19 Knobs and Drawer Pulls to Make Your DIY Project Look Super Custom

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Look around your home. We know there's a dresser, credenza, desk, or cabinet in need of an upgrade. Instead of buying new, think about a fresh coat of paint. Once that dries, the secret to making your DIY look super custom is a fetching handle, knob, or pull that makes your creation look like a designer product. Yes, some of these knobs are expensive and might cost you a couple hundred dollars to buy enough to complete a project, but we bet you anything that it will still be less than something store-bought.

Petite Friture Bubble Small Glass Hook, $85
credit: Smallable
CB2 Black Marble Handles, $17.95-$24.95
credit: CB2
Forge Hardware Studio Lucite and Brass Drawer Knob, $8.99
credit: Etsy
HookedPullMeKnob Brass and Leather Pull, $7.90-$27.90
credit: Etsy
Anthropologie Graham Handle, $22
credit: Anthropologie
Ferm Living Blue Lapis and Brass Knob (Large), $65
credit: 2Modern
Posh Hardware Shop Leaf Handle Pull (2-pack, small), $27.82
credit: Etsy
credit: Schoolhouse
Anthropologie Una Knobs (2), $24
credit: Anthropologie
credit: IKEA
Hardware Foundry Brass Knot Knob, $7
credit: Etsy
CB2 Amethyst or Quartz Concave Knob, $19.95
credit: CB2
RH Lambeth Hexagonal Knob, $21
credit: RH
Whitewashed Shop Concrete Round Cabinet Knob, $6.86-$8
credit: Etsy
Beauty Acrylic Blue Cabinet Door Knob (2), $6.12
credit: Wayfair
World Market Mother of Pearl and Wood Knobs (2), $11.98
credit: World Market
Anthropologie Palmistry Knobs (2), $32
credit: Anthropologie

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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