25 Kids’ Bathroom Ideas That Are Cute as a Button

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Believe it or not, a kids' bathroom doesn't have to feel like chaos with water and a shower curtain. As a matter of fact, a few clever design ideas are all you need to turn your little ones' bathroom into a fun space for them and something you'd be happy to step into when bathtime rolls around. While most folks limit their design ideas to shelving, step stools, toys, wall decor, and bath mats, the space can encompass so much more.


"There are a few key elements to consider when designing a kid-friendly bathroom," says Glory Barbaris, founder and principal designer of Wildflower Hill Interiors. "While it is important to create a space that will grow with the child it is [also] important to consider features such as safety, durability, functionality, storage, and of course, fun."

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While your child's bathroom can be any color that makes your family happy — whether it's calming neutrals or the brightest brights — Barbaris points out that the most crucial aspect of the wall paint is the finish.

"After choosing a color, it is important to select a paint finish that is durable and easy to clean," she says. "The most versatile paint finishes are high to semi-gloss paint, which is recommended for bathroom walls for its durability and water-resistant features."

We've curated some super fun kids' bathroom decorating ideas that you and your little ones will enjoy.


25 Fun Kids' Bathroom Ideas

1. Highlight the vanity with a bright pop of color.

Going overboard with color can be a lot for some homeowners, which is totally fine! If you prefer a more balanced approach, then follow the lead of this bathroom design by Chango & Co. The design team managed to introduce a pop of color to the space ‌and‌ highlight the vanity area by using the vibrant hue in one area. Only the floating vanity cabinet flaunts the bright shade of fuchsia, while the rest of the bathroom remains white. A small gallery wall ties the scheme together.


2. Use the same wallpaper on the walls and the ceiling.

The periwinkle farm animal-pattern wallpaper in this bathroom designed by Emily Henderson is super kid-friendly, but honestly, it would look pretty good in a grown-up space, too. The design continues up the wall and onto the ceiling, highlighting the unique architecture of the space. With a coordinating bath mat and some strategically placed kids' bathroom decor, the space is anything but boring.



3. Add adorable wall art.

A children's bathroom just wouldn't be complete without a few darling pieces of artwork. Kristina Crestin had the right idea in this setup, opting for a trio of animal portraits that are cute but not overly juvenile. A combination of navy blue paint and white subway tile provides a timeless backdrop. The result is a design that can grow with your little ones.


4. Showcase colorful bath towels.

It's no secret that kids change their minds about everything, including their favorite cartoons, songs, and colors. So consider opting for temporary pieces of decor that can be swapped easily without spending a lot of time or money. For instance, towels are a great way to add personality and color to the space; and when the kids get a little bit older, and prefer a different color or pattern, it won't involve a whole bathroom makeover to change things up.


5. Add some personality with tile wainscoting.

This small bathroom by Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed gets punched up with adorable tile wainscoting that will surely set your little one's heart a flutter. By just doing the lower half of the wall in fish scale tile, you're not overwhelming the room (which is possible with a bright color like aqua).



6. Provide a step stool.

A step stool in a kids' bathroom is never a bad idea. The functional item can help them reach the sink and items on the countertop like their toothbrush. However, it can be hard to find space in small bathrooms. Enter this all-white setup by Chango & Co. Here, a box step is perfectly sized to tuck under the sink when it is not in use.


"Little ones need a step stool to properly wash their hands, brush their teeth, and see into the mirror," say Erica Davis and Laurie Davis of Eralyn Interiors."The step stool can either be free-standing, often needing two steps [until] the child gets older, or it can be built in and pulled out from the bottom of the cabinet disguised as a drawer."

7. Try some fun wallpaper.

One quick and easy way to add a playful note to a kids' bathroom is with a whimsical wallpaper pattern. Give your kiddos a couple of options to choose from so they'll feel like they are part of the process and it's really their space. And if you're worried about the washroom feeling too busy, limit the wallpaper to one wall à la this setup by Katie LeClercq. The navy blue, hot air balloon motif sits above the matching chair rail and wainscoting, resulting in a fun focal point. A wood vanity cabinet and kilim rug warm up the cool color scheme.



8. Introduce a playful shower curtain.

Allow your little one's imagination to run wild with the help of an enchanting shower curtain. For example, the oversize octopus flaunted in this bathroom could easily transport you to an adventure in the deep blue ocean. And bonus, this decorating is quick, easy, and inexpensive so you can swap it out for a more grown-up curtain down the road.

9. Try polka dots.

Polka dots are always fun, which is why adding them to a kids' bath is a no-brainer. But don't just take our word for it, allow this adorable space by Studio Dwell to serve as proof. The blush-colored wallpaper pattern is mirrored on the floor and the shower niche with black and white hex tiles.

10. Welcome vibrant shower tile.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

A bright color palette doesn't have to stop with wallpaper or paint. Try vibrant tile in the shower stall as demonstrated in this verdant space. The shower walls are clad in tile flaunting varying shades of green, which adds loads of visual interest and movement in this corner of the bathroom.


11. Go with Jack and Jill vanities.

If there is one thing that we know about kids it's that sharing is not always their strong suit. To avoid any unnecessary squabbles, opt for Jack and Jill vanities so each of your kiddos will have their own sink area. The team over at Faust Design Build did just that in this charming little bathroom, complete with matching fixtures, mirrors, and wall sconces. The terrazzo wallpaper provides a fun backdrop and presents an opportunity to play with more than one color throughout the space.

