8 Mirrors to Help You Say Goodbye to Dark Rooms and Hallways

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Some rooms are blessed with tons of natural light that pours in from all directions. But others aren't so lucky. If you have that one room or hallway in your home that is in desperate need of illumination, then the fix is simple: hang a mirror. It'll help bounce around what light you do have and instantly make the space feel more open. Here are eight choices that will brighten — and style — your property's darkest corners.

Round Wall Mirror

Make a statement with this Round Wall Mirror ($299) and its gold half-moon accent. It's just the right amount of glam to dress up your minimalist living room.

Brass Capped Mirror

This modern Brass Capped Mirror ($598) will immediately make your room feel lighter, since there's no heavy frame to weigh this down.

Honeycomb Mirror

Hang this Honeycomb Mirror ($186.24) at the end of a dark hallway to give the space light and dimension.

Iman Wall Mirror

The dark walnut frame on this Iman Wall Mirror ($299) will bring a touch of warmth to an otherwise neutral space.

Ceska Vanity Mirror

Hang this Ceska Vanity Mirror ($119.99) vertically or horizontally in a bathroom or entryway, and you'll have a mirror that doubles as artwork.

Capra Floor Mirror

This Capra Floor Mirror ($499) will bring so much added sun into your space, you'll feel like you have a spotlight on you as you check your reflection in the morning.

Quatrefoil Mirror

If you want a cool accent piece that you can easily check your lipstick in, then look no further than this gold Quatrefoil Mirror ($39.99).

Peggy Mirror

Keep your entryway organized as you do one last glance at your appearance with this glass and walnut Peggy Mirror ($299).

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