Will Stretched Canvas Art Do Okay in a Bathroom?

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A bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, and just like any other room, the bathroom would look best with a piece of artwork on the wall. A stretched canvas art piece may give you concerns about being in your bathroom, however, it may turn out to be one decision you are glad you made.


One concern you may have when placing art into the bathroom is the effect of water on the art. A bathroom can be a busy spot -- especially in the mornings -- with multiple baths and showers being taken on a daily basis. This morning ritual creates warm, moist air, excessive steam and condensation in a room not extremely well ventilated. Over time, the water vapors can affect any artwork you place in the bathroom, which is why canvas art is a good choice for this room.


Unlike an oil or watercolor painting that contains paint applied to the surface of the canvas, canvas art is a print that is part of the canvas itself. So there is no exterior ink to combine with the water, making it a better choice than a painting, which would combine with the water vapors. Although a canvas art piece may be affected by the steam -- it may get damp -- the picture will not fade or streak.


There are other advantages to recommend the purchase of canvas art for the bathroom. Not only is it infinitely less expensive than an oil painting, it is also fairly simple to customize the size of the canvas to fit the space. For example, you can order a canvas print for a difficult-sized wall space at minimal cost. The wooden frame can also be pretreated and waterproofed, making it even more ideal for bathroom use.


Canvas art comes in a variety of prints that allows you to match the canvas to your bathroom theme. Some examples of canvas art themes include a graphic black-and-white print with a pop of yellow interlocking rectangles; an ocean theme with a mermaid or a collection of shells on the beach; a floral arrangement for a garden theme; or a clown with balloons for a child's bathroom. Or get a picture of the theme you want and have it set to canvas to hang in the bathroom.


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