A Practical Guide to Modern Bathroom Sinks

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There's plenty to think about when remodeling a bathroom. What type of shower do you want? Do you prefer a freestanding tub, or a drop-in? Do you want your space to feel midcentury or bohemian? And, of course, you'll need to consider your bathroom sink. We have more sink styles available to us than ever before, which means you can choose a design that flawlessly fits your space.


But before you head out on a sink shopping mission, there are just a few things that you should ponder. For starters, how much space do you have to work with? If you are lacking square footage, perhaps a pedestal sink would be best. Or, if you have kiddos who will be sharing the bathroom, you'll want to choose an extra-durable sink material, like fireclay, copper, or stainless steel. Also, if storage is a priority, you may want to choose an undermount or self-rimming sink in a vanity with cabinets as opposed to a wall-mounted bathroom sink.

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To help you make the best decision for your space, we review the seven most popular types of bathroom sinks — then keep scrolling for our top shopping destinations.

1. Classic Console Bathroom Sink

Console bathroom sinks have been around pretty much since the very first sink came into existence, and we still love their vintage flair today. Supported by two or four legs, these sinks can either be freestanding or mounted to the wall. It's a sophisticated choice that can offer a useful shelf or two but be forewarned that it's not the best pick for small bathrooms, since they tend to be wide and don't offer a lot of storage.


In this gorgeous white space styled by the team over at Decus Interiors, the console bathroom sink is a picture-perfect addition, and the black legs are a nice contrast to other gleaming accents.

2. Convenient Trough Bathroom Sink

Looking for an extra-long sink that can accommodate two faucets? A trough bathroom sink is ideal for spaces that are used by multiple people, especially when those people are children. Naturally, it requires a bit more space, so keep that in mind if your washroom is teeny-tiny. Or, opt for a single faucet trough sink. Just be sure to consider the lack of storage and countertop.



A double trough sink steals the spotlight in this industrial bath created by Wendy Word Design.

3. Stylish Vessel Bathroom Sink

For something a little different, consider a vessel bathroom sink. This particular style sits on top of the vanity so all sides are exposed, creating a look that's both artful and functional. Just bear in mind that these sinks tend to be on the expensive side, and you'll need to take careful measurements to plan ahead for the extra height.


A white vessel sink complements this design by Catherine of The Stables. It plays well with the gray herringbone wall tile with white grout and round white vanity mirror.

4. Simple Undermount Bathroom Sink

An undermount bathroom sink blends in almost seamlessly with the countertop, since it's installed from below. It's a genius way to save counter space but only works with solid surfaces (like marble or stone), since it needs to be surrounded by a waterproof material.


In this modern design by Samantha Gluck Interiors, an undermount sink looks clean and cool next to contemporary lighting and white cabinetry.


5. Modern Self-Rimming Bathroom Sink

Unlike an undermount, the top of a self-rimming bathroom sink sits on the countertop. They're fairly easy to install, but the bummer is that the rim will need to be cleaned regularly.


In this bath designed by Shea of Studio McGee, a modern self-rimming sink partners well with the brass wall sconces, wood cabinetry, and an elegant gooseneck faucet.

6. Pretty Pedestal Bathroom Sink

A pedestal bathroom sink is a tried-and-true option that works well with a wide range of decor styles. If you aren't planning to install cabinets in your washroom, this is a great choice. Otherwise, if you dearly need storage, a pedestal sink is likely not optimal. Counter space will disappear, too, so this tends to be a better option for a powder room.


In this Parisian hotel showcased on The Socialite Family, a pedestal sink is the star of the show amid pink walls and modern lighting.

7. Sleek Wall-Mounted Bathroom Sink

Like the name suggests, a wall-mounted bathroom sink is mounted directly onto the wall. It's become a popular fixture in many of today's modern bathrooms, applauded for its ability to stand alone and look instantly stylish in any space. The drawback is that it can drastically limit your storage.



In this bath designed by Studio Prineas, a pair of smooth, streamlined wall-mounted sinks sit side by side.

Where to Shop for Bathroom Sinks:

Now that you have a better idea of the most popular bathroom sink styles on the market, it's time to start shopping. Here are three of our favorite outlets:


Signature Hardware

For sinks with an antique feel, Signature Hardware has you covered. The console sinks with brass legs, porcelain pedestal sinks, and copper undermount sinks look as if they've been transported from another time.


The prices are right on Overstock, and so are the many, many bathroom sink choices. Click over here if variety is what you are after.


Another budget-friendly option for bathroom sinks is the ever-trusty Amazon.com. You can basically find any sink you can possibly imagine here. A turquoise vessel sink? A stone basin? Patterned copper or chiseled marble, perhaps? These are definitely some dreamlike sinks.



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