36 Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

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If you want to get a relaxing and cozy look in your washroom, a farmhouse bathroom is a great way to go. By combining raw materials and organic textures with modern color schemes and timeless decor — think reclaimed wood, clay pots, vintage furniture, and mixed metal finishes — you can create an idyllic room with a warm and inviting ambiance, even in a small space.


But designing this perfectly lived-in space does take forethought and consideration. Designer Kelsey McGregor likes to recommend starting with some classic farmhouse building blocks. "If we've been tasked with giving a bathroom farmhouse style, we incorporate details like vertical shiplap, arched mirrors, and vintage-inspired lighting," she says. Those are just a few go-tos that help make up the heart of farmhouse bathroom decor. Leigh's next step is always to add some modern touches for balance: "We put a modern spin on the decor from here, and complement more rustic elements with high-end marble, tile, [and] hardware."

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Leigh's formula to farmhouse style is a winning approach, but there are also many others. Read on for our favorite country-inspired bathroom decorating ideas that will look radiant in your own home.

36 Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Try an all-white color palette.

This bathroom remodel by blogger Lynzy from Lynzy and Co. is sure to stand the test of time, thanks to a neutral all-white color palette and woven baskets for storage and functionality. Plus, a sliding barn door adds a unique touch and saves on space — we recommend this for anyone with a small bathroom.


2. Take inspiration from the English countryside.

Inspired by English country style, an antique clawfoot tub takes center stage in this homey, modern farmhouse bathroom captured by photographer Jason Ingram. And it's highlighted further by a raised platform. The vintage table and woven basket add to the intimate interior design, which has an appealing un-styled quality. A simple arrangement of flowers adds an organic note.


3. Integrate raw materials such as reclaimed wood and brick.

Wondering how you can make your bathroom makeover look more rustic? Follow Hello Norden owner and principal Kassina Folstad's lead, and opt for industrial-leaning elements such as brick walls, reclaimed wood, exposed plumbing, and barn-style pendant lights. She actually constructed the wood base of this vanity for $20 with items that she found and scavenged, and then added a Carrera marble countertop. It's farmhouse chic on a DIY budget!



4. Make it modern.

You can instantly add modern flair to your farmhouse bathroom design by simply opting for lighter-colored wood cabinetry, as seen in this space by Shauna from The House of Silver Lining. The white oak vanity has been customized with midcentury style legs flaunting a brushed brass finish that works beautifully with the oversized mirror and streamlined wall sconces.


5. Consider using a feed trough for the bathtub.

This bathroom captured by Diana Moss is a minimalist farmhouse lover's dream. The Babylonstoren Hotel in South Africa really took the aesthetic to heart by repurposing a livestock feed tank to serve as a freestanding tub. Painted in a crisp shade of white, this industrial showstopper blends in seamlessly with the white subway tile backdrop and white-painted walls and ceiling. A telephone-style hand shower with faucet and warm wood accents complete the scene.


6. Paint it black.

When you think of a farmhouse-style bathroom you may visualize a light and bright color palette. But a dark accent wall, or room, can still be representative of the aesthetic. Here, blogger Bonnie Ryan shows us how it's done, and we love the way the black wall adds contrast and depth while playing off of the other black and white accents in the space.



7. Leave your pipes exposed.

While your eyes might instantly be drawn to the vintage arched cathedral mirror in blogger Jenna Sue's bathroom, we are equally smitten by the exposed brass showerhead and matching round shower curtain rod. Oh, and the herringbone brick floors. The mix of rustic and refined elements comes together seemingly effortlessly in this setup.


8. Stay neutral.

One way to keep your farmhouse look more current is to choose a neutral color palette. Here, designer Kelsey McGregor nods to the past with shiplap wall paneling and a few vintage pieces. Meanwhile she keeps the look au courant with a contemporary tub and monochrome palette of warm woods, gold, and white.


9. Mix metal finishes.

Designed by Sandra Alexander from Dessa Lea Productions, this bathroom is a toast to the French countryside. Note how the weathered vanity gives it that farmhouse feel, while the shiny brass fixtures and silver mirror frames subtly elevate the space. The vintage-inspired rug and plush white towels make it feel like a relaxing refuge.


10. Hang some barn lights.

Full of personality, and the quintessential farmhouse-inspired piece of decor, barn-style lights are a natural design choice for your bathroom. Here, Corin Havens elevates the look by selecting a polished chrome finish for the light fixtures so they match the faucets.

11. Clad the walls in plaid.

This farmhouse bathroom design by Studio McGee goes a little bit country in the best possible way. For those who want a rustic vibe that still feels modern, this plaid wallpaper pattern in a neutral greige hue walks that line perfectly. The other decorative elements — such as the farmhouse sink perched on top of a honey-colored wood frame, gray wainscoting, and black accents — complement the charming scheme.

