Currently Obsessing Over Wall-Mounted Bathroom Sinks, and Here's Why

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Sinks, sinks, sinks — who'd of guessed there could be so many options? These days we're masters of all things from vessel to undermount to trough just to name a few, but what's the right sink for you? Especially if you're struggling with a lack of square footage or looking for a minimal aesthetic? Enter: the wall-mounted sink. Its diminutive size and the fact that it doesn't need to occupy any valuable floor space could be perfect for your bathroom. Scroll on for some dreamy inspo and to learn more about the petite pick, including pros and cons.


What is a wall-mounted sink?

Well, the name pretty much gives it away ... a wall-mounted sink is just that: a sink that is mounted to the wall and is left completely open underneath. Meaning, it doesn't take up any floor space and isn't attached to the floor in any way — which is ideal if visual flow is important to you and your bathroom design.

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Pros of a Wall-Mounted Sink

A wall-mounted sink is perfect for small spaces and will fit in every size bathroom since you don't have to worry about a vanity cabinet. The look is clean and minimal, and it won't take up any floor space. The additional square footage is ideal for several reasons: easy wheelchair access, fewer visual interruptions, and additional styling opportunities for storage baskets. And if that wasn't enough, wall-mounted sinks are also super easy to clean.


Cons of a Wall-Mounted Sink

As with most things in life, wall-mounted sinks are not perfect. For starters, they don't provide any storage space whatsoever, and depending on which sink you get, there might not even be room for hand soap! Another factor to consider is that you will have to open up the wall to install backing for support. And, depending on where your plumbing lines are, you might need to reposition them.


1. Keep it pure and simple.

Designed for those with a more minimal approach to life, the wall-mounted bathroom sink looks its best when simply left alone. Keep things understated and don't go overboard with the accessories. Follow the lead of this design by Studio Prineas and keep all of your fixtures one color.


2. Make your faucet a feature.

Faucets are just as important as sinks in our opinion, and while most homeowners opt to mount their taps on the wall, too, we think this uber-chic setup at the Paramount House Hotel is a great way to go. Embrace that spa-like feeling and opt for a luxe fixture that will take center stage.



3. Double up.

Thanks to the minimal look of a wall-mounted bathroom sink, you can double up and your vanity area will still look clean, without taking up too much space. We love the fresh design scheme of this dreamy pink master bathroom á la Rebecca Judd.


4. Go chunky.

Wall-mounted bathroom sinks don't just come in one standard design. You can get creative and opt for different materials to bring out your personality. We love the varying textures in this gray bathroom designed by Robson Rak; the chunky basin is reminiscent of those found in the fanciest of hotels.


5. Stick with your style.

An industrial wall-mounted bathroom sink is all the rage in modern farmhouse designs and works particularly well in multiples. The white and black utility sinks in this space designed by Studio Duggan look right at home juxtaposed with round penny mosaic tile and a green clawfoot tub. Stick to your personal style so that you will enjoy your selection for years to come.



6. Balance it out.

A sleek wall-mounted bathroom sink, like the one is this space created by Sarah Sherman Samuel, is subtle enough that it won't impose on the rest of your design. However, make sure you balance the look out with contrasting features such as a slightly longer mirror and globe vanity lights.


Shopping for Wall-Mounted Bathroom Sinks:

Looking for a wall-mounted sink? Shop these brands to find the picture-perfect selection.


Explore the wide new selection of bathroom sinks at Rejuvenation, where lighting and hardware are at the forefront. Expect elegant styles incorporating all of the design trends and the faucets to match.

WS Bath Collections

If you've no idea where to start, WS Bath Collections offers an extensive range of bathroom sinks with a modern but finely crafted take. They offer product after product in alternative styles.


If you're after something pure and simple, Duravit is a good way to go. Find all of your wall-mounted sink needs in a variety of designs, finishes, and varying edge styles.



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