8 Storage Ideas for Bathrooms With Floating Sinks

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Having a floating sink comes with a lot of perks, namely extra space and style. No matter the size of your space, chances are, there's a floating sink for you. (But be sure to measure the sink just in case.) Giving up the pedestal or landing cabinet for the sink to be solely mounted to the wall is striking. But, with the cleaner illusion of more space comes a tradeoff: no hidden storage. There are plenty of storage alternatives to consider when incorporating a floating sink into your bathroom.


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Check out these storage ideas to help round out your space:

1. Create a thin countertop.

If you're looking for a thin layer of counter space without a cabinet, consider building your own floating sink shelf with wood. The natural textures of the wood will make your sink stand out. With so much attention, you may need to give it an extra cleaning. This DIY floating sink shelf by The Merrythought keeps the space free below the sink, while helping with storage.


2. Add a shelf below.

Adding a small shelf directly below the sink is a way to utilize space without taking away the openness the floating sink brings.


3. Or, add a shelf above.

Adding a small shelf above your floating sink like this one from Birch and Bird, could solve some smaller storage issues.


4. Consider nearby shelves.

Take the pressure off the sink area and add storage shelves nearby in the bathroom space for toiletries and small decor items.


5. Take advantage of built-ins.

Hone your organizational skills and take advantage of any built-ins that may come with your home. If your bathroom is lacking built-in storage, but has a little bit of space, consider building your own linen closet. This floating sink utilizes built-in storage for items that previously would have been stored underneath the sink.


6. Make a floating vanity.

If you can't reconcile your desire for a floating sink with your needs for storage, consider building your sink into a floating vanity. While it certainly takes up more space than a floating sink alone, the exposed floor beneath the vanity will lend itself to a more open feel in your bathroom.


7. Add floating vanities elsewhere.

If you like both the concept of a floating sink and a floating vanity and don't want to combine the two, consider having both in separate spaces, like this bathroom from the De Padova showroom in Milan.

8. Use a moveable storage system.

If you need storage, but are not sure if you'd like to make it a permanent fixture of your space, consider purchasing flexible storage, like in this bathroom by Carnemark.