12. Try a cozy cabin look.

Reclaimed wood bathroom walls are a wonderful way to champion a rustic look. For instance, this refuge at the Artist Residence hotel in London is a juxtaposition of hard and soft materials plus rough and smooth textures. The end result is an elegant design that prioritizes coziness and comfort with country charm.


13. Add glamour with vintage pieces.

Designer Leanne Ford combined dark hardwood flooring with glamorous details such as black arched French doors, a round vintage table, and gilded accessories. Farmhouse touches — like the trough-style sink with gooseneck faucets, shiplap paneling, and wood shelving — balance the more luxurious elements.

14. Go for an industrial-farmhouse vibe.

It's all about the industrial-meets-farmhouse sinks in this bathroom designed by Pavonetti Architecture. The utilitarian wall-mounted basins feature integrated backsplashes with black trim and exposed white pipes, creating a chic vibe with just enough warmth and glamour — thanks to the vintage rug and brass fixtures.

15. Embrace a clawfoot tub.

Are you dreaming of curling up in a log cabin? We sure are after seeing this gorgeous farmhouse bath designed by Jennifer Bunsa. Rustic features like concrete walls, wood ceiling beams, and herringbone wood floors set the stage for an eye-catching blue clawfoot tub. A white faux antler chandelier, sheepskin rug, and brass fixtures offer the perfect finishing touches.

16. Showcase antique artwork.

Melanie Lissack brought plenty of English charm into her farmhouse bathroom makeover with the help of a beautiful clawfoot tub, complete with a telephone-style hand shower, and tongue and groove wainscoting. Marble shelving, a vintage portrait, and taper candlestick sconces inject a hint of glamour.

17. Invite a floral pattern.

A farmhouse bath is the perfect place to play with pattern, especially if it's on the traditional side. Lisa of Farmhouse on Boone used this floral number in her cozy space which feels simultaneously classic and modern.

18. Lean into the color green.

With farmhouse style's emphasis on natural elements, incorporating the color green just makes sense. We love the neutral shade of sage showcased on the vanity cabinet, especially because it ties in the leafy wallpaper pattern and the tiny potted plants. There's also some great juxtaposition at work between the horizontal lines of the shiplap paneling and the organic wallpaper design.

19. Invest in a candelabra-style chandelier.

Follow Jenni Yolo's lead and pay special attention to the light fixtures. This stunning washroom showcases an elegant candelabra-style chandelier that makes quite an impression without overtaking the small space. Navy blue beadboard wainscoting adds depth and a hint of drama, while the wildflower wallpaper design and large window keep the space from feeling too dark.

20. Soften up your space with textiles.

All-white bathrooms run the risk of looking stark and feeling cold. However, this inviting setup by interior designer Erica Van Slyke proves that isn't always the case. Here, the patterned tile floor, light wood vanity cabinet, rattan pendant light, coordinating towels, and striped bath mat soften the look and inject a welcome dose of warmth.

21. Say it with shiplap.

Shiplap paneling goes hand in hand with farmhouse style, so it goes without saying that adding it to your space is a great place to start when designing a country-inspired bathroom. DIY extraordinaire Rachel Joy opted to install hers horizontally throughout the space, and then complemented the paneling with wood shelving and wicker baskets for washroom storage. The black and white floor tiles take everything to the next level.

22. Experiment with tile.

There's nothing wrong with simplicity, as demonstrated by this farmhouse bath designed by Stephanie of Palm Grove Farmhouse. The simple chevron patterned wall tile adds visual interest to the shower area without feeling too busy, while the dark-colored hex-shaped floor tile anchors the light and airy space. Elements such as the barn-style sliding glass shower doors, light wood vanity cabinet, and gooseneck barn lights offer plenty of farmhouse flair.

23. Upcycle gently used furniture.

We can't get over this farmhouse bathroom makeover by Anastasia Casey of The Identité Collective. Casey opted for an open vanity cabinet design, and spruced it up by adding a polished nickel towel bar on the front. The seafoam green shiplap wainscoting looks positively radiant and provides the perfect pop of color.

24. Consider an antique bronze finish.

When designing the farmhouse bathroom of your dreams, don't overlook the power of metal finishes. Should you stick with the same one throughout your space or mix it up? One popular finish for farmhouse lighting and hardware is antique bronze, thanks to its rustic, traditional aesthetic. When Robert and Laura of Bless'er House revamped this setup they chose to stick with one metal finish for everything, including the pair of antique bronze vanity lights above the oversized mirror (which was a DIY project, btw).

25. Welcome console sinks.

Vintage-meets-farmhouse in this bathroom by Andrea of @fadedplains. Want the look? There are a couple of key design ideas at play here. First up, the console sinks that look as though they were plucked from another time. The crisp white beadboard paneling is a country classic and acts as the perfect backdrop. Also important: Even as Andrea mixes eras and styles, the scale of all the pieces is similarly restrained. And last but not least, she sticks to a neutral color palette of bright white, black, and dark wood, with just a pop of muted pink in the rug.

