Here's How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

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When a bathroom is short on square footage, one might not want to spend a lot of time in there. And as is sometimes the case with small spaces, it lacks in decoration. However, you don't need a sprawling spa-style bathroom to spice it up with personal flavor. From indoor plants to chalkboard walls, there are plenty of options to decorate a small bathroom. In fact, there are even decor ideas that double as space savers.


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Think minimal.

If your bathroom is small, maybe your decor should be too. Think small trinkets, a solo stemmed flower in a vase, or a single wall hanging. Minimalism is your friend when you don't have much space. The LivSpace blog has some great tips for decorating with minimalism in mind.


Hang wall art.

We sometimes forget that art can go in the bathroom. When you're surveying the art you own, consider which pieces deserve the space in the entryway and what would work in the bathroom. Simple, serene images work well in this space.


Sponges are fun.

Flip the script on the traditional bathroom "nautical" theme with some authentic from-the-ocean natural sea sponges. When you're not using them, they actually look fantastic sitting out as decoration. Consider it similar to a statement crystal or quartz.


Combine function and frills.

If you're short on space, you may have to make your vanity become the decoration. Use a piece of art as the backdrop for your collection of body lotions. You may not have the luxury of hiding all your stuff in a cabinet, so make your display feel like a curation of toiletries and decor.


Don't forget floating shelves.

Floating shelves are a perfect idea if you need more space to decorate. These reclaimed wood shelves by West Elm ( $79.00 ) are art unto themselves. Here's how to arrange those floating shelves.


Invest in chic soap dispensers.

Don't settle for a bar of Ivory soap slipping around your countertop. Your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and soap dish set can be a decorative statement of their own. This bamboo set from IKEA starts at $5.99.


Indoor plants are decor.

Simple ferns and succulents open up a small space — maybe they trick you into thinking you're outside. A small, sparsely furnished bathroom with a few carefully selected indoor plants are the perfect addition to your small bathroom. Plus, you can water bathroom plants while you brush your teeth and indoor plants are known to reduce dust in your home.


Build shelves.

In a small space, you can't do too much with decor if there's no space to showcase it. Build a shelf into the wall, and bonus points if said shelf is built into a potentially underutilized space like the area above the bathtub. The shelf can be used for function or spruced up with decorations.

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors.

Don't be content with the mirror that comes with your bathroom. Additional mirrors are decor just as much as they are for your reflection. Plus, mirrors open up an already small space. Consider more wall-mounted mirrors in place of where you might hang art.

DIY a mason jar organizer.

While this is technically a storage idea, we think it's so cute that it doubles as decoration. While this particular bathroom utilizes the mason jars to house toiletries, we think you could plant succulents in the mason jars as well and keep it strictly decoration. Whatever works! You can find the mason jar DIY here.

Try a unique bath mat.

This slatted teak bath mat by CB2 ( $39.95 ) turns an otherwise boring bath mat into a focal point of the bathroom. This simple and minimal mat serves up spa vibes in your home.