The Vintage Solution for Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom You Should Consider

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In this refreshing bathroom design by Veronica Valencia, old meets new in a setting that can easy be reproduced in your home. The all-white color palette feels fresh, while the placement of a deep modern tub under a window archway manages to heighten the soft curves of both. Plus, we can't help but notice that the matching table nearby provides extra surface area for bathing essentials — or a glass of wine — without disrupting the fluidity of the layout. And while we're fans of a spa-like experience, we like that this look took an unexpected turn with a repurposed table-turned-vanity in the corner. The wood detail adds a charming dose of character that flawlessly enhances the rest of the room with its warm, but just as simplistic, finish. When you're seeking additions to an all-white bathroom that won't take away from your airy objectives, try adding an antique piece of furniture to instantly create more depth and visual intrigue.

This vintage table is just waiting to transform your primping routine with its timeless build.

Antique End Table ( $ 725 )

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