20 Small Bathroom Vanities That Make a Big Impact

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A small bathroom is undoubtedly a design challenge. You're trying to maximize every square inch without overwhelming the space, and you want it to be functional as well as stylish. So, how do you make it work? Small bathroom vanities are the answer.


Architect and designer Jennifer L. Killian Smith knows exactly how to consider size when selecting a vanity for a space-challenged bathroom, and it comes down to minding every inch. "The most critical detail when selecting a vanity isn't storage or sink styles; it's the depth of the vanity," she says. "A typical vanity is 21 or 24 inches deep, but when you're dealing with a really small space, every inch counts. I've found ready-made vanities that are 19 inches deep and sometimes even less, and if you're building something custom, you're only limited by the size of the sink."

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Other factors to consider are what you plan to use the bathroom for. Often, small bathrooms are powder rooms rather than primary bathrooms, so they don't need as much counter space, but they still need adequate storage. That might mean getting creative with where you stash your belongings.

No matter the size constraints you're working with, these small vanities will be an ideal match for your space during your next bathroom remodel.


20 Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

1. Match the aesthetic.

A vanity should certainly match the overall home decor style of your small bathroom. In this desert-hued space by Chango & Co., the vanity unit's geometric door handles match the mod theme of the shower tile and other accents. Together, they create a cohesive and soothing look.


2. Pick a bold color.

For an artistic effect, highlight a deeply saturated color, like the royal blue seen in this bathroom by Describe the Fauna. You could go the traditional route with a painted vanity cabinet or take a DIY route by simply hanging a curtain across an open space, as seen here. Either way, a bold shade will provide a perfect focal point for your small bathroom.



3. Leave the storage exposed.

You don't always have to stuff all your things behind closed doors. If you're particularly tidy, consider using an open shelf vanity display and allowing your bathroom essentials and toiletries to also play the role of decor. In this small bathroom, the shelves are open so you can see everything being stored.


4. Fit the vanity to the space available.

If you have the ability to customize your vanity, make it fit perfectly into your space. In this Chango & Co. bathroom, the bright white vanity slots right into the corner. The seamless fit ensures it doesn't take up any more room than necessary.


5. Keep function in mind.

With a small space, it's important to consider every inch. "If this is the only storage for the space, then using a vanity with a drawer or cabinet is crucial to keeping the space functional," says Amanda Barnes of Amanda Barnes Interiors. "You also need to consider the door swing to make sure there is enough room to open the drawers and cabinets when the vanity is in use." In this small bathroom she designed, Barnes chose a petite sink in order to take up minimal space inside the vanity.



6. Find the most bathroom storage possible.

If having plenty of storage space is your number one priority in your bathroom, go for the biggest vanity you can accommodate. This wooden one packs a wallop. Plus, because the sink sits on top of the cabinet, you're not sacrificing space for the bowl inside.


7. Install something quick and easy.

Not everyone wants a DIY makeover project or an elaborate vanity. In that case, why not just purchase one that's ready to go? In this bathroom by Chloe Berk, the vanity is as simple as it gets, and you can go the same route in your bathroom. Pick something that serves its function and move on with your decor.


8. Get creative with storage.

Figuring out how to store your essentials in a small bathroom can be a fun challenge. While drawers and cabinets are obvious, they're not the only possibilities. "Drawers are your best option for storage, but if that's not possible, open shelving with baskets for hand towels or soaps is a creative way to use a small space effectively and ultimately create a more functional bathroom," says Smith. This bathroom features a freestanding vanity table with a storage basket perfectly nestled into the available space.


9. Embrace a unique shape.

When you're short on space, use it wisely, like in this small bathroom by Chango & Co. Rather than installing an angular vanity, the design team opted for a rounded shape to allow for a little more space to move around. Not only does this make for a completely unique look but it also provides ample storage. Just look at how much you could store in those cubby holes!

10. Go for a minimalist look.

Featuring sleek, simple styling, this petite vanity is just the thing for a minimalist bathroom. Plus, you can't go wrong with a classic white and gold color palette. The vanity's gold-colored hardware and faucet perfectly match the other fixtures in the bathroom, creating a beautifully cohesive look.

11. Choose a console-style vanity.

To make your small bathroom look light and airy, go for a low-profile console sink instead of a traditional vanity. These minimalist pieces allow you to show off the beauty of exposed pipes. To bring the luxe factor up a notch, consider pairing one with a granite, quartz, or marble countertop. For storage, add a stylish basket.


12. Install a floating vanity.

A floating bathroom vanity is a good choice for small bathrooms since it won't take up any floor space. This one by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design is particularly stylish with its light-wood finish and white bathroom sink. Keep the area underneath clean and clutter-free or add a few storage baskets or bins.

13. Try something nontraditional.

Just because you're working with a small bathroom doesn't mean you can't still have fun with your decor. In this bathroom designed by Rincon Rd., the "vanity" is a large galvanized steel sink with room for storage below. "A primary bath will need a vanity to provide much more storage than a guest bath or powder room," says Melinda Trembly of Rincon Rd. "This is a powder room, and that allowed us to have a bit more fun, not worrying about storage. Smaller baths tend to be a place you can get away with more drama and make a statement."

14. Pick a classic silhouette.

Perhaps you want a small bathroom vanity that will last years and years and outlast passing trends. In this case, we love this wood vanity option that's high on quality and low on bells and whistles. It's sleek and simple and will stand the test of time.

15. Repurpose beloved pieces.

If you're crafty and up for a DIY project, try making your own vanity like Instagram user Anita Russell did in her Cotswalds home. Transforming a set of rustic drawers into a vanity is easy enough — it just requires feeding your sink pipes through the piece of furniture. The finished result adds so much character to the small bathroom.

16. Bring in metallic accents.

To add flair to a small bathroom without overwhelming the space, look to metallic accents. The gold-colored hardware on this petite single vanity gives it a touch of luxury. It also works perfectly with the other fixtures in the room, tying the whole design together.

17. Choose a small sink.

In a small bathroom, it's a good idea to keep everything proportional. In this cozy space by @joannacosyhome, a petite vanity table is paired with a similarly miniature sink, faucet, and mirror. Meanwhile, the wall art and plants add a sense of expansiveness.

18. Employ Scandinavian style.

This small bathroom by Ashley of @east_shore_home is Scandinavian style at its best with its clean lines, bold shapes, and minimal color palette. The floating vanity fits the aesthetic perfectly while offering ample storage with its deep drawers. Go black and white as pictured or add a burst of color to truly lean into Scandi-chic style.

19. Pick a complementary color.

Add a pop of color to your space with a painted vanity, like the slate blue cabinet in this bathroom by Martha O'Hara Interiors. The same shade appears in the floral wallpaper, creating an intentional look. Plus, the decoratively paneled cabinet doors perfectly fit the room's formal, feminine style.

20. Play with proportions.

Depending on the dimensions of your space, you can play with the proportions of your furniture and accents. In this bathroom by Refined LLC, the floating vanity has a uniquely elongated shape. Paired with the statement wallpaper and ornate fixtures, it makes for an eclectic space full of personality.



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