there that you can bring into your kids' bedroom.

For instance, you can shop kids' furniture that's already outfitted with nooks, crannies, and cubbies — pieces that look stylish and encourage your little ones to catch the cleaning bug early. Make sure these pieces are working overtime — a nightstand should always have a drawer or inset cubby for containing books and bedtime essentials.

Also, don't rule out bringing grown-up pieces into kids' bedrooms, like a console, boxes in on-trend patterns, and hyacinth baskets. Lastly, don't discount the storage pieces that you used in the nursery — wall hooks, drawers, and toy bins can easily transition over to a big kids' bedroom.

Style and substance flawlessly come together in the awww-inspiring kids' bedroom found in this midcentury post-and-beam.

Additional Things to Think About

There are also some itty-bitty details to ponder when thinking about kids' bedroom ideas, the things that might not be on your radar right now, but are definitely about to be. Paige of The Love Designed Life thought of everything in this kids' bedroom, down to the wallpaper, floating shelves, and textiles.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you start brainstorming:


  • Do I want to purchase separate furniture pieces or buy them in sets?
  • What lighting should I bring into the space?

Where to Shop for Kids’ Bedrooms

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Your wheels are turning. Your kids are excited. It's time to go shopping for your kids' bedroom ideas (or you can challenge yourself to this drool-worthy IKEA bed hack instead).


Budget-friendly and expansive, Walmart is a goldmine of kids' bedroom must-haves. Be on the lookout for adorable chairs (because you know they need a little seat shaped like a hippo), sweet lighting, and colorful storage solutions.


One of our fave online shopping destinations also happens to have a myriad of products for kids' bedrooms. Drew Barrymore sells her Flower Kids line here, and you can also discover wall art, rugs, curtains, and more.


If you're on the hunt for modern kids' bedroom ideas, today's your lucky day with AllModern. Every piece will instantly boost the cool factor in your children's room, with bedroom furniture, storage, and pillows we'd gladly display anywhere in our homes.


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