35 Industrial Bathroom Ideas That Will Leave You Breathless

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Industrial style is all about embracing unfinished materials, like concrete and steel, to create a minimalist look that's equal parts rugged and refined. Bold graphic lines, neutral colors, and lots of exposed piping are all essential for pulling off an industrial design. However, if you're intrigued but still unsure, it can be a good idea to first try implementing the look in a small space, like the bathroom. The characteristically pared-down aesthetic works surprisingly well in washrooms with the help of hardware, mixed metal finishes, and strategic painting.


"I think the hallmark of industrial-style design is the indication or suggestion that the space once had a different function or purpose. Perhaps it was once a factory or warehouse," says Danielle DeBoe Harper, Moen's creative style manager. "Incorporating elements commonly used in such environments, like wood, brick, and iron, are now signature characteristics of the design style. But, additionally, so is subway tile, which historically would cover entire walls and ceilings in highly functional spaces, such as bathrooms and other public spaces."

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To incorporate the industrial aesthetic into your bathroom design, start small by switching out the light fixtures, faucet, or cabinet hardware. If you want to commit to the look by making a bigger change, Harper recommends a washstand vanity. "Opt for a black or iron base and a white porcelain or marble sink and top and finish it off with a matte black faucet," Harper suggests. "Choosing a widespread faucet can give it a more classic look or go with a single-handle faucet for a more modern approach."


Many people hesitate to commit to industrial style because they fear it will feel cold and uninviting. However, there are many ways to soften look. For starters, add in natural elements, such as living plants, wood accents, or artwork that incorporates nature. "One of my new favorite ways to soften industrial style is by utilizing vertical slatted wall panels," says Harper. "You can get them in a color or in a wood tone. They make the space feel decidedly now all while nodding to the past."


It doesn't matter if you live in a sleek, new build or a renovated old property — an industrial bathroom design can be both modern and timeless. From exposed metal piping to concrete countertops, here are some swoon-worthy ideas to inspire your makeover.

35 Industrial-Style Bathroom Ideas

1. Play up the contrast.

One of the reasons industrial design is so striking is that it makes the most of contrast. It plays up rustic finishes, like the steel frame mirror and vintage wood vanity alongside the crisp, clean lines of the subway tile backsplash. This bathroom from Lisa Hershman, founder of the boutique design firm Abaca Interiors, is the perfect blend of light and dark.



2. Avoid overdecorating.

Keep your accents minimal to allow industrial elements, like the cast iron trough sink and dramatic gooseneck faucets, to truly shine. Alison Allen from Deuce Cities Henhouse gets it just right in her Minneapolis bathroom by adding a black metal stool, a wire basket for storage, and a hint of greenery.


3. Bring in a pop of blue.

Black, white, and shades of gray really help tell the industrial-style story, but that doesn't mean you can't throw in another color. In this setup, a light blue accent wall pairs perfectly with the aesthetic by adding a bit of depth and personality. A hint of wood trim around the window adds a dash of warmth.


4. Infuse farmhouse flair.

Soften industrial style by pairing it with another aesthetic. Mindy Gayer introduces farmhouse charm to this small bathroom with the help of shiplap-clad walls, a hint of greenery, and leather hooks seen in the mirror. An oversize round mirror and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and hardware complete the look.



5. Add raw materials.

Whether it's a wood ceiling, exposed brass plumbing, or the metal frame of your shower doors, industrial style is all about highlighting the raw, unfinished elements of your space. This Chicago bathroom designed by Summer Thornton is an ideal example. The dark wood planked ceiling matches the bottom of the industrial bathroom vanity and gives the room a finished look.


6. Go floor to ceiling with tile.

The floor-to-ceiling blue tile makes a big statement in this small industrial bathroom spotted on Moen. The wall-mounted thick countertop, round mirror, and small sink are right in line with the gray, black, and white look that makes an industrial space. The blue tile and wood accents bring in some warmth while still making the space feel sleek and modern.


7. Use industrial accents.

To further play up your bathroom's urban aesthetic, add industrial accents wherever you can. This striking setup designed by Jenny from Juniper Home gets the job done and then some with globe-style wall sconces, black subway tile, and a wall-mounted trough sink with exposed pipes. Since there is no vanity cabinet providing storage space, use baskets to keep all of your necessities nearby and out of sight.


