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Your washroom may be the smallest area in your house, but this functional space can actually make a big impact if you choose your color palette wisely. And the benefits of adding color to your bathroom are many, including the ability to make small spaces feel larger, complement lustrous metal finishes, and turn an ordinary shower into a spa-worthy design moment, to name a few. But for those of us who aren't interior designers, "choosing the right bathroom color" can be difficult. Yes, the total square footage may be less than, say, the kitchen or living room, but you spend ​a lot​ of time inside those four walls, so the decision deserves some thought.

But where do you start? Well, you want to pick a shade that suits your home's overall design aesthetic and matches your personality, too. It should also blend beautifully with your hardware and tile and won't make your home feel dated. Do you want neutral walls and bold accents, or bold walls and sleek, minimal home decor? The choice is yours — and it all starts with your bathroom paint colors. However, you can also liven up the color scheme with the help of wallpaper and tile, too. And while you shouldn't let bathroom trends or the ever-changing Color of the Year dictate your choice, knowing what's hot (and what's not) can certainly help narrow down your options.


From neutral to bold to bright bathroom color schemes, here are 11 vibrant ideas that homeowners are currently loving.

Neutral Bathroom Color Ideas

Neutral shades can be your best bet if you're not looking to make a bold statement in your bathroom.


The color beige is delightfully back in style. Add softness to your bathroom design by choosing the right shade — from greige (which leans toward gray) to taupe (which flaunts more earthy undertones).


The color gray is perpetually in style. And a soft, barely-there shade of light gray paint will keep your bathroom design feeling minimal without being too stark. On the other hand, a dark, stormy charcoal hue, like the one seen in this romantic setup from Heidi Caillier Design, can bring a bit of drama and moodiness.


Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Always a classic, bright white is the perfect backdrop for a minimal look. Consider a white subway tile backsplash or a crisp white wall paint. Regardless of the direction you choose, the end result will be calming and peaceful.

Bold Bathroom Color Ideas

Want drama? Don't be afraid to go bold.


Whether light green, sage, or teal, the verdant hue can be a stunning choice — especially if you're looking for a midcentury modern or vintage-inspired look. Choose a deep, emerald shade to make your bathroom feel like a jewel box, or opt for something lighter like pastel mint.



Whether you fancy blue paint, tile, or wallpaper, the dreamy color just works. And bonus: It also pairs wonderfully with gold accents — especially if you go the navy blue route. Just like green, this ever-popular shade can range from decadently dark to a quiet pastel for a softer look.


Using purple as the focus for any interior design palette may seem a little scary, but if you pick the right shade (like the eggplant hue Jenni from I Spy DIY used in this small bathroom) it can make your space feel super luxe.

Black and White

Opt for a graphic black-and-white combo. Your options are almost limitless. You can go all out and pair white accents with an ebony wall color. Or, stick to white tile on the walls and go all-black with the cabinetry and a dramatic shower curtain. Either way, your bathroom remodel will transform into a to-die-for space.


And speaking of the color black, this dramatic shade definitely requires some courage. Paint your walls for some serious, Tony award-winning drama — or just your cabinets to test the waters. And if you're looking for even less of a commitment, you can deck out your bathroom with black accents to start.


Bright Bathroom Color Ideas

Choosing an ultra-bright shade makes your space feel fun and fresh. Yes, it might be frightening, but we bet you'll like the results in the end.


When deciding on a palette for any space, orange is typically thought of as an accent color. However, the warm hue can actually give your bathroom a fun, energetic vibe. Choose vivid, Spanish-inspired tiles for an earthy (yet colorful) space, or color block with a muted shade to tone things down.


This sunny shade promises to instantly cheer you up every morning. Pair with other bright neon shades to really make a statement.


When it comes to pink, you don't have to go the millennial route to complement your morning routine. Try anything from dusty rose to salmon to magenta.

Other Ways to Add Color to Your Bathroom

Painting the walls is the most obvious choice to update your space, but there are a number of different ways to add color to the bathroom:


  • Floor tiles don't have to be white or gray. Choose a standard option in an unforgettable shade, or install ceramic tiles in a colorful pattern.
  • Wall tile is another fantastic way to add a pop of color.
  • Another way to change up your bathroom's palette is with patterned or colorful wallpaper — and with today's removable options it can be quite simple to install, too.
  • Light fixtures and plumbing fixtures can go beyond metallic finishes. A matte black faucet can be the ideal accent in a white bathroom — or mix things up with a colorful wall sconce.
  • We're delighted to report that wainscoting is back, and it can ​seriously​ upgrade your bathroom. Once installed, paint the classic wall paneling in a contrasting shade to add dimension to a small space. Consider pairing a bright paint color with a funky wallpaper pattern, or go monochromatic for a sophisticated look.


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