30 Black and White Bathroom Ideas for a Timeless Makeover

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What's black and white and gorgeous all over? These dreamy bathrooms, of course. The classic color combination is always an excellent choice, but it's especially true in the one room that's dedicated to self-care. What's more, it truly works with almost any decor style, whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist. While black and white color palettes result in a crisp and clean feel, they also happen to be the perfect base for adding other colors into the mix. Introducing shades of blue, pink, green, and gray in big and small ways can soften what may feel like a stark contrast between two very opposite hues. And the flexibility doesn't stop there. Black, chrome, or brass-finished hardware all work beautifully in black and white bathrooms, making the options to personalize your space seemingly endless.


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Let's take a look at 30 stunning black and white bathroom ideas that prove the color combo is here to stay.

1. Punctuate with matte black fixtures.

If your bathroom is mostly white, one easy way to introduce the color black into your palette is to switch out all of your hardware with fixtures flaunting a matte black finish. This modern setup by NTF Architecture avoids the starkness of being too monochromatic by playing with different materials like the vertical subway tiles, marble vanity, and off-white flooring, and then punctuating the sea of white with ebony accents here and there.


2. Splurge on white freestanding sinks and matching faucets.

Think outside of the traditional sink and vanity box, and go for something unexpected. The team over at Northbourne Architecture + Design did just that in this swanky bath, opting for a pair of cylindrical pedestal sinks and matching white wall-mounted faucets. The black backsplash-meets-floor tile really allows the unique white fixtures to pop.


3. Go bold with a striking wallpaper pattern.

Busy prints in bright colors can be a bit overbearing in a small space. The solution? Go black and white with your wallpaper. If you're feeling fancy, you can splurge on the Christian LaCroix (read: $$) design spotted in this dreamy setup by Technē Architecture & Design. Or, you can save a few pennies and still get the look with a similar pattern that won't break the bank. Powder rooms are a great space to go bold with your black and white palette.


4. Take the wall tile down to the floor.

Interior designer Raili Clasen knows a thing or two about incorporating unexpected and creative elements into just about any room, including the bathroom. This contemporary black and white setup, featuring patterned wall tile that continues down to the floor, is a picture-perfect example. The addition of light wood flooring ensures that the space continues to feel warm and inviting despite the contrasting color scheme.


5. Go with classic black and white subway tile.

Give your black and white bathroom a luxury hotel makeover à la this design from Nest Architects. Here, both black and white subway tiles clad the walls and the tub surround, resulting in an industrial-meets-art-deco vibe. This soaker needs little more than some fluffy, soft towels, a cozy robe, and slippers on hand for that five-star feel. Complete the look with polished chrome fixtures and high-end toiletries.


6. Make a statement with graphic shower tile.

Like wallpaper, a quick way to embrace the black and white trend in your bathroom is with shower tile. For example, Salthouse Collective went with this graphic design in a walk-in shower, and the addition makes quite the impact. The white flooring and surrounding walls add balance and keep the tile from feeling overbearing.


7. Match the counters to the floor.

What's better than marble bathroom countertops? Marble flooring. Follow the lead of Technē Architecture & Design and use the same material for both. While we love the look of marble, you can use a different option, like concrete, instead. The end result will be cohesive and oh-so-stylish no matter what you choose.


8. Add a touch of wood.

Have a traditional bathroom but want to rock a black and white palette? No problem. Allow this striking design by Jean Stoffer to be your guide. The wood paneling on one wall keeps the look from feeling too stark or modern and adds an inviting warmth that pairs beautifully with the brass accents seen throughout.


9. Install penny tile.

The good news about choosing black and white tiles for your bathroom is that there are infinite styles to choose from. The bad news is there are infinite styles to choose from. So follow the lead of Ashley over at Cherished Bliss and incorporate more than one style in your remodel. She chose white subway tile for the walls and black penny tile for the floor, and the combination is picture-perfect.


10. Break up your black and white palette with a colorful rug.

If you're a boho-style lover like us, then you're in for a treat. This black and white bathroom idea by Alexander Design is giving us all the feels with an all-black shower stall, floating vanity, and geometric patterned tiles. The vibrant red rug adds a little something special to break up the contrasting scheme.

11. Keep it minimal.

Black and white color schemes aren't limited to graphic tile, dramatic wallpaper, and bold paint. In fact, you can pull off the color idea quite minimally, and this spa-worthy scene by Atelier Barda is the perfect example. The matte black fixtures provide the tiniest bit of contrast without taking anything away from the soothing vibe.

12. Create a black focal point with a floating vanity.

Anchor your bathroom with a floating vanity in solid black like this modern look crafted by Auhaus Architecture. White vessel sinks provide a nice contrast, while the wood cabinetry adds a touch of warmth. Complete the sleek setup with gooseneck faucets and a frameless mirror.

13. Embrace wood cabinetry.

Wood cabinetry is a great way to balance a black and white color combo and keep it from feeling stark. The team over at My Little Empire clearly received the memo as they incorporated a light wood floating vanity in this elegant bathroom design. The natural material beautifully complements the palette and adds a welcome dash of warmth.

14. Invite texture with zellige tile.

While there are many ways to add texture to a bathroom design, hands down one of our favorites is zellige tile. In this stunning sanctuary by Design Hutch, the onyx-colored backsplash covers three-quarters of the walls like wainscoting. The modern light fixture and oval-shaped mirror are the icing on the cake.

15. Paint the walls and ceiling black.

Don't forget the ceiling in your bathroom remodel plans. Take a page out of Amber Lewis' design handbook and continue the wall color overhead. And if you really want to make a splash, a wall-mounted marble sink would definitely do the trick. This look proves that when it comes to making your black and white bathroom feel unique, it's all in the details.

16. Create an eye-catching accent wall with herringbone tile.

Whether on the floor or the wall, a traditional herringbone pattern is always a good idea. Draw the eye to the back of your space with a black tile accent wall like the one spotted in this tranquil refuge by Sarah Montgomery Design. We love the idea of showcasing colorful towels for an extra pop.

17. Incorporate a checkered detail.

If farmhouse style is your cup of tea, take notes on this design by Chango & Co. The team cleverly introduced a black and white palette with the help of buffalo check wallpaper. Country-inspired details used throughout the small space — such as shiplap wall paneling, industrial globe-style wall sconces, and even a leather hook to hang the mirror — bring the charming theme to life.

18. Welcome retro style with vintage-inspired tile.

If you live in an older home or apartment, keep the feeling of your vintage bathroom intact by sticking with retro touches, as shown in this space by Oleander and Palm. Add black accents with drawer and cabinet pulls, sconces, and old-school patterned tile floors. While some of these black and white elements are original to this older home, it feels refreshed.

19. Weave together a variety of materials.

If you love living in a loft or an industrial-style space, this black and white bathroom is pure inspo. To create a one-of-a-kind bathroom — or shall we say, ​bathing nook —​ a cool mash-up of different materials like tile, brick, and even concrete were used. The clawfoot tub, complete with a telephone-style handshower and vintage-style floor tile, turn on the charm and then some.

20. Dress up the walls with black wainscoting.

Embrace a black and white palette, but keep your traditional space just that by simply adding some black wainscoting to the mix. Leave the top half of the walls, the pedestal sink, toilet, and even the light fixtures white, like this bathroom by Studio McGee, to ensure the dark wall paneling will stand out even more.

21. Add touches of pink to the palette.

This dreamy space feels like a luxury bathroom thanks to the black mosaic mural behind the tub. The oversize pink roses are delightful touches that add color and artistic flair to the everyday wall tile, taking the design to the next level.

22. Paint your shiplap black.

Shiplap backsplashes are perfect for a modern farmhouse bathroom. But if you're going with a black and white palette, consider painting the wall paneling black like Emily Henderson. The simple change turns an otherwise unassuming design into a luxe design that demands attention. The white countertops, vanity, cabinet, and flooring provide an excellent contrast to the inky walls.

23. Consider hexagon-shaped floor tile.

Does your bathroom remodel call for new flooring? If that's the case, consider going with a black hexagon-shaped tile like the one used in this light-filled setup by Lauren DeBello Interiors. The geometric design, complete with dark grout, adds just enough visual interest without drawing attention away from the overall scene.

24. Add an industrial edge with a concrete countertop.

Switch out your white countertops for concrete in your black and white bathroom. The industrial material is a guaranteed stunner and acts as a happy medium between two contrasting colors. Follow the lead of this dreamy situation and opt for concrete shower walls, too.

25. Warm things up with brass hardware.

Go moody and paint your bathroom walls in glossy black paint. But make things extra cool and add brass finished hardware for a lustrous glow-up. While the combo sounds daring on paper, it actually looks quite stunning as evidenced by this bathroom design. And if having all-black walls is a deal-breaker, limit the dramatic hue to one accent wall and leave the rest white.

26. Complement with gray shower tile.

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This modern bathroom design feels a bit Scandi-inspired with the addition of gray vertical tile on the tub surround and backsplash. Keep your floor and hardware black, and your bathtub and sink white. Next, warm things up with some natural materials like the blonde wood vanity seen here.

27. Create drama with a luxe marble backsplash.

Make an unforgettable statement with an eye-catching marble backsplash for your freestanding tub. Forgo classic Calacatta marble in favor of a bolder and darker choice, like the black and gray stone selected by Chango & Co. The dramatic backdrop will undoubtedly make bath time a special event.

28. Make it all about the freestanding tub.

If you have a tiny alcove just for your tub, invest in a freestanding option that's really going to stand out. We love the black soaker that Heidi Caillier selected for this marble-clad bathroom. And just when we thought the ultra-chic nook couldn't get any better, we noticed the Spanish tile floor. Swoon!

29. Opt for black subway tile and a matching sink.

White subway tile will forever be a classic, but if you want to give the industrial material a little more edge, opt for black instead. This bathroom design featuring a black countertop, vanity, and artwork definitely has the right idea. The brass fixtures are a nice touch, too.

30. Give a nod to art deco style.

This bathroom design by Hendel Homes is a total glam moment. Everything from the black and white color palette to the crystal chandelier to the art deco-inspired floor tile adds to the effect. Oh, and let's not forget the stunning freestanding tub with a view of the outdoors.



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