8. Make a statement with the shower door.

Glass shower doors with a black metal frame call to mind the factory windows made popular by industrial lofts, and they also do wonders at transforming a humble shower into a real showstopper. The team over at Chango & Co. personalized this industrial bathroom with wall-mounted fixtures, a stock tank tub, black floor tile, and white subway tile on the walls. The reclaimed wood ceiling beams add the perfect dash of warmth.

9. Introduce pattern on the walls.

Introduce color and pattern to a small industrial bathroom without detracting from the pared-down ethos of industrial style. For instance, Raili CA Design integrates monochrome plus-sign wall tile, vibrant artwork, and a quintessential industrial cage light fixture for a stylish bathroom design idea that doesn't take itself too seriously.

10. Add a concrete countertop.

Take a page out of Smith Hanes Studio's playbook and make a bold statement with concrete countertops in the bathroom. The cool gray material makes finding items in complementary colors a breeze. Not only will the rustic choice accentuate the industrial space but it's nearly indestructible as well.


11. Get a spa look with a glass shower enclosure.

If you're trying to make your bathroom look like a spa, model it after this industrial bathroom idea. You barely notice the frameless glass shower enclosure that looks like it's floating in the corner, matching the freestanding sink with undercabinet lighting. The pendant lights, black frame mirror and sink, black fixtures, and concrete walls make this the ultimate high-end industrial retreat.

12. Go for a galvanized tub.

Industrial style often incorporates lots of unfinished-looking materials and textures. That can mean exposed pipes beneath the bathroom sink or trading a traditional tub for a more rustic galvanized steel option, like this one at the Stickett Inn in Barrywood, New York.

13. Splurge on custom details.

Make a big statement in a small industrial bathroom with custom touches, like a wall-mounted cast cement sink for two, a walk-in shower with high-gloss black tile, and poured concrete floors. Monochrome expert Leanne Ford punctuates the look with a trio of bare bulb sconces.

14. Add a trough-style sink.

Let the main fixtures of your space speak for themselves by keeping the rest of the decor minimal. Basic white subway tile is the perfect backdrop for the trough-style double sink in this industrial bathroom designed by Wendy Word Design. The shiny brass hardware, light fixture, and shelf brackets shine in the midst of this black-and-white scheme.

15. Install tile with dark grout.

Subway tile gets an upgrade in a less ubiquitous square shape and really pops when it's installed using dark grout as seen in this small industrial bathroom by Emilie Fournet. A wall-mounted bucket sink enhances the utilitarian vibe while greenery and woven accents add texture and plenty of warmth.

16. Get rid of your shower curtain.

To nail the clean lines of an industrial bathroom, avoid using a heavy fabric shower curtain. Opt for an open shower design or a sleek glass shower enclosure instead, as demonstrated in this space designed by Emilie and Maria from EMarchitecture. The glass doors also make the small bathroom appear larger since there's no shower curtain to block the line of sight.

17. Use copper to warm up the space.

By using waterproof copper wall panels, this bathroom design has managed to stay true to industrial style without just using a color scheme made up of black, gray, and white. The beautiful brass fixtures, pendant lights, and mirror complement the unique material choice.

18. Expose the plumbing.

Exposed pipes and industrial bathrooms pretty much go hand in hand as proven by this jaw-dropping design from Kali Cavanagh. The designer isn't shy in the least about putting the plumbing on display. The choice to match the finish of the faucet and showerhead to the finish of the exposed pipes ties the whole look together.

19. Add a bright pop of color.

Industrial style can sometimes feel stark and cold, but you can warm things up with a fun pop of color. We love the welcoming "Oh Hey" floor tiles, red stools, and round vanity mirror with red accents showcased in this small bathroom by Raili Clasen of Raili CA Design. And if the color red is a little too bold for you, consider using a pastel hue instead.

20. Make a bold statement with a copper tub.

The lush landscape outside this modern bathroom window at the Makai Uluwatu luxury villas brings out the green undertone in the speckled countertop material. However, it is the bright copper tub that's just begging for someone to take a soak that is the real star of this show.

21. Showcase exposed brick.

Before you grab the white paint and start in on the exposed brick wall in your bathroom, take a look at this setup by Mark Lewis Interior Design. The reddish material, which is commonly found in industrial spaces, adds loads of warmth and texture to the space. The cage lights and old-school high-tank toilet complete the scene.

