These Industrial Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Are Edgy In All the Right Ways

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It's common for industrial washrooms to have a few key things: a moody color palette, functional decor ideas, and rustic design elements like weathered wood and natural stone. That's certainly the case when it comes to industrial bathroom backsplashes.


Sure, it doesn't always take up a lot of real estate, but this feature can actually be transformative whether you have a small bathroom or a large one. And we can prove it. Read on for our favorite backsplash ideas that will make you want to inject a bit of edge into your powder room as soon as possible.

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1. Skip the white walls, and go with a dark color scheme.

There's nothing wrong with a neutral or white bathroom that features a subtle interior design. But if you want an industrial backsplash, go for a moody black color palette like this one from Emily Henderson. A wall of rustic wood serves as the backsplash, and the marble countertop and white vanity add contrast.

2. Opt for black subway tile.

This farmhouse-meets-industrial space from Raili Ca Design introduces an inky black color through the bathroom tile. For a similar look, take yours from floor to ceiling, and the end result will be industrial drama that feels cozy instead of cold. Pro tip: Don't install wall sconces into the subway tile if you go this route. Try statement-making overhead lights instead.


3. Add texture.

A light gray limewash backsplash like this one from Amber Interiors will give you the ultimate industrial look with heaps of texture. And as an added bonus, you can DIY the wall effect yourself during a quick bathroom makeover. Oil-rubbed bronze faucets and accessories will complete the look.



4. Use a pop of color.

Industrial style decor doesn't only feature black and neutral shades. You can bring a rich emerald green into the bathroom with a wall tile design just like the kind shown here. Install it in a herringbone pattern for a unique touch.


5. Keep it sleek.

Try this bathroom design idea on for size: Keep things sleek when it comes to your backsplash. This space from Katie Martinez Design features a stone tile that feels both refined and industrial. The floating vanity is made of a different material, but all of the different tones are complementary.


6. Use rustic or reclaimed wood.

Feel free to venture to the more rustic side of industrial with a backsplash that spans the entire wall and features reclaimed wood. Raili Ca Design did just that in this bathroom remodel, and we can't get enough of the contrast between the light planks and the dark accent wall.


7. Make sure the tile matches the faucet.

The rugged tile backsplash in Micheile Henderson's bathroom is both industrial and interesting. Each square has a slightly different hue, but they all match the matte black faucet and sink hardware. For a look like this, try mixing glossy tiles with light grout.



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