12. Dress up the glass shower enclosure with colorful window tint.

If your kiddos' bathroom has a glass shower enclosure instead of a curtain, not to worry, you can still add loads of personality to their space. Take note of this colorful setup from the Hunker House. Here, we applied vibrant window tint in abstract shapes to the glass for a unique design that every tiny tot would be excited about. Complete the look with other pieces of bright bathroom decor such as towels, a stool, and a dino bath mat, of course.

13. Try out a coastal theme.

This coastal kids' bathroom idea by Amy Peltier Interior Design and Home feels like a paradise under the sea. From the fish-patterned wallpaper to the seafoam green accent tile, the whimsical design feels like the perfect place to splish and splash. White penny tile, marble countertops, a farmhouse sink, and a vanity cabinet keep the focus on the top half of the room. An old-school copper pendant lamp provides the ideal finishing touch.

14. Go for a grown-up look.

Think of a white bathroom as a blank canvas. Add a pop of color or dress it up with a few brass accents, and oh, the possibilities! Husband and wife home-flippers Mike and CC hit the nail on the head with this blush and gold bathroom design.

15. Give it a retro feel.

The beauty of trends is that they come back around every few decades. Right now the '80s and '90s are big, so why not introduce some of that retro flair to your little ones? Zara from @the.mental.temple shows us how it's done. Her girls' bathroom makeover feels like a scene out of ‌Clueless‌ or ‌Saved by the Bell‌, complete with vibrant colors, checkerboard patterns, and rainbow motifs.

16. Add colorful bathroom fixtures.

Raili Clasen didn't shy away from color when designing this light-filled washroom — but she did it without overwhelming the space. The tone-on-tone blue tile floor anchors the otherwise white space, while cobalt fixtures add an additional pop and tie the whole look together.

17. Integrate plenty of storage.

You'll likely need lots of storage in your kids' bathroom, especially if it's serving more than one child. Between the bath toys, towels, toiletries, and everything in between, there are a lot of things to corral. Consider an open shelving unit, such as the one spotted here, that will keep bath time essentials organized yet right at your fingertips.

"A cluttered bathroom can be very stressful for kids," Barbaris says. "Installing a great storage system in the bathroom is key to eliminating cluttered surfaces. Storage at a level for kids makes it accessible and encourages cleaning by kids [to] help keep the bathroom [tidy]."

18. Hang wall hooks at a kid-friendly height.

Not only are wall hooks a quick and easy storage solution, but installing them at a kid-friendly height will encourage your little ones to help clean up after bath time. Veronika of @britton.home.and.lifestyle chose hooks in the shape of tiny ship anchors for this blue bathroom. Now, the kiddos can easily hang their towels or robe when they're done using them.

19. Consider the sink.

Designer Raili Clasen infused this cozy water closet with a burst of vibrant color thanks to a wall-mounted blue sink, yellow faucet, and matching blue and yellow wallpaper. Vertical white shiplap wainscoting balances the bold hues and keeps the space feeling light and fun instead of dark and heavy.

20. Invest in a fun bath mat.

Designing a kids' bathroom can be as simple as bringing in a few childlike touches. For example, in this blue and white setup a bath mat that reads "Splish Splash" instantly changes the mood of the space. The elephant-shaped towel holder perched on the countertop complements the youthful vibe. And when your tiny tots are older, you can quickly and easily swap out the kid-friendly pieces of decor.

21. Paint the floor.

If budget is a concern or you just feel like stretching your DIY muscles, follow the lead of designer Isabel Ladd and paint your existing floor. She opted for a vibrant yellow pattern to brighten up the space and complement the wallpaper. This is such a great low-budget and unique way to transform your space.

22. Add personal touches.

Let your kids know that the bathroom is fully theirs by adding personal touches. For instance, this darling setup by down2earth Interior Design features a cute monogrammed towel. You can do the same with your own kids' initials or use different color bathroom accessories for each of your little ones.

23. Go big.

In this kids' bathroom by @internidesignps, the oversize dog-shaped wall mural with mirrors for eyes is clearly the star of the show. Not only is it cute and creative, but the decor idea might also be a clever way to get kids excited about self-care tasks such as brushing their teeth. And if you want a temporary solution, consider a peel-and-stick option.

24. Include storage inside the tub.

When it comes to kids' bathrooms there's no such thing as too much storage. Follow the lead of @lauren_callaby and incorporate storage solutions inside the tub as well as outside for bath time essentials and toys.

"The toys will be too wet to put away, so we suggest a plastic basket that can be kept in the tub for the toys to dry before they are put away," the Davises say. This setup has a netted container that sticks to the wall so the toys can drain excess water after bath time ... genius!

25. Embrace a sports-themed bathroom.

It's one thing to center your room design around the bathroom color palette, but it's a whole other experience to really lean into a particular theme. The team over at Alena Capra Design Studio shows us how it's done with the help of this super-cool football-inspired bath. From the accessories on the counter to the towels under the sink to the floor tile, every aspect of the space was included for a cohesive and playful design.

"Creating a theme can be fun for kids as they are excited in the design process," Barbaris says. "Choosing a favorite theme, color, shower curtains, towels, toothbrush, wall plate cover, and decorative tiles will help the child feel happy."



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