22. Stick to a strict color scheme.

If you're not a fan of red brick, consider painting the material white. This industrial bathroom idea spotted on @astonmatthewsbathrooms is simple, elegant, and clean thanks to a strict adherence to a black-and-white color palette.

23. Opt for chunky steel hardware.

You can easily change the look of even the most basic builder-grade bathroom with the right hardware. The wood shelves in this space by Kayla from Plum Pretty Decor & Design Co. feature heavy-duty metal brackets, which give this space a bit of edge. The matte metal vanity light and black wall hooks add to the industrial vibe.

24. Plaster the shower walls.

The unfinished look of plaster is the perfect addition to an industrial bathroom, especially one with an open shower like this one from Moore House Design. The neutral finish used on the walls provides the perfect backdrop for the black rainfall showerhead.

25. Consider concrete walls

If you really want to embrace industrial style in your bathroom, consider concrete walls and flooring, or in the case of this design by the team at Marba Tegels, use tile that looks like concrete. Either way, balance the cool gray material with a colorful accent tile, such as the blue fish-scale option used here. Complete the picture-perfect scene with simple black fixtures, a wood vanity, and a vessel sink.

26. Install patterned floor tile.

One signature characteristic of industrial design is bold graphic prints, usually rendered in black and white. Bring the same idea into your bathroom by selecting an interesting patterned floor tile like Kristen from THELIFESTYLEDCO did here. And bonus: The bathroom is a great space to try out patterned tiles since they will only cover a small area.

27. Install a paneled shower door.

Give your bathroom that industrial-style edge you're lusting over by simply upgrading the shower door. Say goodbye to textured sliding glass doors and go for something with bold lines, like the black paneled one Melissa from Craven Haven chose for her primary bathroom remodel. The sharp black lines paired with classic white tile and the deep teal vanity offer up just the right amount of contrast.

28. Paint the door black.

Something as simple as giving your bathroom door a fresh coat of black paint can instantly give the space an industrial feel. The team over at Katie Martinez Design shows us how it's done in this small bathroom. The wall-to-wall white subway tile, lustrous brass hardware, and black accents make the whole space pop.

29. Go for a monochromatic look.

Your eye probably goes straight to the artwork in this space. That's because all of the elements in this industrial design fit so well with each other. The colors in the countertop tie in with the wood and the gray tiled floors. The tall window in the shower makes the space feel bright even though the color palette of the bathroom is on the darker side.

30. Opt for a clawfoot tub.

Nothing will make a bigger statement than a matte black freestanding clawfoot tub. Just ask Rachel from Maison de Pax, who painted this industrial masterpiece. If you go this route, keep the other elements in your design simple so as not to compete with the showstopping tub. White subway tile walls and matching white penny tile floors are neutral without being boring and perfectly accent the tub and large accent rug.

31. Mix metal finishes.

Don't be afraid to mix and match metal finishes. This modern industrial bathroom by Round Table Design effortlessly pairs lustrous brass and blackened steel finishes in the same space. The end result is a setup that leans industrial but is also warm, inviting, and beautifully layered.

32. Bring in natural materials.

This industrial bathroom brings in some natural elements to keep it feeling warm. Lush greenery, wood wall paneling, and a jute bathmat counteract the sharp lines and stark black elements used throughout. The light-colored wall and floor tile adds to the overall warmth of the space.

33. Amp up the luxe factor with marble.

Industrial style is all about clean lines, which are definitely on display in this bathroom by designer Katty Schiebeck, but the gray and white natural stone is the real star of the show. The matte black fixtures punctuate the space and break up the monochrome scheme, while the unfinished concrete provides a seamless transition from the wall to the floor.

34. Paint the walls black.

Take your bathroom walls a few shades darker with black paint as demonstrated in this bathroom photographed by Chris Snook. This idea works best in a space that gets a lot of natural light, which will keep the room from feeling too dark and closed in. Add some greenery to balance out all the black and white and you're finished.

35. Embrace color blocking.

What it lacks in size this tiny industrial bathroom more than makes up for in style thanks in part to the color-blocked walls that divide the space. Retro floor tile and a vintage sink with exposed pipes add to the overall charm while minimal decor keeps the space from feeling cluttered.