26. Showcase an empire tub.

If you're looking for farmhouse bathroom ideas that feel balanced, consider a transitional design that blends both traditional and modern sensibilities. For example, in this setup by Corin Havens, a classic double-ended bathtub steals the spotlight thanks to the unique curved shape — which nods to more traditional silhouettes. The tub, however, is surrounded by clean lines, resulting in a space that feels perennial yet still fresh. The beaded chandelier above also offers a relaxed and modern take on a centuries-old aesthetic.

27. Add checkerboard accents.

So often, it's the details that make a room and in the case of this bath designed by Tiffany Farha, it's all about the checkerboard motif. As a pattern that is both on-trend and harkens back to a different time, checkerboard patterns really work with farmhouse style. The black-and-white iteration used on the floor is about as classic as it gets — and don't think we didn't notice how the wire towel baskets under the sink echo grid-like pattern.

28. Opt for classic subway tile.

Subway tile is a classic for a reason, and this bathroom by Whitney Utesch from @carpendaughter shows us why. For starters, the simple rectangular tile, installed in a traditional running bond pattern, provides a timeless backdrop that makes experimenting with fun wallpaper patterns or bold paint colors less daunting. Here, an inky shade is showcased on the upper half of the vanity wall, resulting in a black and white bathroom that feels perfectly balanced. Complete the look with a round brass-framed mirror and exposed Edison bulb sconces.

29. Add an unconventional library.

This bathroom design is such a showstopper and has us bathtub readers totally swooning. Designer Stephanie Sabbe goes out on a limb here, installing built-in shelving for a library — complete with books and sconces — in the bathtub alcove. The navy blue hue used on the walls adds loads of drama and depth, while simultaneously providing dreamy contrast with the white marble tub deck and floor tile. The end result feels like the perfect balance of old and new, in the best possible way — which is one of the hallmarks of farmhouse design.

30. Continue the wall paneling around your tub.

When it comes to farmhouse decor, give us all the wall paneling. We love the country charm of this bathroom belonging to Rita Konig that features shiplap on the walls and the tub surround. The creamy yellow hue contrasts beautifully with the dark wooden chair and framed vintage photographs that are casually propped against the wall.

31. Embrace a faux apron front.

In this modern farmhouse bathroom, Shea McGee opted for a vanity that showcases a mix of traditional shaker and modern flat panel cabinetry, and is topped with a Carrara marble counter. McGee continued the natural stone onto the front of the cabinet to create aprons that give the appearance of farmhouse sinks. Lustrous brass accents provide warmth and a hint of sparkle.

32. Install a steel-framed shower enclosure.

The resurgence of black steel-framed windows has coincided with the rise of industrial and farmhouse styles. In this setup by Chris Loves Julia, the glass shower enclosure flaunts the same look, proving that the decor idea works just as well in bathroom. A warm wood vanity cabinet and brass fixtures temper the severity of the black and white palette.

33. Don't forget the wood beams.

We'd be remiss not to include rustic wood beams on this list of farmhouse bathroom ideas. Though they're spotted less often in the bathroom, that should definitely not deter you. As illustrated here in this design by Pursley Dixon Architecture, wood beams offer a little extra personality and visual interest. And if you really want to take your space to the next level, pair them with a statement-making tub and flowy curtains in front of a window

34. Introduce light fixtures with exposed bulbs.

As the designer on HGTV's "Farmhouse Fixer," Kristina Crestin knows a thing or two about the beloved aesthetic. Case in point: This well appointed bathroom. Crestin went for "farmhouse style, layered with industrial elements," and this space really captures how beautiful the combination can be. Here, a trough sink and beadboard wall paneling are paired with a simple black framed mirror and a pair of sconces with exposed Edison bulbs. The decadent shade of navy blue used on the walls really amps up the drama in this small bath.

35. Go glam.

You really can take farmhouse in so many different directions, as demonstrated by this bathroom from House of Jade Interiors. Erin and Kirsten opted for a glam approach — complete with gold accents, a pink Persian rug, and a swoon-worthy bubble chandelier — and we wholeheartedly approve. It's an apt combination that softens the severity of the high-contrast black and white elements.

36. Incorporate copper.

A vintage-inspired copper tub is just so evocative, be it in the bathroom of Marie Antoinette or a rustic washroom in the Old West. Copper anything, for that matter, speaks to an earlier time, giving it a natural place within the farmhouse aesthetic. In this bathroom by Leanne Ford, white paint and tile on the walls and floor create a clean canvas for the copper tub to (literally) shine. A romantic floral wallpaper showcased on the upper portion of the walls counterbalances the tub's flashy presence down below.



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