bathroom with orange ceiling and black and white tile
credit: Decorpad

We get it: Orange is a risky color. You don't see it used very often as a defining hue in home design, and when you do, it's rarely done well. But we believe you can definitely do orange right. One place we are never afraid to experiment? The bathroom. These beautiful bathrooms put orange to use through paint, wallpaper, and tile — and we thoroughly approve.

1. Go with modern tile.

small orange tiles in bathroom
credit: Perini Tiles

Thinking about a completely tiled bathroom? Consider covering one wall — or a shower enclosure — with orange tiles as an accent.

2. Color block it.

This Milan apartment uses orange in a way that doesn't scream "Tropicana:" with a peachy-salmon hue painted halfway up the bathroom wall for a color blocked look.

3. Add some Spanish influence.

This space by Raspberry Doors adds a punch of color thanks to tiles inspired by traditional motifs. Looking for something similar? Try Granada Tile's Echo collection, which can be customized according to your desired color.

4. Bring some sunshine to a rustic bathroom.

rustic bathroom with orange walls
credit: SVM Houses

Trying out the rustic thing in your home? It doesn't all need to be covered in white. In fact, an orange hue can really bring out the warmth of wood accents.

5. Make it a Creamsicle motif.

orange shower tile with white tile
credit: Instagram

Orange doesn't overwhelm when it's on a tiled floor. And if you're stuck on what accent color to bring in, white is a perfect choice.

6. Think Pink(ish).

bathroom with peach orange paint
credit: Fyne Designs

This bathroom makeover by Fyne Designs is a reminder that orange can be defined many ways — and a coat of paint in a peach hue is a fun way to bring life to a space.

7. Go for a bold and glam look.

bathroom with orange ceiling and black and white tile
credit: Decorpad

You can do a lot with a black-and-white bathroom, but adding orange can transform it into something completely different — think Kelly Wearstler-esque Hollywood glam.

8. Salmon is a crowd-pleaser.

orange salmon paint in bathroom
credit: Home Depot

Don't want to get too orange? Salmon can be a choice that's a bit more approachable, yet still statement-making.


modern orange kartell bathroom
credit: Design Milk

This space, designed through a collaboration between Kartell and Laufen, is perfect inspiration if you're looking to give your bathroom a high-design, fully customized renovation.

10. Traditionalism + orange = classy.

orange wallpaper in bathroom
credit: Jay Jeffers

We love us some wallpaper in the bathroom. While we usually default to more modern designs, this photo is making us want to go full-on grande dame with some traditional motifs.

11. Can't decide? Accessorize first.

orange ombre shower curtain
credit: Moshells

If you're not sure that orange is for you, it's easy enough to give the shade a trial run through some choice bathroom accessories. Plus, this ombre shower curtain is only $9.99, so you really have nothing to lose.

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Leonora Epstein

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