These Bathroom Color Ideas Are Worth Considering

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Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but this tiny space can have a big impact if you choose the right colors. The perfect shade can make a small space feel expansive, accentuate your metallic fixtures, or make every shower feel like a spa.

But "choosing the right color" can be difficult. Yes, the room may be little, but you spend a lot of time inside those walls. You want to pick a shade that suits your abode's overall decor or theme, blends beautifully with your hardware and tile, and doesn't make your home feel dated. Do you want neutral walls and bold accents, or bold walls and sleek, minimal decorations? The choice is yours — and it all starts with paint.

Ideas for Bathroom Colors

While you shouldn't let bathroom trends dictate your color choice, knowing what's hot (and what's not) can help narrow down your options. Here are the bathroom color schemes that homeowners are loving today:

Black and white

Try going full, graphic black and white. Your options are almost limitless: You can lay white tile with black grout, or go all out and paint your walls black. Perhaps you keep your walls white, but choose all-black cabinetry and a dramatic shower curtain. Either way, your bathroom will transform into a to-die-for space.


Neutral shades can be your best bet if you're not looking to make a bold statement in your bathroom.

  • Beige is delightfully back in style. Add softness to your space by choosing the right shade — from greige, which leans toward gray, or taupes, which embrace earthy tones.
  • Gray is perpetually in style. A soft, off-white keeps a minimal feel without being too stark. A dark, stormy gray can bring a bit of fun and moodiness.
  • White, a classic, is the perfect color to build a minimal look around. Paint your walls white or use it as a stabilizing shade against a bold wall.


Want drama? Don't be afraid to go bold.

  • Green can be a stunning choice, especially if you're looking for a midcentury modern look. Choose a deep green to make your bathroom feel like a jewel box, or a mint for a modern pastel.
  • Blue works wonderfully with gold accents — especially if you go navy. Just like green, this ever-popular shade can be pared down to pastel basics for a softer look.
  • Black definitely requires some courage. Paint your walls all-black for serious, Tony-award-winning drama — or just your cabinets to test the waters.
  • Purple may seem like a scary hue, but if you pick the right shade, it can make a bathroom feel super luxe.


Choosing an ultra-bright shade makes your space feel fun and fresh. Yes, it might be frightening, but we bet you'll like the results.

  • Orange gives your bathroom tangerine appeal. Choose vivid, Spanish-inspired tiles for an earthy (yet colorful) space, or color block with a neutral shade for a burst of tango.
  • Yellow: This sunny shade promises to instantly cheer you up every morning. Pair with other bright neon shades to make a statement.
  • Pink doesn't have to be millennial to complement your morning routine. Try anything from dusty rose to salmon to magenta.

Other Ways to Add Color to Your Bathroom

Painting the walls is the most obvious way to update your space, but there are a number of different ways to add color in the bathroom: