These Carrara Marble Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Are Oh-So-Chic

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When thinking about bathroom backsplash ideas for a classy and polished look, one material might come to mind: marble. It's timeless, sophisticated, and versatile to decorate with. If you're considering a Carrara marble backsplash bathroom, there are a few key elements to keep in mind.


Let's start by looking at some of the pros and cons of marble bathroom backsplashes.

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Pros of Carrara Marble Bathroom Backsplashes

For starters, a major draw of Carrara marble is its sleek look. You can use it for everything from a minimal bathroom to a more bold look. "Carrara itself is a stone that has been popular for thousands of years," Nancy Epstein, CEO and Founder of Artistic Tile, tells Hunker.


The material also often has a lot of longevity, making it an investment that can last for a significant amount of time. In addition, Epstein stresses, Carrara marble is "less expensive than many similar stones and is widely available."

Cons of Carrara Marble Bathroom Backsplashes

Keep in mind that substances like hair dye and nail polish can stain marble. You'll need to use a sealer on marble to protect it. "The way to test if marble is properly sealed is to pour water on it," Epstein says. "If it puddles up, it is properly sealed. If it is absorbed, it is not sealed properly." For maintenance, Epstein recommends PH neutral cleaners and resealing your marble every 15 years.


You should also be careful to not scratch or dent it. Other cons include Carrara marble's high price point (it's affordable overall but of course more expensive than other options). Marble is also significantly heavy so it's not easy to install — and, in general, it's a great idea to work with a professional installer.


1. Pair with a hardwood floor and minimal color palette.

For a clean and modern look, choose silver hardware and a light hardwood floor to pair with your marble backsplash. Keep things symmetrical and minimal in this all-white look with pops of green.


2. Get quirky with a textured wall and statement lighting fixture.

This glitzy bathroom space proves that you can definitely incorporate a marble backsplash into an eclectic bathroom design.


3. Up the classy factor with gold hardware.

Marble automatically makes us think "this place looks super sophisticated," and what better way to up the ante than with gold cabinet pulls and faucets. Add in a few black accents and you'll have a chic bathroom in no time.



4. Combine your marble backsplash with open shelving.

Make your bathroom space feel airy and open by opting for some open shelves. We also love how the marble backsplash looks against blue cabinets.


5. Incorporate bright colors.

We're swooning over how this marble bathroom backsplash gets highlighted thanks to brightly painted cabinets. The framed hexagonal bathroom mirrors complete this eclectic look.


6. Use minimal decor with playful accents.

This kids bathroom somehow uses a classy marble backsplash while keeping a playful vibe with an animal head accent and kid-friendly lighting fixtures.


7. Incorporate shiplap for a rustic look.

This might not seem like the first move you'd make in a bathroom remodel, but we like the idea of experimenting with mixing materials. Add shiplap to the walls and a mirror framed with natural material for a farmhouse bathroom look.



Where to Shop for Carrara Marble

Ready to start your marble countertop makeover? Here are a few places to kickstart your shopping. You can, of course, shop online, but because Carrara marble is so heavy you might want to check your local retailer or supplier first to avoid any hefty shipping fees.

Artistic Tile

You can find a number of Carrara marble designs at Artistic Tile, a family-owned company that also offers in-house customization.

Floor & Decor

Browse mosaic and tile options at Floor & Decor in a variety of styles. The company prices them by both piece and square foot.

The Tile Shop

Look through the options for Carrara tile at The Tile Shop, including herringbone and cobble configurations.


This major retailer carries Carrara marble mosaic wall title (although they might feature additional striations that give the pattern a different look). Lowe's also carries sink bathroom vanities that come with natural Carrara marble countertops.



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